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  1. cssmb added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    It is also happening on the other side of the island.

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  2. cssmb added a post in a topic Compensation regarding the DDOS attack/ Players unable to login   

    Uno been getting dc'd a few times an hour for the last 4 hours. Past hour I get kick a minute or 2 after logging on. As for the compensation I'm more concerned with the kasmalives blessing i couldn't utilize.
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  3. cssmb added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    It wouldn't be so frustrating if they just had the courtesy to say something. Even if all you can say is what you did last time. At least we would know you're working on it and are listening to our concerns. For instance those that may have lost xp due to death from disconnects. A personal example ; Having activated a Blessing of Kamasilve I would like to know if I will be compensated for the time I was unable to utilize it. Having known about the issue for 10 hrs one would hope there was some discussion about these sort issues players have had from this DDOS and if there will be any compensation. I could understand not being concerned with players who only paid $30 or $50 US dollars for the game and nothing extra. They don't keep the game going or provide much revenue to allow for future content. But I know a lot of people including myself who have spent a lot more than that who deserve much better customer service and communication. Not just with this incidence.
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  4. cssmb added a post in a topic True fullscreen (with multiple displays)   

    I run dual screen on my desktop "alienware r5" gtx 660 card and have no issues. It may be your from dual screening from a labtop. 
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  5. cssmb added a post in a topic is this game a prank?   

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  6. cssmb added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Bread 2 - T1 level 30 
    Result - T4 female
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  7. cssmb added a post in a topic Hey does anyone else have this problem   

    Go to bddatabase.net and look up quest for inventory space. Do those until you have the room or as mentioned above invest contribution to storage or buy from cash shop
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  8. cssmb added a post in a topic Ranger Attack Distance   

    I believe so I'm a ranger and am at 32 now and can tell my range is better. It could also be that I'm just more on tune with the character. You will learn how the auto aim works as you progress and be able to target further. As for in game knowledge there isn't anything that mentions gain range.
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  9. cssmb added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

    What would be great is to to make areas where care bears can grind and farm with low risk but much less reward. Like Olvia and the surrounding area could have a Guard force that would deploy and kill someone trying to kill the carebear. The killer could still have the chance to kill carebear but would be killed by the guards resulting in a loss of exp but still allowing killer to release their anger or to help wake the carebear up from their mindless farming and worry free gathering. Carebears, you need to know there are other people playing this game and they want to interact with you don't strip away content from the game. You're only losing exp for your level. Not your skills for gathering and what not. 
    Or get some friends to protect you. Strength in numbers. I know if I see a lonely gatherer farming I am going to kill them. It helps the economy. Less items on the market the more they can sale for
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  10. cssmb added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    This ^ takes away all the risk for farming resources and xp. essentially you would be rewarding players to avoid other players. For an MMO this defeats the purpose. BDO should take a few notes from EVE Online. I know I will play EVE Online the rest of my life. BDO sadly I can't see that yet,  but it is an amazing game. They have a lot of work ahead of them but I see it becoming one of the best. Now if only we could take their armor and weapons of their dead corpse. Satisfaction.
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  11. cssmb added a post in a topic Profession quests - How do you get them?   

    That black spirit should have mentioned something about them when you reached that level. I would look through your quest log. If you don't find anything relevant their talk to the Black Spirit if that doesn't work. Go to Glish and speak with the general vendor there she is across from the storage manager. She starts the quest line for alchemy missions
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  12. cssmb added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

      If you don't like PVP then just stay below lvl 50. I am going to assume you never played EVE or did but hated it. PVP is what should drive any MMO along with good Lore of course. If you could switch from PVE only server to PVP server then you could gather materials and farm risk free basically. Go to the PVP server sell em. If you could transfer back and forth then you are asking the Devs to double their server cost for Carebears. This is an MMO not Single Player online. Risk vs Reward is what drives a player to play and what they do. Things must be destroyed for new ones to emerge. I can't wait until everyone is level 50 and figured shit out and decide it's time to start mercilessly slaughtering each other. 
    this is true but this game has a good system for griefers.
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