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  1. Grandhauf added a post in a topic No Fix on stealth AGAIN   

    Ive had stealth bug happen before when I had weapon out and not in the air.
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  2. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    I do this all the time infact this is how I combat karma bombing...
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  3. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    peope takeoff their gear and let others kill them just to karma bomb. Its a 15 second run back when you die...
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  4. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    You guys keep using that word "consent" but I don't think you know what it means...
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  5. Grandhauf added a post in a topic MARGORIA IS A LIE   

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  6. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    The karma bombers in this thread attempting to be unbiased is laughable... You know the Karma system will change and your just trying to delay the inevitable. Now some solutions everyone could probably agree on is... make other mobs in certain level ranges give equal xp/money to help disapate the competition at certain locations like sausans or pirates which gives the best xp/loot, or add more channels. Also a side idea of mine is lessen the negative karma cap at -300k
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  7. Grandhauf added a post in a topic The best solution to karma griefing   

    How am I trolling? Pvp is part of the game...  I'm simply saying you took away the penalty for one side of pking *the person being attacked* you might as well take it away for the other side *the person attacking*. Of course there are other ways to fix the current problem... like increasing respawn timers when you die from pvp within a certain time frame...
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  8. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Class buff suggestions   

    I would be happy with super armor lasting the entire duration of the animation. Double jump on awakening, 30seconds on stealth and a 15 second recast timer allowing you to keep stealthed minus having to recast.
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  9. Grandhauf added a post in a topic The best solution to karma griefing   

    If there is no consequence for being pked why is there a consequence for pking? Just remove karma loss for pking.
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  10. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Any siege ninjas here?   

    I would also recomend Kutum over Nouver for the accuracy bump.
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  11. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Whats daums reference for balance?   

    Havent plaed the game in two months for the following reasons. Group exp/loot beating solo exp/loot. Now you have big zergs running around controlling a spot. Reduced channels/over crowded areas.... All of these *hardcore pvp* guild wanted reduced channels to have fierce competition... then what do they do? Divy up the channels amongst the top guilds so they can avoid each other. World boss timers are atrocious for people with jobs. And lack of sieges.
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  12. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Kzarka 12hr window. Does it suck for you too?   

    He's  so special you can't even do the event!!!! Your logic keeps getting better and better.
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  13. Grandhauf added a post in a topic "Accept All" Button Please   

    You know I was like... Its such an obviously good thing to add. I can't wait to see how long before some clown comes in and says *nahhhhh*... Literally first response 
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  14. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Am I missing something? Do you not make enough money?   

    Korean servers before RU and Japan servers opened had more people on them then na/eu combined.
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