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  1. Tesrali added a post in a topic What is the best money making method in BDO   

    Scarla from helms is also nice. Not sure if it beats out a TRI ACC necklace with AP off-hand though
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  2. Tesrali added a post in a topic What is the best money making method in BDO   

    at 55 you'll make 1-2 mil per hour with 3x pets at Sausan.
    Get a storage in Kush and a cart.

    Don't leave the area. Keep another toon in Altinova for crafting and marketplace stuff if you wanna take a break.
    Keep a knowledge reset mook in calpheon.

    Switch it up to Elrics, helms, or Manes if you get bored.
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  3. Tesrali added a post in a topic I have discovered exactly how amity gain is calculated! <3   


    Now. What is the chance of getting a fail goal vs a success goal, and is it worth going for the third step from an energy perspective? If you've succeeded on the first 2?
    Tentatively it looks like yes.
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  4. Tesrali added a post in a topic exp for farming profession. progress doesn't exist   


    Fruits required for most of the high level alchemy potions should drop MUCH more consistently from farms given the opportunity cost they bring.
    I can make ~500k a day off of the rare crafting ingredients from workers, but I have to gather cotton to get my fruit.
    If you're only making a million a day off of farming for 8 hrs of playing...
    ...you're about 6-8X behind the currency game of anyone at Sausan, Helms, Elric @ lvl 55... ...and those people are getting XP, grunil, etc

    Farming is extremely broken as a source of:
    A. Passive income, and
    B. Unique crafting mats

    It does NOT have a sensible place in the game UNLIKE: alchemy, cooking, processing, fishing, and gathering.
    For 10 contribution points I can have 5-10 more workers pumping out basic resources that the economy (or I) need.
    And a single large fence will get me jack and shit.

    I've been pumping out noble wagons for everyone for about 3 weeks now and I've made ~100 million off of them. The contribution investment for the supply chain is about ~60.
    Even when the price crashes they will sell... ...because they are needed.
    Likewise with fishing boats.

    On the other hand the only integrated part of farming is fruit drops for alchemy. The 100% crit damage potion is insanely good, but you literally have to give arms and legs to get it via farming. You're much better off gathering everything in glish for a chance at an abundance fruit.
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  5. Tesrali added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    omg that's hilarious
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  6. Tesrali added a post in a topic DC After Switching Character   

    100% of the time happening to me.
    Uno. SSD. GTX970. 8GB ram. Fullscreen
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  7. Tesrali added a post in a topic World boss as Melee, everyone make a thread until this is fixed!   

    have been 55 for a few days now. am not even gonna bother taking my valk to a worldboss fight.
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  8. Tesrali added a post in a topic [Mediah Update] Optimized, low CP Node Network   

    great stuff ty
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  9. Tesrali added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    the problem with you OP...
    ...your poll is biased and flames people who think that PvP must be always available for the game to work.
    You WILL NOT get an honest poll, you hack
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  10. Tesrali added a post in a topic Since patch game crashes   

    have dc'd twice since patch came today. before it was once every two days
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  11. Tesrali added a post in a topic Workers repeating tasks   

    omg you saint ty
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  12. Tesrali added a post in a topic BDO item mall Price Poll   

    What a great comment about slow price drop over time. Limiting profits from this strategy happens when a player does not stay around long enough to make a purchase at the lower price point.
    There is actually a multivariable integral inherent in the maximizing of profits over time: customer maximal price they are willing to pay for x good, window of being able to sell the product.
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  13. Tesrali added a post in a topic Suggestions for Combat, User Interface, Pearl Shop, Trading and Gold Sellers, and Gameplay   

    It is untrue that instances affect the entire server. They do affect other instances (maybe), since the architecture is such that many quests are held on one instance. (E.x., if you get outside the marketplace you can walk to "Siegebreaker" but not eveningstar.) However, I know that zones are delineating --> you can't see someone in a different zone if you get onto the "skyplane." 

    I think you're exaggerating how intelligent ddo AI is. Perching is very common in that game. When mobs do range you, it is often for very little damage.
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  14. Tesrali added a post in a topic Suggestions for Combat, User Interface, Pearl Shop, Trading and Gold Sellers, and Gameplay   

    You bring up dungeons and dragons online leashing and it's important to note that the game is instanced.
    its also a lag fest over there at the moment. ^^
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  15. Tesrali added a post in a topic How to get Heating skilled for advanced processing   

    What max energy are you guys rockin?
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