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  1. Celaiona added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    The only consistently "safe" classes are Warrior, Witch, and Wizard. They are always good regardless of the "balance" of other classes.
    Also if the shield bug is fixed in Korea its only a matter of time before it gets copy pasta to us. I dont think our publishers would get any date on it though, just an email the week of the patch.
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  2. Celaiona added a post in a topic An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.   

    Fyi it appears he was just going around on Calph 2 and killing anyone who was guildless from what I have heard. But that should be his "right" as long as he doesnt break any game rules.
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  3. Celaiona added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    A rogue mod/admin kicked + deleted everyone. Heres the new invite URL: https://discord.gg/CDgjKms
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  4. Celaiona added a post in a topic This forum needs better/actual moderators   

    Now if only any of them actually showed up more then once in a blue moon. I mean other then Alterist and Azta (before he quit) I've seen another mod maybe once?
    But I heard Vol Mods cant even ban or otherwise issue warning points to users, just edit or delete things. That means there are most likely repeat offenders running around the forums until the CMs get around to their case, causing more trouble. They really need to go through and refresh the Vol Mod team...
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  5. Celaiona added a post in a topic Casting Speed - Awakening   

    We are just attack speed. Movement speed helps with the dash.
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  6. Celaiona added a post in a topic [Outfits] How do I obtain wings?   

    The wings edition is limited. It is periodically sold. If you want the wings you will have to wait.
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  7. Celaiona added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    From what I understand you keep the iframe on wind step but lose it during the moving part of breezy blade, but still get the attacking part super armor. Its super confusing and hard to test though.
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  8. Celaiona added a post in a topic Remove Gem Shatter Until Servers Fixed   

    This is a good idea. It seems theres a lot of new players and thats great, but losing the gems to server lag is annoooooooying.
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  9. Celaiona added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    Sorry, double negatives are confusing. The skill has two parts: moving (the dash) and attacking (the slash). Moving part gets iframe, attacking part gets super armor. There is a small time at the beginning and end of the skill where it doesn't apply either. This change was in the Korean patch notes some time ago and I wouldn't be surprised if it made it here. Also iirc if you chain it with wind step you lose the iframe on the moving part.
    Patch notes: The invincible effect will no longer be applied after certain actions are taken while using wind step ( back or forward ).
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  10. Celaiona added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    You should google what not applicable means.
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  11. Celaiona added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    Are you sure about that?

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  12. Celaiona added a post in a topic Game Must Be Dying.   

    Woah game soooo dead. Pack it up! Time to go to revelation lol.
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  13. Celaiona added a post in a topic Myths - Confirmed or Busted (To be Updated)   

    I confirmed it myself. You must play2win
    I thought I could swipe my credit card and get easy PENs but nope...
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  14. Celaiona added a post in a topic DK Prepaation ?   

    You can roll night vendor for the boss items. I saw someone got the kzarka for the class!
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