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  1. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Low Damage   

    1) bad gear
    2) rank 1 skills are bad
    3) you either need extraction gems or murder through tons of mp pots
    4) most damage output is spamming waltz, using nature's tremble/regeneration/elven's rage/wailing wind+tempest (tempest flow does more damage than wailing) whenever they're not on cooldown
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  2. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic AP vs Accuracy end-game   

    when your gear blows and you're below 210 ap or so, accuracy is vastly better than stacking ap but as soon as you reach the upper echelons of gear, it beings to not really matter because you'll one shot anyone anyway (especially with awakening)
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  3. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Just got my awakening...it's very underwhelming, need help   

    awakening is obviously going to be bad when you're 56, all the skills at rank 1 do questionable damage at best
    (nevermind the fact your gear blows)
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  4. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Reroll to DK ?   

    dark knight has spammable iframes from what ive seen from streams
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  5. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Gear Question.   

    if you have jarettes accessories they're fine until something like (off the top of my head) 2x pri mos, 2x pri witch, pri or duo glad belt and tri bares neck
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  6. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Death’ notes   

    Death' Notes
    On a chilly winter's evening, the air is enveloped in a fine mist. As I was approaching Velia I noticed something (or someone) unnvering. As I peered closer it turned out to be a Giant... but something was not right... This giant was as if he was possessed by a demon! Frothing at his mouth like a rabid ape blinded by a unworldly animalistic rage which only could be matched by a ferocious monster such as Kzarka. Naturally I'd be curious so I decided to approach this frenzied fiend. Once I was about - say maybe 5 meters away all I could make out from the words this beast-like horror was "OOGA BOOGA ME GRAB!". I gasped in abhorrence at this barbarian and it seems like everything had came to a dead stop when he set his eyes on me.
    All of a sudden he charged at me! With my battle proven skills I knew the only way to subdue this giant was to use a grapple technique which I have honed over many years of practise. As he came into close proximity, I pulled the trigger - he was in the perfect range - but... what happened next was as if some higher above being decided that this is not the path of fate I should be striding down. It suddenly turned black.
    I woke up at the Velia Inn dazed, confused and unable to move. A traveler who was sitting by my bedside told me that I engaged in a battle with a Giant, he saw me attempt to subdue him with a grapple but the thing that happened after was something he has never seen before. What he described was as soon as I made contact with him, his body suddenly teleported behind me due to him desyncing. He proceeded to grapple me back and snap my back and legs and now here I am. Bed bound in the Velia Inn.
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  7. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Набор в русскую гильдию NightClub   

    davai davai rush b nobs
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  8. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

  9. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    inb4 lanterns desync and disappear
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  10. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Ranger grab buggy?   

    it's a desync problem if you bounce off the air and you don't see two immune popups
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  11. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Ranger Hint   

    ask someone to help you with the awakening quest
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  12. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Gear Question.   

    tri liverto, tri awakened weapon, tri steel dagger
    try and get bheg gloves, if not, work towards full tri grunil/heve or whatever armour you want to use
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  13. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    i agree with op, this is misogyny
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  14. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic This year mmo list looks dull   

    dead genre in the west* asians love their slot machine games
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  15. fewifewnewf added a post in a topic jghphhhf