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  1. sadnebula added a post in a topic Amongst all this negativity, what are your favorite things about BDO?   

    I like the fact that with minimal gear changes i can play multiple chars. If I get tired of combat there are several other things going on; cooking, horses, fishing, farms, I'm trying em all. If I want to say switch from making wagons to armor, I can simply change nodes instead of starting over. Nice looking game, fun to just putter about poking into places. It is an easy game to change direction in, move from city to city, house on a farm, trade one day, be a wagon builder the next.
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  2. sadnebula added a post in a topic How do you roleplay?   

    you're angry because you're a male. 
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  3. sadnebula added a post in a topic Strange, nobody pointing that the Equipment Tailoring Coupon is P2W, getting used to being milked already?   

    Enough already !! 
    A. Stop playing if you must
    B. Play and keep your wallet closed 
    C. Get the hell off the forums with this crap, I don't care, I would prefer to see threads that have some meaning to them instead of a few players always stirring  up crap every chance they get. The forum community is rather small, It really would be better without you muckrakers. 
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  4. sadnebula added a post in a topic Do you like the game?   

    It's a mixed bag, it's like the dev team had a really good game going then the money guys stepped in and put a halt to it. They did a lot right, buying like items to repair, nice, keeps the market going for making coin from drops, then they get to certain point and the silly relic shards with 1 repair point and an add on bought only with loyalty kicks in. 
    Everything in the game is influenced far to much by rng from horses to farming, but the thing is, it's like Vegas, always in the houses favor. It keep people playing, true. It is the entire end game and makes them money, but to do such a good job and drop the ball at the end with half assed pvp and a few spots to grind silver really doesn't do the early game or the life skills justice. 
    A few ideas bored from other mmo's would do a world of good here; open world bosses, spawn anywhere and everyone goes, everyone is rewarded. a few old fashioned dungeons. Asherons Call citadel, still some of the best times ever, wall to wall mobs, boss chests and you didn't always win. spawn rate was so high no one had time to want to pk, you wanted every single body fighting. The games that lasted the longest had event's that the community could work together on ... and for goodness sake quit making excuses to get your hands on my wallet, put more time in making content I can enjoy with out opening my wallet or grinding for a month to get gear. 
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  5. sadnebula added a post in a topic Are they crazy? (Rant)   

    Go ahead and give them the pic, just write kiss my azz across it. Sometimes it feels like companies just want to know too much. My banks do not want that much info 
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  6. sadnebula added a post in a topic Are they crazy? (Rant)   

    pics of you standing on front of new house with sign " yes it's mine damn it" 
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  7. sadnebula added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    No dude, that's not how it works, there are rules of engagement even in war. This is a game, games have rules to try and make it enjoyable for all. 
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  8. sadnebula added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    The pvp'ers aren't going to leave. The griefers, or pk'ers might. BDO doesn't punish pvp, it punishes griefers.  pvp is actually a sport,  a competition to see who is the best. While griefing, is an action actually frowned upon in serious pvp communities. players want to be able to flag and grief others over having them play to close to their area, they complain that they're getting karma bombed, so have the right to flag and kill the offending player that is in pve mode. Kakao say's no, that is griefing and you're going to be punished by the game for it.
    Rather like a kid playing in a sand box and punching the kid that comes over to play cause they want the sand box all to their selves, then crying cause their parents smacked that azz.  You have the right to communicate, to get guilds involved and declare war, to ignore and keep playing, to move if none of the other options work or to be as big of an azz hat as the other fellow, not the right to flag and kill with no penalty. 
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  9. sadnebula added a post in a topic The thing is... P2w   

    An advantage is not being equal, it is something worked for or bought. The game is not p2w except in a narrow minded viewpoint that some have, and yet that viewpoint does not stop players from logging in and coming to the forums to express their opinions. You are worried why about being competitive with joe smoe, who perhaps has more time and or money to throw at the game. 
    If you want to be competitive in a game such as this, set your own goals and work toward them, that is of course if you can say screw the Jones, I play my game, my way. 
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  10. sadnebula added a post in a topic Hellp, getting pushed off boat and it's wasteing my time   

    perhaps not, I get the same deal when auto pathing  horse or wagon. the game goes into loading screen and you're standing in the road with mount down the road a bit or standing beside you when it reloads. Also on fishing, same deal only you're swimming. 
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  11. sadnebula added a post in a topic Patch Notes Questions~   

    It's rather like Kakao can't effect the core game, but they are doing what they can to help the player base move ahead. 
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  12. sadnebula added a post in a topic Game not patching?   

    yup,  just deleted and started over, not worth waiting on Kakoa to look into it. 
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  13. sadnebula added a post in a topic PVPers whinning due to new changes to karma :^)   

    Wait !! I gotta get my coffee, I don't wanna miss the next installment of bad azz bdo pvp rages !!!!!!!
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  14. sadnebula added a post in a topic I blew up my Basilisk Belts   

    don't you know Kakao wishes all their customers were as happy about things as you.  
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  15. sadnebula added a post in a topic why is something like this allowed to happen anyone and why the hell did you release the game if you knew its that bad?   

    yo, sell this weenie ----- your weapon and hopefully the bad karma will move with it 
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