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  1. Moash added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Trafficked goods have dissapeared
    According to my knowledge when trafficking goods between cities, if attacked by bandits, goods will not be lost.
    I've crafted 10 lead ingots in Heidel, then I have send them to Velia. I put my game on AFK, a few hours later I return to find out, it's nowhere to be found. Not in the storage, receive and/or send tab of either cities. What has happened to my lead ingots Q_Q.
    Does anybody have an idea how this can happen, and where it could be? 
    Kind regards,
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  2. Moash added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bounty System - Reward
    About the Bounty system. If you are as a PvP player stuck with negative karma, you might want to replenish it. You will have to kill players with bounties on them.
    So my question is, how do you find them in this massive map? Is it perhaps possible to make an extra feature that NPC's offer a tracking squad service. You hire a group of scouts, that will find out the location of your target? Obviously this would just be a dot on the map, but having "scout npc's" doing that for you would make it justified. So basically hire a tracking hit next to the bounty hit.
    A result could be that it lowers your bounty reward if you track it. However, Without tracking on the target the reward would be higher. So the height of your bounty reward depends on whether it is a tracked or untracked target.
    My reason for this suggestion is that I don't see it being that effective if you have to be lucky or master tracker in order to find your target.
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  3. Moash added a post in a topic Most Attractive Male Class!   

    Here's ninja with beard, based on my own face

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  4. Moash added a post in a topic Start Time seems odd?   

    Maybe read the posts ?
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  5. Moash added a post in a topic Start Time seems odd?   

    Indeed does think that everybody lives in the East Coast. In any case as the office is in the Netherlands, Beta starts at 8:00 AM for us. It just makes sense for them to do it at that time, so they're awake and can actually do some work. Instead of doing some crazy midnight release
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  6. Moash added a post in a topic hello to all BD community   

    Haiooo Jixx, Welcome!
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  7. Moash added a post in a topic Moash is Mingling   

    Glad you enjoyed it  That's exactly what I do it for besides my own need for expression
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  8. Moash added a post in a topic Moash is Mingling   

    You want me as your ninja 
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  9. Moash added a post in a topic A Warm Greetings!   

    Yo Zac! 
    I loved your introduction, your philosophy is much alike mine. Am glad there's more people with the same vision in mind. May your way have a lasting impact on this community too, as I see it, it would be for the best .
    You're gonna play on NA so I probably won't see you, I wish you a pleasant journey non-the-less. Who knows our paths will cross!
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  10. Moash added a post in a topic Hello Fellow Gamers!   

    Hi NGG,
    Cool, you've got somewhat of the same kind of MMO history. I also played some of that list and many many more ^^
    Let's clash swords some day, enjoy your BDO time!
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  11. Moash added a post in a topic Greetings   

    Hi Mind! 
    I have never played any of those MMO's  but I too would consider you an old school(er). May you have a great time in BDO! 
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  12. Moash added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Moash is Mingling
    Ohaaaio! My name is Moash, am 25 and from the Netherlands. I am supeeer lay back guy with unconditional love for all living beings, even for all the noobs, trolls and ragers that are gonna taste the sweet taste of my blades. Competitive games are my thing and I will always lookup boundries to push the limits in what I'm capable of, however I don't shy away from some solid PvE and storytelling either.
    I love eastern culture and so also, this game! I'll probably try to get as close to this monky/samurai  style class/character as possible because I've always been interested in spirituality and spend a lot of time to live healthy with body (exercise), mind (studying psychology) and soul (meditation).
    Besides that I also make music which is a hobby of mine; shameless-self promotion <3
     I've been pretty hyped for this game for the past year or so and am super glad it's coming to the West. I am a big Anime, RPG junkie and play as many games as my free time allows me to. 
    It's very nice to see so many nice introductions on this forum and that's what drove me to introduce myself too (which I never do in games!). I am a very social person but don't mind lonewolfing either, I would however enjoy meeting up in game. It's one of the most intresting things to meet new people and to learn what inspires them. If you want let's meet underneath the starry skies of black desert!
    Looking forward to meet you all! 
    p.s. To give you an idea what I look like in real life - I tried to recreate myself on the Japanese server 

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  13. Moash added a post in a topic Beta client download is available now!   

    Thank you for bringing this to my atention, I was clicking and clicking the button. Only to find out that I needed to refresh the page in order to make the download work. In case anybody else wonders, try refreshing .
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  14. Moash added a post in a topic Hello again ;) LF new family :D   

    Welcome Tenrai, wish you a pleasant stay and a nice adoption family
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  15. Moash added a post in a topic Greetings ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ   

    Nice to meet you Dominus-senpai!
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