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  1. McOink added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    Some input and an idea from a guildie of mine, St_Germain:
    He believes its about the money you make in valencia, not really about the combat exp gained. Its quite retarded how a pirates hand-in is worth more than most of the valencian trash loot. Therefore, it needs a buff, but raw value wont get people to explore the desert. So his idea is that players could potentially hand-in their trash drops at the shrines in the desert for highly increased value.
    I like this idea, since (most) valencian spots dont yield enough profit to grind as a "preferred grind spot" but just as a "Method to dodge karmabombing".
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  2. McOink added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    Thanks for the ton of input in this thread!
    I do now want to address some stuff some of you have said about my ideas:
    First, lets start with @haybreee : I completely agree with you on the making grinding more lucrative side, great input, we could take the values from http://imgur.com/a/HhOZ8 , as suggested by @AzureWind, thread here : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/134832-valencia/ . However, Valencia accessories are supposed to be endgame accessories, so i quite liketheir rarity, since endgame gear in a grinding game shouldnt be to easy to get.
    Furthermore, lets continue with @DazeR 's input. I do not think that these changes would create a bottleneck, since 57-58 players could just grind Gahaz (remember: Gahaz would remain unchanged, only for those too high-level it wouldnt be worth grinding over Basi/centaur) or Duo/Group at Basilisk/Centaurs, depending on their gear. On top of that, i completely agree with you on the "Valencia was built around RNG" side, so normal drops should be increased on value, and, even if the spots are designed to provide endgame accessories, experience gained should be increased (Take the abandoned monastery as a great example on how to design an endgame accessory grinding spot).
    On top of that, lets address @Solsi 's input.The idea behind penalties isnt to punish players for leveling up, but to support lower-level players by making the higher-level players move to another location, so lower-level players can grind spots designed for their level and gear without having to fight higher-level players for it. On top of that, im afraid that a buff high enough to make higher-level players WANT to grind in valencia spots would make it really easy to advance in the game, upsetting the players who invested alot of time into the game already. About the "59's cant clear Pila fast enough" part, thats exactly the idea behind this: Harder spots should be worth grinding, even if youre not clearing them super fast! This will encourage players to grind the spots designed for their level and gear and will encourage Grouping. Thanks alot for your input on how much money you make at Centaurs and what the gear requirements are though!
    Finally, i want to write some stuff about @Nieo 's post. The thread you posted there clearly follows the same intent and way of though as this and also brings some nice suggestions to the table. Everyone reading this thread should be sure to check it out, thanks for that! The punishment of players who failed with their gear enchantment is definitely a good point, especially if these players want to progress in the game by only grinding (money needed for gear could also be made from lifeskills, but some people dislike those).You also mentioned the experience leveling curve. However, atleast in my opinion, the leveling curve isnt pushing players towards endgame grinding spots enough. Why? Because it is absolutely independent from the monsters you kill, it just takes raw combat experience. And well, grinding in valencia with an appropriate level would of course be more efficient with this penalty, since lower-level spots wouldnt be worth grinding anymore. The only difference to just buffing valencia experience is that a penalty wouldnt anger the hardcore playerbase of this game, whilst extreme buffs could potentially do that (Think about the ex-calpheon shrine grinders being extremely upset when the softcap was buffed to 55 with mediah release).
    Thanks alot for reading!
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  3. McOink added a topic in PVE   

    Making Endgame Grinding Great Again
    Making Endgame grinding great again
    In the last weeks, i got a lot of input from youtube videos, fellow guildies and friends after returning to BDO from a long break.
    Also, here a bit of forum input:

    Ive often heard and felt that while catching up to other players, the most efficient spots to grind still were Pirates and Gahaz Bandits, spots that, even as tagged by game designers, are to be grinded by lvl 55-56 characters(Pirates) and lvl 56-57 characters (Bandits). On top of that, when you ask the most high-geared, high-lvl and veteran players, they'll tell you to grind Pirates to 60-61 after reaching level 55, whilst they would rarely suggest harder spots in valencia such as Aakman, Pila Ku, Sulfur Mine, Crescent Shrine, Basilisks, or, to name an extreme example, Centaurs. I understand that some of these Spots (the last three) are designed to provide rare endgame accessories, however the experience earned from killing these Mobs should be worthwhile. On top of that, low level players, especially those who dont have alot of time, tend to get stressed alot by the fact that high level and high geared players are taking their spots at Sausans or Pirates, Karmabombing them in return, which makes everyone furious! Pushing High-Lvl players to go to high-end grinding spots would be a win-win for everyone,since lower level players could enjoy their Pirates and Sausans.
    Here are some suggested changes to make Endgame grinding a bit more interesting again:
    Any recommendations or general ideas are highly welcome!
    The general idea i had was reducing exp gained when killing alot of lower level high density mobs and increasing exp gained for killing higher lvl and tougher mobs.
    Greatly increase experience gained in Aakman. Were talking ~70% here, people should have a reason to group and sacrifice money for exp!
    Make endgame grinding spots do what they are supposed to do. If Pila is designed to give us a decent bit of money, give the player the opportunity to sacrifice money for exp at sulfur mines! Imo Pila exp should be increased by 25%, Sulfur increased by 50-60%
    Centaur,Crescent and Basilisk are great spots to grind the accessories, but theyre mostly used by Bandits(crescent) or players who do not want to get Karmabombed during the weekend (Crescent and Basilisk, maybe... Nobody is using Centaurs for anything other than GQ, lets be honest here, its like cyclops). To fix this, id recommend increasing crescent exp by 20-30% since its fairly popular already, increasing Basilisk exp by 50% and increasing Centaurs exp by 100-120%,maybe even increase density abit. You may say its alot of experience, but centaurs are hard-hitting mobs designed for great players. On top of that, if great players were to grind centaurs, higher mob density wouldnt be a big issue, since the players who would be able to efficiently grind centaurs for exp would have the gear anyway.
    All other Valencia spots, except Bandits, should have their exp increased by roughly 20-30%
    Now to the last, most important change: Players should be penalized for grinding at lower-level high-density spots! Therefore, players who are:
    1 level above the monster they kill should earn 20% less experience from killing the monster
    2 levels above the monster they kill should earn 30% less experience from killing the monster
    3 levels above the monster they kill should earn 50% less experience from killing the monster
    Why increase the experience gained from killing valencia monsters then? Simple, because some of these monsters are low-density hard to kill mobs to grind, but should still be worth grinding (CENTAUURRRSSS).
    If you have come this far, i want to thank you for reading through my whole thread! Any recommendations and feedback are highly welcome, please feel free to share with friends and guildies! Together we can make endgame grinding great again!
     @CM_Jouska     @CM_Praballo
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  4. McOink added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    Hey there Samsun!
    In terms of PURE PVE(!), Ranger is definitely the thing you want if youre looking for success, fast clearing and easy combos. The class is very newb-friendly and there are lots of Ranger guides out there, just look for them on youtube!
    However, the two Classes that just got their awakening are also worth taking a look if you want some PvP capabilites:
    Warriors combine their grab and scars of dusk of non awakening with the awakening knockdowns and AoE. PRO:High damage without high AP
    CON:Weaponswitching takes time to get used to and is definitely required for awakened warriors
    Sorcs just rely on their scythe form, easy to learn, but really hard to master since u need GREAT timing to perform well in PvP
    Also, if anyone here is new and needs some warrior advice, just pm me on forums!
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  5. McOink added a post in a topic A warrior pve buff proposal   

    @shadowsfall, dominating spinning slash damage BY FAR seems kinda too much, keep in mind that heavy strike attacks in a half circle, making grinding weak mobs (e.g. Sausans) a lot easier!
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  6. McOink added a post in a topic A warrior pve buff proposal   

    870%x2 seems to low, keep in mind theres a damage Reduction...
    Making Heavy Strike our bread and butter skill would be useful, i agree with that statement, we wouldnt have to pull mobs in a line for Spinning again which would amke us grind faster, the change would need to be HUGE though, like 80-90% more damage on that skill
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  7. McOink added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Warrior didnt get ANY changes, SoD deals same damage, counter shows as shorter CD but doesnt work, Spear doesnt work, Ground Slash tooltip bugged, Deep thrust no tooltip no damage
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  8. McOink added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Warriors Ground Slash tooltip shows a damage decrease against players, have to test if it applies, please fix next patch
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  9. McOink added a topic in Warrior   

    A warrior pve buff proposal
    Introduction Hey there, my name is McOink, im from Germany and currently playing a warrior on EU Croxus. Im equipped with okay-ish (full PRI, liverto, treebelt etc.) gear and lvl 57.04 . If you also play a warrior, you will probably have noticed how weak the class is compared to others whilst grinding, group grind is often the most viable option, even for silver. This is not a secret. Many people have noticed that, as seen by almost any warrior you ask, may it be on reddit, the bdo forums, in your guild or even the twitch chat of  a KR or JP warrior playing with awakening. However, as we do not get awakenings soon, i would like to suggest some changes to make warrior fit for the upcoming Valencia patch. These changes should be implemented asap to make possible fixes if these turn out to not be fitting for the class.
          2. The basic idea
     To know which skills have to be changed, we have to understand why warrior is doing so poorly compared to other classes in PvE but is relatively good in PvP. General ideas such as "We need more Damage on Scars of Dusk because its our main skill and its good and everyone uses it" dont help.
     First of all, warrior currently relies on Scars of Dusk, Spinning Slash in combination with ultimate chopping kick, Ground Roar for a DP reduction of your targets, Forward Slash for WP Regeneration and Finally Dodge or Block, Depending on your playstyle. The first thing we notice here is that we have one cooldown-reliant skill to regen WP that mostly regens half of our max WP on use (Scars) and one Stamina dependent Skill that doesnt regen too many  WP (Forward Slash) whilst the rest of our rotation is Spinning Slash cancels, which require a LOT of WP. This also is the rotation most warriors use, sometimes in combination with Ground Smash which also requires lots of WP but comes in quite handy when used in its ultimate version.
     However, how come warrior does quite well compared to other classes in PvP and what to do in order to not unbalance warrior PvP whilst buffing the PvE capabilites? Well, its quite obvious: Warrior relies on a lot of cc in PvP and on top of that, this CC is mostly cooldown reliant or doesnt use too many WP. The Skills that most people use here are Spinning Slash Cancels for damage, Scars to fill, Forward Slash/Shield Charge/Charging Thrust for movement, Counter, Take down and piercing spear for CC and Ground Roar to reduce Targets DP in a Combo. The biggest mistakes we could do now include giving warriors even better movement or cc or higher PvP  damage on Spinning Slash (Scars doesnt matter too much, as its used to fill when you have no WP, its damage is too low compared to Spinning Slash to be used otherwise).
    To conclude, warrior has a lot of spikes in his damage, especially when it has WP it deals an acceptable amount of damage. As warrior isnt in need of too many WP in PvP to stay competitive and has a lot of CC which is not useful in PvE, its doing quite good in PvP. What does Warrior need? More WP, a faster rotation and yes, lets make some people crying for this happy, maybe even some seconds on Scars of Dusk. 
         3. A set of changes (including numbers)
     -Forward Slash should heal 30 WP on hit                                                                                                              
    ->This is the first change i would make to warriors. It reduces the time between damage spikes and running around without any of your good damage skills up. Why not increase damage by a lot? Well, Forward Slash doesnt have a decrease in PvP damage, and if youve ever tried it, the damage is good enough to fill in when your enemy is CC'ed and neither scars nor spinning slash are up, so buffing the damage too much could possibly break the class.
     -Ground Smash should require 115 WP to cast and have its damage increased by 50% (1179% +120 x2) whilst   decreasing PvP damage by 33%                   
    ->Pretty obvious Change, this is the first of two things to do with Ground Smash to make it viable, 33% of what are 150% after the change reduce the damage to the original damage ,100%             
     -Ultimate: Ground Smash should deal 1860%x2 Damage                                                                                            
    ->WOAH! DOUBLE DAMAGE BRO CALM DOWN! will probably be your first reaction, however this makes sense when you think about it: The cooldown is 30 seconds, this skill is rarely used in PvP and u have to cast the first and then the ultimate skill for around 2 SECONDS in order to deal your damage, whilst the biggest use of it currently is to pull mobs together. 
    -Scars of Dusk should get an 8 second Cooldown                                                                                                          
    ->This is also pretty obvious, it helps to get warriors damage spikes even closer together, as it can be used both to deal damage and regenerate WP.
          4. Final Words 
     Finally, i would like to thank everyone who read through this, i had fun writing it for you guys and i hope this will actually reach the Devs! Please feel free to comment on this and leave some feedback, its much appreciated! On top of that, please spare everyone of us the torture of L2P talk, it has nothing to do with being a good player, being humble or helping others as this is a known issue. Thanks everyone and have a nice day!
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  10. McOink added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    Warriors mostly have issues in PvE, as the skills used to grind have LONG waiting times in between or need LOTS OF WP.
    To fix warrior PvE issues:
    -Ground roar reduces targets DP by 15
    -Scars of dusk gets an 8 second CD, also 30% more damage(reduce pvp damage so this doesnt affect pvp)
    -Ground smash gets 50% more damage, apply same damage reduction to pvp
    -Forward slash hits restore 50% more WP, this wont be used much in pvp since you need to stay mobile, but wil drastically enhance pve dps
    Please look into these changes, thanks
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  11. McOink added a post in a topic So I really love the witch class... but   

    I personally see Witch/Wiz as strong Duo and Group grinders, as their kit includes a lot of CC, buff and even a heal combined with a lot of damage, IF youre able to cast your spells. This possibility can be used together with any melee class, preferably with alot of CC too. Finally, CC is exactly the thing you need to grind higher level mobs, for example pirates.
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  12. McOink added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    As a warrior playing around 12-15h/day and part of one of the top guilds of my server, i have to say that not including awakening weapons will gimp warriors to the max and probably make 30% of the warrior playerbase will quit, another 30% will reroll to ranger. Sorc will also not be able to sologrind effectively. I see that Daum games has already made up their mind about this topic, there is probably nothing we could do to change it. However, in case a Dev actually reads this:
    -Awakening weapons gives all "awakened" classes better Solo grinding capabilities, this does NOT MEAN that classes will be able to clear every spot within seconds
    ->"What about Wizards though, we cant solo grind!"
    -Wizards are strong grinders within a group as they need to cast most of their spells, HOWEVER i see Duo parties as a good option for players, ESPECIALLY the not so well geared ones that complain about being completely useless with Valencia, as Wizards can Heal, give buffs to teammates and deal alot of AoE damage as well as being able to CC groups of enemies, which can be useful when fighting enemies above your level
    -Finally, i see content that is part of the game and maybe even the reason why some KR veterans or new players chose to play the class in the first place held back as an insult to me as a customer. I see that balancing is important, however there will ALWAYS be complaints about such things, the only thing you can do is to minimize these. On top of that, balancing can be done AFTER content is released. The patch we got two days ago has shown us this.
    Thanks to everyone reading this!
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