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  1. Sacklunch added a post in a topic This is not pay to win   

    its the very definition of pay to win.... Do you even understand what it means?
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  2. Sacklunch added a post in a topic LOL ALL THE DRAMA FOR NADA   

    I kept telling myself,  nah they know how the NA/EU regions feel about p2win.  It's destroyed so many games in the past..

    Rip BDO 2016-2016
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  3. Sacklunch added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Pay 2 win on a game you forced us to buy.
    This is free 2 play mechanics and has no place here.
    Enjoy the player exodus. 
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  4. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Wiz so gear dependent.   

    Krea dagger is garbage
    Bronze dagger is so-so,  I understand its value but most of our abilities besides MMA have large accuracy bonuses (and you should be using the +5% accuracy awakening buff)
    Steel Dagger  -  Hands down best option
    Get a Liverto Staff to DUO/TRI asap.   This is such a massive upgrade over Yuria do not let these +human damage people convince you otherwise.  Itemization is easier,  you can add two +5AP gems into the weapon etc.
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  5. Sacklunch added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Sits up grabs bag of chips (sweet chili doritos if you must know) reaches down grabs a soda.
    yeahhh arms n core baby.  arms n core. 
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  6. Sacklunch added a post in a topic To Flex/FoE Alliance: Peace?   

    People actually think Veritas wants to end their aura of protection alliance? 
    Lol come on guys forums/trolling have existed for a long time now...
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  7. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Zerkers becomming too OP with all the buffs   

    Important information for my opinion
    my class:  400 GS witch
    level: 58
    Preferred pvp -  small scale group
    Most OP class -  Zerk hands down
    I'd rather have a beserker on my team than anything else.  The Ulti alone is so powerful and uncounterable how could you not want it?
    Literally every team fight is the same. 
    Zerker ulti  Witch blizzard collect QQ
    Awakenings are soon as this whole world will be flipped upside down.  My advice is to just put up with the bullshit and prepare for a new world of OP what were they thinking mechanics that come with the Sorc/Ranger/Warrior awakenings
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  8. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    Feel free to post videos of you doing something better with the witch/wiz class Wollbert.  I'll wait. 
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  9. Sacklunch added a post in a topic S rank or A+ to aim for, for better loot-chance?   

    I would love a CM to get confirmation that the information posted on blackdesert foundry was legit.   
    BDO is a guy of player made theory crafting due to lack of any information. 
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  10. Sacklunch added a post in a topic The Orwen National Convention Address   

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  11. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    At this point  165/200  (ap/dp)
    You really shouldn't be below these thresh holds at this point if your trying at all. 
    This is like duo armor/weapons  which is honestly really easy to obtain.
    (Offhands are dirty whores and hate going to TRI whyyyyyy daum whyyyy)
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  12. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    This guy uses Earthquake quite often.   Figured it couldnt hurt to post it.  (He plays a good Witch/Wizard)
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  13. Sacklunch added a post in a topic Wizard vs Kunoichi   

    Love to see this guy fight a well geared / good Beserker (Currently the bane of my life)
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  14. Sacklunch added a post in a topic dem Chokepoints doe   

    Let me slide into your DM's bb.
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  15. Sacklunch added a post in a topic dem Chokepoints doe   

    Maybe....do you have cold hands?
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