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  1. Frozlass added a post in a topic Your T7 lvl 30 stats   

    is this still a thing? Are you still collecting data on T7 and T8 lv 30 horses? @Jinxed It
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  2. Frozlass added a post in a topic Looking for a Horse Breeding/Training guild   

    Hi Kaiden/Ichi,
    DarkHorses is a guild in the NA server focused solely on horse training, breeding, and racing. You can contact them my messaging Amarenda, Lightingale, or UltraRed in game. We also run a Discord server focused on bringing together people interested in and sharing information related to horse train/breed/racing. Its currently a small guild and a few months old.
    Fena, DarkHorses Officer
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  3. Frozlass added a topic in General   

    Go for Gold Medals event listingboard
    This is the next best thing to a leaderboard for the medals event. List how many you got if you want to share your progress and other spoils if you like. 
    You'll need to keep all your medals and not use them to win. Used medals don't count. Assuming that this event is like other game events.
    I have 625+ gathering medals after week one. 9 golden items. I eat the other medals to help me get more gathering ones
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  4. Frozlass added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    600+ gather medals. I've gotten 9 gold items and loads of shards. Still feel like 10th place is so far bc idk how many other people have T.T good luck everyone
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  5. Frozlass added a post in a topic [ NA-ORWEN ] [DISCUSSION OF GUILD MERGERS]   

    I do want to get into hunting! But I have some things I need to take care of on my characters before I get distracted again lol.
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  6. Frozlass added a post in a topic [ NA-ORWEN ] [DISCUSSION OF GUILD MERGERS]   

    As much as I agree with your statement Sly, I understand what its like to want to run a guild on your own or with a friend. Sometimes a small guilds goals don't include being real big or competing at the top, however understanding your goals and how to accomplish them really determines a lot. If a small guild does want to get into more competitive play then they better suck up the idea of keeping their name and look for like minded groups.
    Hey Avalice! Nice to hear you're still around. We've been approched by XoO but we havent picked yet. There are a lot of great groups out there, haha! Ill def message you in game, maybe we can duel or something xD.
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  7. Frozlass added a post in a topic [ NA-ORWEN ] [DISCUSSION OF GUILD MERGERS]   

    Yeah but Noe still plays, just not as often cause he got burnt out from running a guild in this game. Which is already happening to me lol. Reviving a near-dead is so difficult. There are so many small-medium guilds that have the same intentions as each other but none want to give up their name. The lot of these types of guilds could do so much more my joining forces. Which is where Noe and I have come to realize and we think it would be more appropriate for us to make the move than convince stubborn guilds to move. At this point all we have is guild skills to offer. We might return to running a guild but not for a long time or keep this one going, which is unlikely. 
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  8. Frozlass added a post in a topic [ NA-ORWEN ] [DISCUSSION OF GUILD MERGERS]   

    I like the tight knit feel. All these mega guilds make me sick. These mega guild alliances are even more off-putting. Makes recruiting difficult and has proven keeping members difficult at times also. I've heard many people talk about them, complaining or w/e, and then they join them because they feel that its the only way to experience competitive play since they are already an established hardcore guild. I don't want to say that the people in these mega guilds are jerks because that's unlikely the case but, damn! its hard to build a guild when so many people in the server are joining them because they think they can't beat em. We might as well all join up with these mega guilds and make it a huge battle of one guild versus the other guild.
    Maybe I'm just salty but shits rough. Especially when mega guilds pull shit like controlling markets.
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  9. Frozlass added a topic in US Guild   

    Hi, Im Fena Froz. I am the GM of Hiraeth and have been for a little while.
    I've edited this message so I don't get the same kind of pms. Even though most of the active guilds have probably already messaged me.
    As any of you gm's out there know, it is really taxing to run a guild in this game and it is sapping the fun outta it for me and my friend. I have reached out to a number of guilds about potential mergers and noticed many other guilds are also considering the same. Currently, we’re too damn tired to revive this guild. So, we are considering a guild merge so we can enjoy the larger scale PvP and guild events such as node/siege warfare.
    I’m extending this offer to any guilds or groups of players interested in a potential merger. Together we can create a greater force to compete and enjoy everything BDO has to offer.
    I also want to encourage other small guilds to really consider finding other like-minded guilds and discuss merging if your goals require more people over more individual player strength. There are guild name change coupons in the cash shop so you can change your identities to something more fitting. Though of course not all of you are going to want to merge. This is just a suggestion to allow you to potentially experience different gameplay in BDO.
    Please write on this thread if you want to contribute to the conversation.
    PM me if you are interested in talking with me. I wont talk to you unless you have a voip chat room.
    The priority points in other guilds I'm interested include:
    active Discord or TS3
    dedication to improve quickly
    knowledgeable players
    are not a large guild. definitely not 2 or more guilds large 
    Fena Froz
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  10. Frozlass added a topic in US Guild   

    <HIRAETH> [NA] [ORWEN] [Casual] [PvP, PvE, Crafting] Expanding rapidly, LF all classes any level
    <HIRAETH> [NA] [ORWEN] [Casual] [PvP, PvE, Crafting] Expanding rapidly, LF all classes any level
    Our mission is to help players become better in BDO. Our long term goal is to become a competitive-grade guild.
    Whatever your lifestyle is you can be cool with us and enjoy the game with a team who does.
    Interested in Joining? Post in this thread or whisper Fena Froz or Tanii Froz [Character:Family] You can also apply on our website at http://hiraethbdo.shivtr.com/
    Good vibes only. Experience comes second. Cheers!
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  11. Frozlass added a post in a topic I'm done.   

    The end is always near  Hi Berloiz  --Fena
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  12. Frozlass added a post in a topic Mana-PvE-AoC   

    Its a great guild. GM, officers, and other players are on regularly and we're steadily gaining ranks! +best +fight
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  13. Frozlass added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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