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  1. Etarnak added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    I really wish you would simply contact an officer of our guild instead of going to online forums and complaining like a child whom simply cannot get enough attention.

    If we have karma bombers in the guild we have a talk with them, we dont accept it, its annoying and trollish. From what I understand it seems my guild has become a little lax on the rules in my absence (Due to death in the family followed by no job etc. So I havent had the energy to be online much). But my officers are working hard to rectify this. I apologize if my members truly did karma bomb you, I urge you to contact an officer or myself in the future instead.

    Besides, VVV declares quite often, we often have 3-4 wars going on at the same time, something our PVE players arent always happy about, but please do not think we'll hide behind the no node rule for declaring.

    If you wish to declare and you cannot, then take contact to an officer and we'll set something up, its honestly not that hard. You simply have to talk to us, we arent the villians you'd like to make us out to be, we're human beings, and we're a large guild, its not always easy to discern if a member is karma bombing or simply fighting against someone and losing.

    I'd suggest as I've said multiple times now; Talk to us, dont hide behind your screen and get angry, nothing gets resolved that way. 
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  2. Etarnak added a post in a topic How much does Harassment, or even being killed/attacked unexpectedly actually happen?   

    I see a few of my members killing at grind spots daily, but we have a steadfast rule;
    If someone tries to kill steal, you ask them to go away, if they do not, you are free to act as you wish.
    Generally griefing is not a huge problem, afk killing during wars is however a problem, that is, if you're fighting Spaniard, they tend to be quite toxic as a whole.
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  3. Etarnak added a post in a topic Guild House Expanded   

    I just wished you didnt have to spend 5 guild points for 1 lousy guild storage spot... We've spent 10 guild points and our guild storage is still tiny.
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  4. Etarnak added a post in a topic What the hell daum   

    What it comes down to is "I dislike this system, so obviously Kakao should cater to me and no one else, because I speak for everyone!"
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  5. Etarnak added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Warrior   

    Good lord.. So much whining.. Its a effin title ^.- theres like 2400 of them in the Korean version, and I bet it will be around the same for us in the end..

    I got the title without even being aware of the event. I didnt notice until today.
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  6. Etarnak added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Warrior   

    Wait, what? So thats where that title comes from.. What did I do? Was it because I got my awakening within the first hour of server uptimes?
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  7. Etarnak added a post in a topic HOSTILE and Spaghetti ally and fail to defeat SkyStrike 2v1   

    Not knowing either side in this "debate" I'd have to say that a guild can easily force a stalemate if the guild leader is competent enough with the guild base set up

    A tiny base with flame turrets defending every angle is a hard thing to beat outside bringing in cannons or elephants.
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  8. Etarnak added a post in a topic How do you train cooking?   

    Tonnes of Beer, then use the side dishes for more exp ^^ 
    I also got a lot of levels making Knights Rations because.. Well, I wanted to try them and it seemed like a interesting goal. Artisan 7 cooking here.
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  9. Etarnak added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You're an idiot. This is clearly Pearl Abyss forcing it upon them, did you notice they didnt say "We will do this" instead of "Pearl Abyss did this"?
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  10. Etarnak added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Gotta love how passive aggressive this post is, they're clearly not happy that Pearl Abyss is forcing them to do this

    But, I will take it in strides, for anyone who wants a refund; Go outside, learn how the real world works. You dont get to charge back just because the game you played for likely 100s of hours suddenly arent what you want anymore ^^

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  11. Etarnak added a post in a topic [Important Issue] Guild Protection in PvP   

    I've yet to run into this problem in any of our guild wars, and we've fought against some pretty cowardly guilds.

    Like, literally, we had 1 guild that would go ONLY for afk trading people and literally run away if they fought back.

    I had one time where an officer of the guild killed an afk person, I was nearby so I went over there, when I got there and he spotted me, he literally turned around and ran into a safe zone only to start berating me and taunting me.

    Another time I found him right after a AFK kill, I got him off his horse and began attacking, he literally turned around and ran to Heidel which was 2 minutes away, teleporting and healing up when ever he could not even trying to fight back.

    Point being; If a guild like that didnt do that stuff, then I dont think we have to worry too much.. Yet anyway.
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  12. Etarnak added a post in a topic Question about Guild Craft   

    You make Clearance requests and trade them in for the permits at the guild manager  

    Took me a little while figuring out this as well, since theres no such thing as a "Clearance request" on BDDatabase.net
    Also, cow hide = Ox hide


    Parchment is made with Ox hide you can find a lot outside Calpheon next to the road between the Delph Castle and Calpheon.

    What you then get for making the Permits are "Permit requests", which arent the ones you actually use to create the trade packs, the ones you need are Craft Permits (I cant remember the correct name right now, but basically the permit you get from the ink + parchment + wax + seal is just a craft request, not the craft permit).

    You trade craft requests at the Guild Manager npc for the Craft Permits which are the ones you actually need to craft the trade pack with
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  13. Etarnak added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    I really dont get the anger.. They did say the Rehersal would be 1-2 weeks. Soo.. It was 1 week.. But still within the estimate.
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  14. Etarnak added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    Ah, so YOU are Dreamless... You know.. You should spend more time ingame and less time on the Forum  Pretty sure you'd get rank 1 in "AFK" if they had such a thing

    Damn you're gone a lot. Damn Germans ;D
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  15. Etarnak added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    Pretty sure Dreamless didnt sell his account  

    Unless the new guy is a perfect imitator

    I still talk to him regularly, well. I guess he could have sold it and the new bloke is just as friendly, and also happen to be German

    + he remembers things I've talked about since before Grlnd (The second guild). So, again. I doubt hes sold it.

    If you think he sold it because you dont see him anymore and therefore assumes hes gotten banned for selling, that would not be true
    as hes simply going under a different name which I wont say here as I'd rather not start a witch hunt against the guy, hes a nice fella after all.
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