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  1. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

  2. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    If you want to do some serious pvp red corals earrings is a must together with kzarka and bheg...at least one...
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  3. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Good Wizard pvp videos?   

    Show us something special 
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  4. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Good Wizard pvp videos?   

    One of the best wizards on JP server...This guy is really skilled and knows how to play wizard...btw check his channel
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  5. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Witch and Wizard   

    Already get it ty bro
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  6. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Witch and Wizard   

    How long take to get the title from the account page to the mail ingame?
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  7. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Looking for updated accessories information   

    As for me my Bheg gloves is the red coral earrings +5 accuracy on duo and the tree spirit belt +3 accuracy on duo...So if you don't have bhegs also go for red coral ones you will see big difference when you want to land hits on a higher DP opponents
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  8. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Wiz/witch things on this patch   

    Yeah true we need higher AP against all those tri geared ppl for sure even higher than the other classes...you know i'm waiting like crazy to get our awakening i'm really excited with the gameplay on trailer...I think is a huge boost for the class and on the right way...Also until the release in EU we have the time to improving gear accesories etc..
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  9. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Wiz/witch things on this patch   

    Well you know not too many ppl have the time to effort to reach 200AP with full boss gear for just to be equal with other classes in 1vs1 situations...Right now i have 180AP 265 DP and still have problems against zerkers sorcs or warriors...that does not mean that i don't have experience of the class you know....Btw i see some of your pvp videos you did really well as Wizard...
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  10. Hopebringer added a post in a topic It's been 25 days...   

    Keep your fingers crossed...My fellow wizards
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  11. Hopebringer added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    Don't reroll. Leave wizard to those who selected him from the beginning and believe in him...
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  12. Hopebringer added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    Finally! That was awesome!...Can't wait for the wizard awakening! Looks really bad ass with this costume..
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  13. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Well RIP?   

    Look mate i prefer also to wait for something special new and unique as they say...and i'm fine to wait for that but you know that this delay born big expectations that i'm not sure if they can managed...I mean if they bring us a boring or uninspired awakening you know that many quit this class...Lets hope for some info to see things better.
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  14. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Well RIP?   

    How is this possible? This class(wiz/witch)is available from the launch and we have to wait to get our awakenings until 2017...Why the next release classes can get their awakenings before us?What it so difficult here?we wait too much for some info maybe a video and then we saw some shit pics with golems and we learn that this it will be part of our awakening...golems? yeah like so many other mmo...but after that i don't want to judge them for this idea...but i judge them for this rediculus big delay...i hope for something really special...
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  15. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    Ακου φιλε επειδη απ οτι φαινεται για το μονο που μπηκες στον κοπο να γραψεις εδω μεσα ειναι για να υπερασπισεις τον leader σου αυτο δεν σημαινει οτι γνωριζεις και τι εγινε...για αυτο καλυτερα μην πεταγεσαι γιατι το μονο που κανεις ειναι να συνεχιζεις να τρεφεις μια διαμαχη που ηδη υπαρχει...Το μονο που ακουστηκε στο ts ηταν οτι δεν απαντατε ουτε σε pm και αυτο το δυστυχως το επιβεβαιωσαν και αλλα ατομα που εφυγαν απο echoes και μιας και εισαι officer ξερεις πολυ καλα τι λεω και στα 2 ελληνικα guild που ημουν ολοι ελεγαν το ιδιο μιλαω για razors και isengard...Για πες μου εσυ ρε αντικειμενικε απο ποτε το δεν απαντανε ουτε ts ουτε σε pm ειναι λογος να kickareis τον αλλον πες μου σε ποιο game?Aν νομιζεις οτι αυτο σε κανει μαγκα αυτο δεν σημαινει οτι δεν θα τα ακουσεις κιολας...βεβαια αυτο δειχνει οτι ενα guild με 30 ατομα δεν θα εχει μελλον και ετσι εγινε...και εγω ημουν officer σε active guild με 100+ ατομα στο Wow και Neverwinter ποτε δεν ειχαμε kickarei ατομο χωρις να τον αφησουμε να πει την γνωμη του η να εξηγησει τον λογο που ειπε οτι ειπε καταλαβαινεις οτι αυτα μονο παιδακια τα κανουν...Το ξερω ποναει να ακουτε την αληθεια αλλα δυστυχως ετσι εγινε τον ρωταγαμε 2 ατομα γιατι στραβωσε και ουτε καν απαντησε παρα βγηκε μετα απο 3 μηνες να γραψει εδω μεσα επειδη θιχτηκε...και επειδη απ οτι φαινεται το τραβατε ερχεται και αλλη απαντηση εδω μεσα για να δουμε τελικα ποιοι ειναι οι καραγκιοζηδες...Το να υπερασπιζεις καποιον χωρις να ξερεις τι εχει γινει το λιγοτερο σε κανει ιδιο με τον μεγαλο απο το θεατρο των σκιων...Για αυτο φιλε Hykman καλυτερα μην ανακατευσαι...γιατι τα συμπερασματα για εσας εχουν ηδη βγει.
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  16. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    koita an pshnesai mporw na milhsw se kana officer vasika mhn fantasteis einai pio casual fash alla re file einai active..kathimerines exoun 75 atoma mesa synexeia den milame se node wars klp 90 me 95 melh...ososn afora thn karta egw eimai se xeiroterh moira gtx 760 kai restart mono tou to pc sxedon ana 2 me 3 meres den mporw na katalavw exw bgalei ta update twn windows h karta den nomizw na einai isws o epexergasths....alla prpei na anoixw mple othonh gia na dw ti ginetai...esy eisai se kapoia guild twra?
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  17. Hopebringer added a post in a topic WorldBoss Spawn timers   

    Can agree more! +1 from me
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  18. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    File molis mphka High Dawn int/nal guild vevaia alla poly active an den kanw lathos 95 melh exei...se eyxaristw pantws...kai an yparxei periptwsh gia new ellhniko guild egw eimai mesa Adramelch einai to name kai Hopebringers to family name
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  19. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Awakening Delayed   

    The fact that may few witch/wizard grind sausan or pirates with horse does not mean that class has mobility...you misunderstand what i'm say...i talk about mobility in general not only with the horse
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  20. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Awakening Delayed   

    if you think that your class have moblity then maybe you play sorc or are you dumb...tell us that are you too op and grind sausan or pirates alone with your horse...yeah sure
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  21. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Awakening Delayed   

    So for what we wait too much for a -----ing golem? Sorry but i expect something better than this. This class needs mobility more instant casting spells and rework on some freeze spells also...Lets hope than do something on the right way...
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  22. Hopebringer added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening   

    This reminds me an encounter of Scourge Warlock back in Neverwinter days....I think is Blades of Vanquished Armies
    For Mages a book or an orb will be fit perfect for the class...Lets hope that will announce it soon!
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