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  1. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    We have room for a couple of more people that are looking for end game. Requirements have been updated to 55+ and +15/armor/weapon
    Sick of getting owned in sausan grounds? Join us for a better leveling and pvp experience
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  2. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    Still some slot open
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  3. Rootz added a post in a topic ☼PvP and PvE: ELIMINATE THEM!!!☼   

    wtf you smoking....
    This is not the game for you GTFO
    Stop trying to change what works fine for others
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  4. Rootz added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Most people that have any decency did not want to abuse this due to thinking it's an exploit and were afraid that their accounts would get banned or rolled back.
    Obvious you should have communicated this and not applaud this kind of behavior by rewarding.
    The rankings are now unfair and basically this made a mess. Not only on your credibility but also on your actions of solving this.

    I do not want roll back,  i am not mad at all about giving NA the same experience (bug?)  but is not a solution for those that missed out or did not exploited?
    Sorry Daum you have to better than this.
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  5. Rootz added a post in a topic Give EU also an Official Fish/train/trade exp weekend or dont do it at all =)   

    Even if you knew it, we basically did not want to be banned or rolled back for exploiting.
    This -----ed up the ranking in so many ways and the resolution from Daum is a incompetent as there customer support.
    If you lucky they reply in 4 weeks in this..
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  6. Rootz added a post in a topic Daum's "resolution" of EU EXP mess is disgusting   

    It is unfair for those that did NOT abused the xp in fears of getting a rollback or being banned, that all that needs to be said tbh. 
    Daum should solve this instead of wiping it under the carpet.
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  7. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    Always looking for good players. If you have what it takes send in app or pm our officers for more info
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  8. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    If you're looking for organized pvp in a mature guild, do not hesitate to join us. We are still looking for like minded people that want to kick ass!
    Minimum of 53+ Level requirement.
    Take me to the application form!
    Or feel free to speak to any of our officers posted on the first page.
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  9. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    Come join us!
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  10. Rootz added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    up we go!
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