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  1. Lenerlink added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Yes but if you guard is breaking this easily due to one move same goes for every class exclusing warriors...
    I will never compare another class MAIN COMPONENT for thier game play to ours.
    I have always played hybrid tamer maintaining 280 dp (now 320) so i cant say to much about feeling squshy unless im against someone of 230 ap or higher. though with 180+ ap against anyone under 300 dp and not massive evasion tamer can one shot of the same lv with our full combo...
    To me i always thought of tamer (in my eyes) as the counter part to zerker...and i have always played accordingly to that. 
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  2. Lenerlink added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    ranger...SA...thats a laugh. Kuno. Zerkers. AND tamers have the longest ATTACK SA/front guard chain in the game. Or witch you can add dp witch in there as long as she is not running speed cast gems. And as a person with a lv 59 kuno there is really only 2 skills that i can chain together without worry of being cc in the middle of it. Rangers do not really on SA at all but front guard but they can only use their full combo every 15 sec unlike tamer who can burst someone every 7 secs. And it is not at all chained together.
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  3. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    ...but..but...i put my faith in that chart and preached about its teachings. which is what lead me to create interesting combos....its all been a lie...for an entire year....
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  4. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    ....its known that as long as you chain stiff back to back like most moves do yo will be stiffen for the moves entire stiff chain +1.
    heilang stiff is weird as i can stiff someone after it but if i stiff someone before it begains or while they are in it, it breaks the cc chain which is why i dont like using it around my team members if i want to combo group.
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  5. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    Pre~move... This move SA sucks and and never works because its too short..
    After... My god this move sucks because it last too long...
    No matter what theres going to be whinners
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  6. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    Srry didnt mean "common knowledge" as an insult but rather its something that becomes first thought when you become use to pvp in game.
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  7. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    It should be common knowledge not to use the same type of cc twice (except for when you can...) other than grab. once someone has been hit with a stun/stiff/bound/knockdown/float/knockback/ they cannot be put into double jeopardy but.. you can do stiff -> stun for them to be stuck in place for even longer period of time because its 2 diffent types of cc... and to take it to extream you can do stif->stun->stuff->stun->knockback->stiff(heilang special stif)->stun->stiff->bound->grapple (which does a float)->to are you not dead yet!!!! as a tamer. (Really by the knockback best to knockdown because 1/20 times the stun went through)...off track here
    here is what i remember from the chart for the most part.
    bound-locks out float and bound and knockdown (<--little fuzzy on one of those)
    float-locks out float and bound
    knockdown-locks out bound and knockdown
    freeze-locks out everything but freeze (cant be grabbed but i have..once...it was funny.)
    grapple-(grey area)can be grabbed multiple times but its due to grab ending in knockdown/bound/or float so if you somehow didnt get float/knockdown/or bound you cant get grapple again (usualy dyc causes this and your put in a state of no damage for a sec or two before you can be shitted on again)
    stun-locks out by stun (and something else.... if i remember right from the chart but that part could have been wrong)
    stiff-locks stiff
    knockback-dont remember shit about it but from experience locks out stiff (but not heilang special stiff for some odd reason))
    also there are very very few moves the defy this chart for some reason but i will not explain what because rather it stay not well known
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  8. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    IT was a chart i found long time ago...hard to find now.
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  9. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    ...actualy yes, i have memorized it which shows you what cc you can connect and which ones cancel/nullifies other CC
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  10. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    I would not becaue you "cant" stiff on a target thats already stiff....(exept when you can but thats a whole another can of worms) you have to follow up moon with float/bound/stun other wise they will punish you for double stiff..
    not really as long as you know the CC chain chart we have the most diverse combos out of any class allowing freedom of play
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  11. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    Srry i meant tiger being the fastest. I tend to use the dragon and bird because i want the SA to last long and i use moonstrike to transition into it most the time.
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  12. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    depends on what move you use beforeit and one of 4 different moves you use with it that determine when SA starts and stops. The fastest one would be Dragon with start time but doesnt last long at all.. longesnt and one i get interupted the most is with turtle follow by bird. Before you SA activated their hit registered first and with slight dyc and lag it looks like they stooped you in the middle. Seen it h appen all the times especialy with laggy rangers.
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  13. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    VL doesnt come with guard on cd.
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  14. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

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  15. Lenerlink added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    and also void has been put on cooldown now
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