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  1. Maximilious added a topic in General   

    Edan - LAG...
    Hello all.
    Since the 3 days I been back in this game, I have noticed strong server latency issues.
    Is the game lagging for everyone else? are some channels less laggy than others on  the Edan server?
    Are there any plans to fix the latency issues?
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  2. Maximilious added a topic in General   

    Hello fam, I am back (quit cuz college)
    (back cuz end of semester)
    Hello fam.
    So I been gone for a couple of months, last thing I remember was hitting 59 on my warrior then getting the awakening weapon TRI and then quitting.
    Has anything changed majorly since I been gone?
    Is there a better way to farm monies now?
    Are horse breeders still screwed?
    • 9 replies
  3. Maximilious added a post in a topic gg ez   

    I dont think this guy understands how this meme is suppose to be used.
    A wombo combo is something where skill is involved where all the pieces fall together for a magnificent show.  It takes skills.  What you showed anybody can do it, please come back when you actually have something to show for.
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  4. Maximilious added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

  5. Maximilious added a post in a topic Sorceress's on the 14th are going to be like   

    Awakening or no awakening you still will get shat on
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  6. Maximilious added a post in a topic What do now?   

    buy character slot
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  7. Maximilious added a topic in General   

    Can you PLEASE make the 100 Boss gear quest guaranteed instead of a chance?
    The chances of getting the item are already pretty slim for people that have a life outside of this game (The players not camping the bosses 24/7).  When I got the first quest item for the first time I was so happy "Oh nice they added a system for people that don't have the opportunity to camp these bosses on a daily basis" turns out it is a CHANCE at getting the quest item after a kill...
    Please, make it a guaranteed drop after each kill... it will gives those players hope, and you're not hurting anybody.
    • 32 replies
  8. Maximilious added a post in a topic [resolved] PVP unlock quest   

    Why this will not work:
    Only a small proportion of BDO players access the forum, you might only get data from the most hardcore players.
    If you want to take proper data, and this seems to be a big topic everyone should be interested in... you can create an ingame poll (once per account, no matter server) regarding these topics.  As soon as a player logs in they would be prompted with the "Notice" and a mandatory poll.  This is your best best at collecting usable data from the playerbase.
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  9. Maximilious added a topic in Warrior   

    Any classes giving you excuses on how you were able to kill them?
    I was farming ogres (2 shot with 2h sword) and archer came up to me said "Well I guess we going to have to fight for the ogres" so I flagged up and killed him.  He then said I was only able to kill him because of my awakened form.  He asked for a duel and said if I win then he would leave... I killed him again, this time with my 100% and he said "You only killed me because of your 100%" and said he would continue to bother me because his guild told him to (I am guildless and I shit on his guild)
    Has this happened to anyone else?
    • 8 replies
  10. Maximilious added a topic in General   

    How is your golden Dagger event going this weekend?
    Before the patch I only gotten 4 total daggers, I started grinding when EXP event activated, Friday = 5 daggers, Saturday = 10, Sunday = 1 GG

    • 18 replies
  11. Maximilious added a post in a topic Somewhat related to BDO   

    Even tho im sad you made me lul
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  12. Maximilious added a topic in General   

    Somewhat related to BDO
    So tonight I had the worst computer crash ever... Blank Blue Screen of Death.  Something went wrong with my SSD so I had to format everything... RIP gains.  Be back in few hours after I am done with all drivers.
    PS, turn your PC off at night, its not worth your PC
    • 6 replies
  13. Maximilious added a post in a topic @Kakao, reverse the Jail system.   

    Exactly, these casuals calling me a carebear, they have nothing on me I played 7 years of Lineage 2.  If you go red and die you have a chance of dropping your gear, REAL PVP.  Kids that run around in BDO with endgame gear killing other players trying to farm items/silver are the carebears, since they only go for people with lower gear.
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  14. Maximilious added a post in a topic @Kakao, reverse the Jail system.   

    Literally someone that was PKing told me "There is no punishment for PK", losing karma? then what? what happens when you go -1m karma in mainland?
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  15. Maximilious added a post in a topic @Kakao, reverse the Jail system.   

    Can you please list me punishments people get for PK in mainland?
    Thanks.  We see who real carebears are ^^
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