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  1. Alyseea added a post in a topic Anyone running full evasion sorc?   

    Sicil is full evasion dp. So Centuar & Sicil for most evasion.
    Rhik is more evasion than rosar(or should be since that has been the case for other classes Evasion offhand vs Rosar offhand). 
    Imo I would skip the rocaba. If you compare rocaba gloves&helm vs giath & bheg at the same level its basicly +4 evasion +6 dr vs bheg accuracy(~12? or smth idk) 1 castspeed 1 attackspeed. Pros with rocaba would be that it is easier to get tet/pen with. But I would prefer the giath&bhegs also due to the gem setup and food rotation you can run with it.
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  2. Alyseea added a post in a topic Is Stigma critical to Maehwa?   

    Cant use sleet step -> stigma correctly with stigma on hotbar.
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  3. Alyseea added a topic in Suggestions   

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  4. Alyseea added a post in a topic Energy won't level up ??   

    There's no xp for energy. That just means your energy is full, which means you should use the energy.
    You gain energy by completing/obtaining a group of knowledge.
    Press H to see the knowledge you can obtain and what you have obtained. Click for example Character -> People of Serendia and you see how much energy you can get by gaining the knowledge of a group of npcs.
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  5. Alyseea added a post in a topic Artisan Memory available through Hunter Seals   

    They just feel useless whenever I get them since I already have black stones stored up. But I cant deny that they are useful if I would lack in black stones.
    I am talking about Artisan Memory not Memory Fragment.
    Artisan Memory increases the max durabillity repaired by the item by 3x.
    15 hunter seals is the lowest price I would set for a Artisan Memory considering it gives 2 extra durabillity at a yellow item with a memory fragment. 2 extra durabillity = 2 extra mem frags = 1.5 mil. Having it at a bit higher like 20-25 hunter seals maybe seems good for me.
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  6. Alyseea added a topic in Suggestions   

    Artisan Memory available through Hunter Seals
    With the recent addition of Artisan Memory to the cash shop, I thought of this.
    What I would like would be to have Artisan Memory obtainable in an another way without spending money, a way where you can work for the Artisan Memory and not just wait for your loyalty to reach 400 every 4th day.
    My idea is that you would trade in 15-25 hunter seals for 1 artisan memory at the same npcs you trade in hunter seals for black stones.
    It would promote doing daily/relics in groups more since hunter seals would be more useful than before.
    While the amount of artisan memory gained this way would not be enough for all of your memory frags unless you have saved up on hunter seals for a long time so Artisan Memory would still be bought from the cash shop by people who want to maximize their repairs.
    But it would be nice knowing that you can work for the Artisan Memory and that Hunter Seals would not feel so useless.
    I am not positive enough to think that this would be added but sharing the idea doesn't hurt.
    What do you think?
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  7. Alyseea added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    1.5k for Value Pack without 30% marketplace collection is still worth.
    If we count the things you get from it that have set prices in the marketplace.
    Value Pack:
    Mervs pallete(1k pearls)
    Beauty salong(1k pearls)
    5x Tear(250 pearls)
    10x bleach(500 pearls)
    And that's 2.75k worth of pearl items for 1.5k. Plus the buffs(weight, inventory, exp...) you get.
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  8. Alyseea added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    Some of my own stats. 
    Bought about 1000 pearls of worth dye boxes today. Got 2 sellable from them. Combined the unsellable and got another 1.
    Bought about 500 pearls of worth dye boxes yesterday. Got 1 sellable from the. Combined the unsellable and got none.
    The chance doesn't seem that low according to me. It's RNG some seem just to be unlucky.
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  9. Alyseea added a post in a topic DYES BUG / Cant be sold   

    Loyalty dyes are NOT the only ones that can be sold.
    SOME Pearl dyes are sellable. True, Real dyes and some black etc can be sold.
    Chances for a sellable dye doesn't seem to low. 1/12 or 1/18 according to some people.
    I bought 10 dollars worth of pearl dye boxes. Got 2 sellable and combined the rest and got another sellable.
    Yesterday I bought 5 dollars worth of pearl dye boxes got 1 sellable and none from combining.
    The biggest problem is the increasing prices of the dyes. In russia and kr the prices for 1 dye is like 30-90 million or something.
    Currently the dyes started at around 800k-1mill and some have increased to 1.6-3.5 mill. Personally I am gonna quit if the prices increases and Pearl Abyss/Daum don't do anything about this p2w.
    Lots of threads about this on the reddit and the forums here. Many people doesn't seem to be aware that it is not only the Loyalty dyes that can be sold.
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  10. Alyseea added a post in a topic You can sell dyes on the marketplace   

    I tested it out. Bought dye pearl boxes for 500isch pearls. Got 1 I could sell. Combining seems to also give those that can be sold sometimes.
    Should get fixed, luckily it seems rare to get those that can be sold. Don't like p2w.
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  11. Alyseea added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Been getting this feel that when I get the file corrupted errors it's on places that I earlier that day traveled through or was there for a while and then when I travel there again after a while it gives me the error. Like today I started in Calpheon and went to Mediah and grinded and did other stuff for around 2 hours or something then when I was returning to Calpheon somewhere in the middle of the travel I got the File corrupted error. Anyone else got similar experiences? Pretty sure I have gotten this a few times before in similar or exact ways.
    Btw anyone tried messing with the Appdata/Local/BlackDesertOnline folder? Noticed it after I repaired otherwise I would have tried something out with it. Just remember to back the folder up incase anything strange happens.
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  12. Alyseea added a post in a topic The file is corrupted   

    I don't think that's confirmed. I had all the files(okay except the .meta file but it also never changes) in the Paz folder read-only and I still get the error AND no paz file had changed according to the last changed time stamp and today I had to repair.
    Incase someone else tests removing the "writing" permission. If you get the error and have to repair(you might not need to repair everytime you get the error) before you repair the files readd the "writing" permission to the Paz files otherwise you will most likely get a Error Code 2001 when checking/updating files during the repair because the launcher doesn't have permission to write to the Paz files.
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  13. Alyseea added a post in a topic SERVERS HAVE BIG PROBLEM   

    It's unlikely that the servers have a problem for 2 weeks. Been running the game with no disconnects.
    Have you tried playing on another channel? Or do you not even reach the server/channel select screen when it's happening often?
    The problem is likely to be on your end and not the servers fault unless ofcourse the whole channel/server has the same problem.
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  14. Alyseea added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    I saw your post in the other thread, also trying what you are doing. Are you protecting the pad00000.meta file? Maybe try unprotect that one if you have it protected.
    I am from EU and I only have "na" folder.
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  15. Alyseea added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    Gonna try this  Disconnect sounds better than having to do a file repair.
    Edit: Btw what does the log say after disconnecting? Anything special?
    Note that for people that get this often reparing the game by renaming/deleting version.dat is just a temporary fix so you can continue to play the game. Most people here have the error often(from many times a day to every 2+ days) and seek a solution to this, not a temporary one you have to repeat like the one you mentioned. Just saying but repairing the game by renaming/deleting version.dat has already been verified to make it playable by many:S 
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