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  1. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Ghuillie suit name tag on new patch!!??   

    I've been salty at people denying that the ghillie suit brought any advantages. Now that some of them are whining that they now partially lost that advantage, their tears taste delicious. I'm more salty at Daum for allowing such item to exist in the first place. 
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  2. LightlySalted added a topic in General   

    Horse getting killed by PvPers?
    I've been afk horse leveling today, and 2 separate occasions I've been knocked off my horse and my horse died. My horse has never been a target until today since BDO launch. Did something change for horse griefing or was I just unlucky to be preyed twice? Actually, what is the karma loss for horse killing?
    Just to note that death counter does go up. 1 or 2 deaths is manageable for breeding, but if the situation gets worse, then breeding will suck even more.
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  3. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Should I upgrade Grunil +15 To ultimate ?   

    Grade 3 stones uses platinum and black crystals, the slowest part of the process + 2 hours to craft them.. It took me about 60 stones to get all 4 pieces to ultimate. The +20 DP and +8 damage reductions is great though. GL. Can take 1 stone, can take 25 stones.
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  4. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Extend Maehwa Seal's Event For Free Pet   

    It should be intuitive that the best rewards comes from using the most seals. "Oh, this is a 14-day event, that is 14 seals, what can I get from that?" Even before knowing about the pet, it just makes sense to save the seals.
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  5. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Armor reform stone rank 3 number 67   

    I saw an unreleased item for a lvl 4 grade stone, which auto succeeds the enchant. Which will consist of  about 10 grade 3 stones to craft. But I'm on 7 stones so far for my weapon. How much pain will I have to endure?
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  6. LightlySalted added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    That's quite a contradiction in these few sentences.
    "It does not give any statistical advantage."
    No stats, but tactical advantage. Hiding the nameplate can be a huge deal.
     "It is not a must have in any way shape or form"
    No item is a must have, but this still gives advantages and is only bought with pearls.
    "I pvp both with and without it depending on what I am doing. If I am hunting certain people/guilds I'll use it."
    If the suit doesn't give any advantages whatsoever, then why are you using it situationally?
    "The people claiming that it's p2w simply can't pvp very well obviously and feel that the suit helps the person in some way"
    Reread your post and ask yourself why you or anyone else bought this item. Why do top PvP guilds require them? Advantages that can only be gained through the cash shop is P2W.
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  7. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Ability to Replenish Character Energy Faster while offline or on a different Char   

    I'm not quite sure what you are suggesting. So instead say 1 energy / 30 min, you want it faster like 1 / 20 min for offline char? idk, atm it seems like a good pace for energy from alts.
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  8. LightlySalted added a topic in Suggestions   

    Show available energy for each character in character selection ( just like available failstacks)
    I imagine everyone is constantly switching out alts to make use of their energy. I would like to see the available energy for all characters so I don't have to log in and wait through the load times, just to see if I have enough or about to cap. Like how it shows the failstacks on the portraits, have one for energy on the corner.
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  9. LightlySalted added a post in a topic Silver Fishing Clothe   

    Got to gatherer's clothes +2 on +4 failstack, took 2 tries. Now working on Cook's clothes to +2. Tried like 5 attempts and all failed. tried on fails stacks +4 to +8. 10 million or so down the drain. RNG's a slow and insidious killer.
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  10. LightlySalted added a topic in Suggestions   

    Some UI additions for energy and cooking.
    Some simple additions I thought would be more convenient:
    1. In the "change character" screen, list the available energy for each character. Just like how it says the fail enchantment rate on the corner for each. It'll be a good way to keep track of energy for multiple alts, without having to login to each one.
    2. In cooking, add the overall progression bar on the bottom. Cooking doesn't seem to have this, but other skills like processing do.
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