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  1. Shrowded added a post in a topic Open Letter to Daum Games / Pearl Abyss. SIGN THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION   

    bump, for all the anti p2w going on, u guys are workin hard. signed it as well. Don't Devalue peoples time invested into your game already daum by publishing like fools. 
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  2. Shrowded added a post in a topic Value of Trust - Feedback Thread   

    You forgot the other Non - P2W giant, Counter Strike. litterally skins + stickers = $$$$ and that games pretty freakin old and hasn't evolved. just alittle graphics update and we love it the way it is. 
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  3. Shrowded added a post in a topic A list of things to do to combat the P2W change coming.   

    Honestly, alot of work being put in by those against p2w, so have a free 2 win bump m8
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  4. Shrowded added a post in a topic Attention all Orwen gaming community leaders   

    Lets be honest here, your extra posts reprimanding people are just adding fodder to this thread, ask a Mod to remove anything unrelated to your "formatted" response, if you really want something accurate. However, without screen shots etc. of the ranking boards there is no proof, peoples memory can and will be faulty. 
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  5. Shrowded added a post in a topic Help : Socket, item and skill   

    Crystals wise.... Run 2x carmae on ur weapon, 1x 2 AS in ur gloves, 1x 1 AS for 2nd glove socket... should be 5 AS & 5 Crit
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  6. Shrowded added a post in a topic I killed a sorc!   

    see... then we go back in time.. to pre awakening blader/plum korea.. 100% iframe on chase.. and yes u could chase cancel like u can here... and im like.. lol NA u guys dunno what u missed... u thought sorc jump move was bad... suck it up this little buff isnt as bad as it could be! lol
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  7. Shrowded added a post in a topic How much AP and DP can we get?   

    you dont need all of the listed things to hit a 280 "gear score"  which btw is dumb because every classes ap/dp scaling is different.... ANYWHO...
    Personally im at 129/171 using an ap offhand 2 pieces +15 ultimate taritas and 2 piece heve, a liverto main hand and using a 5-5 necklace and clean witch earrings and marks of shadows.add it all up.. 300 GS...so lets change things around.. 
    add an ogre ring.. 305 gs
    add PRI's... 313 GS
    add 2 other ultimate pieces 318 GS (make those taritas and it'd be more than that too)
    Ultimate the offhand... ~319-320 GS i forget where it ends up....
    but yeah.. 280 isn't too crazy.. the maeh offhand is 21 ap.. so remove the whole thing and with my current set i'd be at 282 using an accuracy offhand (3ap?). 
    edit to split gear score back into ap/dp....
    assuming you  have all of the above listed things.. 143-144 AP/ 181 dp 
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  8. Shrowded added a post in a topic Soloing higher end things - Guidance needed   

    step 1. theres nothing around the level of pirate island atm, you don't really wanna solo there either.... wait until +16-20
    step 2. most of our farming is lacing blind thrust + dash canceling blooming mixed with redmoon and decapitation and back dashing into a back attack dragon bite/dragonclaw/lunar slash.
    step 3. to avoid dmg, the main thing is just Shift Q has a frontal block and reduces dmg taken in general, along with dashing giving invuln and dmg reduction when on cooldown, u can also stun/feint certain high lvl mobs and ofc Q alone, block = nice... also.. if you dont have ultimate nemesis slash for the hp.. then ur gonna just have to keep chugging.
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  9. Shrowded added a post in a topic Maehwa after patch + tested   

    It was slightly slower, than the kick cancel, however used 0 stamina before so you could cancel using only mana bar with chase II was more a preference thing =)
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  10. Shrowded added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    no, just that you dont fail from +15-+16 like KR. Ofc, i suppose it could also continue up to +20 but doubtful.
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  11. Shrowded added a post in a topic World Bosses Should have NO exp loss on death   

    well sure, but a community manager said that tears don't reset your dmg % against a boss. So player testing... is just incorrect compared to someone who has access to the dev's
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  12. Shrowded added a post in a topic World Bosses Should have NO exp loss on death   

    Actually during all the hoopla about a month ago, jouska said there were alot of factors that determine boss loot and that dmg did not reset on death, therefore it wouldn't reset on tear. 
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  13. Shrowded added a topic in General   

    Dear GM's i hope you really look into peoples reports.
    So it was brought to my attention that a highly geared guy on Orwen got perma banned for hacking due to this submitted video. As you can see below multiple things led to this guys near 0 second demise, step 1. the warrior was at half health to begin with. Step 2. he doesnt put up block. Step 3, the player level difference is 1. Step 4, doesn't eat defensive food. Step 5, 1v1 a guy with some of the best gear on the server step 6, stand still while you're pegged in the face by tearing arrow...... AND THEN... get enough people to report the archer that he gets perma banned @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo
    Is this really how you guys are going to treat some of the guys who work the hardest in your game? 
    PS. watch between 1 and 2 seconds, the video also pauses and then restarts to cut down the time to kill. 
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  14. Shrowded added a post in a topic Effect of "Slice" on our skills?   

    interesting, have you played around with it like.. how noticeable is it?
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  15. Shrowded added a post in a topic How to get the Ogre Ring   

    lmao the song choice, i was dying
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