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  1. Sanarith added a post in a topic New to BDO.   

    @JadeRaven93 I'm also new to BDO. My family name is Blackfate - if you want to play just hit me up :-)
    I'm actually in GMT but I'm on Orwen Calpheon 02. Hasn't been a problem for me so far. Just gimme a shout if you're around sometime :-)
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  2. Sanarith added a post in a topic Looking for some RP Partners on ORWEN   

    I'm on Calpheon 02 at the moment - I've just started out though, I believe Lasaria is level 13 at the moment, but I'd love to roleplay with you! 
    I'd love some roleplay partners, too. I never see people roleplaying, for some reason, although I've now reached Velia. Then again, I am in GMT so it's likely that people just aren't online when I play.
    If you want to hit me up, my family name is Blackfate and I'm normally playing with Lasaria. :-)
    @Legendz, I think I saw you playing last night! I'm annoyed I didn't say hi now aha!
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  3. Sanarith added a post in a topic What is your story?   

    Family Name: Blackfate
    Character Name: Lasaria
    Server: Orwen Calpheon 02
    Class: Sorceress
    Appearance: Lasaria has purple hair, which really helps her to stand out in the crowd, along with blue-grey eyes and a spiralling of tattoos across her arms. She also has tattoos upon her face, the same colour as her hair, although she isn't sure of their origin. She's quite tall and thin, and often wrapped up warmly in a long jacket and jumper, along with versatile leggings. She always has some kind of necklace on, currently it is a star shaped piece that hangs quite low.
    Personality: Lasaria is not the nicest person ever. She's cold and calculating, and it is clear to see that she is very smart. She tends to come off as having no emotions, and tends to keep to herself a lot. Although she can be a team player, she often takes what she has agreed to and will be off again, unless you really intrigue her. She works for herself and herself only, although she'll make an exception if you offer her something exquisite.
    Story [WIP]: Lasaria was not always the callous girl you see today. Once upon a time, the young sorceress was a sweet young thing that lived in a small village on the river. She helped out her mother, gathering herbs and spices, or water from the river. She was always back by dusk, and never talked to strangers. The magic in her blood was not obvious, although a travelling priest made passing comments about her. Lasaria felt proud. She wanted to do something good in the world one day.
    As Lasaria grew, so did her skills. She became an adept fisherwoman, trader, and horserider. As a child, she and her father would be the people bringing home a meal, or the cash. She was an explorer, and loved to get out into the world. She could spend hours on a horse, or sat at the water's edge, waiting for a bite.
    Lasaria grew into a fine young woman. She caught the attention of many young men, but brushed each suitor off. She wanted to marry out of her own affection - she didn't need it to be won. If it were to be, it would happen. Her parents admired her spirit, and allowed this to continue, and allowed her to court her own suitor when she made the choice. 
    One day, while Lasaria was out fishing, a young man on horseback rode past. He was dressed in plate mail, in Calpheon's colours. Her stomach leaped as he climbed off his horse and asked her for directions. Intrigued, Lasaria agreed to take him to her village, so he could stay the night, and so she could perhaps get to know him a little better. They spent the late afternoon fishing together, and rode back to her village on horseback. There, she found out that he would be posted nearby, and he could visit her again sometime. Lasaria glowed with joy, although it wasn't understood. She hadn't been interested in anyone before, so why this lonely knight? 
    The knight left the following morning, and Lasaria went back to her normal life, but she just couldn't forget about him. Every time she heard hooves against the path, she would run over to the source, to be bitterly disappointed to see it wasn't him.
    However, in a week's time, he returned to find Lasaria in the same spot as they had met previously, gathering herbs. It soon became a weekly thing, and eventually her attraction spiralled into a full blown relationship.
    However, Lasaria could feel a dark energy building up inside her, and had no idea how to release it. Afraid, she didn't speak of it, not wanting to be cast out of her family home, or being seen as a threat. She had no wish to be a hero any longer - she felt like a danger to herself and everyone around her. She stayed quiet for months. Then, one day, her beloved didn't show up at the time. Worried, she thought he had just gotten caught up in business and couldn't make it. However, the pulsing darkness in her chest grew stronger.
    Growing desperate, Lasaria waited and waited, before finally realizing he wasn't coming back. Heartbroken, she sat by the river, tears rolling down her face. That's when an odd little black spirit showed up amongst the reeds, and spoke to her. Lasaria's interest sparked, and she saw an opportunity. This little spirit could help her control what she felt, and offer her an opportunity to figure out what was going on. There was just one tiny problem. She had to offer it something back. It wanted her memories.
    She accepted it's terms, and the spirit guided her to the outpost, where she discovered the knight she had fallen in love with, accompanied by a rather lovely young Valkyrie and a small child. Heartbroken, Lasaria gave up everything to the spirit, and finally released her magic. She caused a mighty explosion, and the world went black, as her memories faded from her. 
    When she woke up behind the stables, all she felt was intense pain in her chest, although there was no wound. It fuelled her hate, and she took on a new personality. Instead of being the sweet girl from the riverside, Lasaria became a cold, heartless girl who had no trust for anyone else apart from her spirit - especially if said person was a knight. Lasaria also found that her hair had turned a deep shade of purple, and she had gotten tattoos. She couldn't care less - in fact, she embraced the changes, even if she wasn't sure they were changes. Ever since waking up in Olvia, she wishes to improve herself and build her power, stopping at nothing to do so.

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  4. Sanarith added a post in a topic [OOC] Getting Started   

    Thank you so much! What you've provided is really helpful. I'm about to hop in game, so I'll see what I can do.
    Ooh, another question! Is Lore important when regarding character histories/backgrounds, etc? 
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  5. Sanarith added a topic in Roleplay   

    [OOC] Getting Started
    Hello everyone!
    I've discovered this little beauty and it's just captured me. I feel like it really has potential.
    I've roleplayed before, but never in an MMO. I have experience with both tabletop and written Roleplay, but that's where my questions stem from regarding the community. I'm also extremely new in BDO, so I'm not really sure what I am doing yet with the game, but I know that roleplay is something that interests me a lot, and will probably be my main focus in the game.
    Anyway, I had a few questions regarding the roleplay in BDO and I was hoping some of you all could help me out.
    1. What is the roleplay community like? Will I just bump into others that are interested in roleplaying? Does there tend to be a lot of romance based roleplay, and will I have trouble finding people to just talk to and adventure with? I understand that there are no real 'dungeons' or raids in BDO, but are there players that will go out and kill bosses/monsters as small adventuring groups?
    2. What are family names? I've seen talk about this and it just confused me! Can somebody explain what it is and how I would use it?
    3. How is roleplay initiated? Do players tend to approach in game? Do you just walk up to somebody and ask? Or would I need to join a guild? Is there a specific server I need to go on? (I'm on NA even though I'm from England) Is it begun on a thread like this one and continued in game? Is it typically one or two people, or are there larger groups? 
    4. Is there anyone who would like to roleplay with me? I admit - I've had a character visualised for a little while now, and I would love to get stuck right in and just go. I'd love a smaller group at first, people I could just go adventuring with and mess around with. Of course, I'll get a character up and get a hang of the game first. Would anyone be up for it?
    Thanks so much for your help in advance, I really appreciate it!
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