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  1. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Tamer bug/suggestion compilation   

    Fixed the tag for Jouska...... Also I know what you mean by asking for a lot but I wanted it all in a centralized spot so we can just link one thread and hopefully get it more attention and get us some fixes. 
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  2. Daijoubu added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer bug/suggestion compilation
    Wanted to start a tamer and heilang bug/suggestion compilation so we can pool together all the bugs and issues with the tamer to hopefully shed some light on the issues\bugs we are facing as a tamer and no longer be forgotten.
    I will be updating the main post with any of the bugs or issues that my fellow tamers report.
    - Not sure what to call this one, but when you get CC'ed during evasion you will sometimes just kind of fly around and then rarely you will get a loading screen, all while taking damage still.
    - Fearful trembling cant be held.
    - Not a bug, but with +16-20 approaching, I would like to know if there will be any changes or improvements to heilang to prevent him being useless against those enhancement levels.
    - Heilang is too sensitive to water, if you are doing the figure 8 in the abandoned monastery, he will constantly die from the small pools of water. I don't want this removed, it is just too sensitive.
    - Heilang ignores commands or only listens till he sees something that's more interesting than listening to you.
    - Not going to get my hopes up on this one but auto-pathing on heilang would be nice.
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  3. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    With the addition of 16-20 approaching, will Tamer get any improvements for Heilang to prevent him being useless when 16-20 is out and if possible get some of our broken/bugged skills fixed?
    We have some skills that are not working as intended that haven't even been verified by you guys that you are aware of the issue.
    Otherwise, great patch notes! 
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  4. Daijoubu added a topic in Suggestions   

    UI Tweaks
    Hello, just a few suggestions that could improve the current UI and make it a lot more user friendly. I will continue to add to this as I get more suggestions.
    1. A Grid for the Edit UI option for alignment purposes.
    2. Less locked UI widgets.
    3. The ability to define custom colors for text or other various things would be really nice.
    4. The cancerous offset NPC button that haunts us everyday.
    5. The ability to move the skill cool downs and buff timers.
    6. Show only certain parts of other players names as defined by user. I believe I have seen this one already requested but the more the better chance we can have it happen.
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  5. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

  6. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    I can't fathom how there hasn't been a fix for Tamers mentioned in these patch notes or at all for that matter. It is a major problem that should have at least been addressed by now along with the few other tamer bugs that plague that class.
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  7. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Tamer armor set   

    You will not get just one answer as in the Tamer has a variety of armor setups that she can run with, Alot of it comes down to play style and availability. I personally run full grunil because I enjoy having 8 slots for all those pricey crystals. Taritas is good for defense and accuracy and zereth is good for stamina which is important to a tamer. While the stamina is nice from zereth, it becomes not so helpful later on when you have maxed your Stamina (unless you are spamming evasion like a moron). Agerian is what I started with but got away from it as fast as I could once I realized the cast speed didn't help tamer skills. 
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  8. Daijoubu added a post in a topic Good Tamer Build?   

    No idea why you would use either of those when we have multiple skills at all levels that do more or the same thing better. 
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  9. Daijoubu added a post in a topic PVP Accessory for Tamer   

    Probably should have posted this in the Tamer subsection for a faster response but for tamer you want to use Bares Accs until you can farm for your Witches Earrings x2 And Mark of Shadows x2 and a Kalis belt until you get something better like Tree Spirit Belt. Use the Incense Trinket for Pvp or against Purple mobs and use a needle against everything else pve. I main Tamer on Edan and this from my experience is the best approach.  
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  10. Daijoubu added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    This is great news to the many people who were plagued by these issues. As far as the Name-Swap page, will this also be accessible to few players who may have accidentally made a mistake at server selection or is there a chance we can get the 24-Hr timer temporarily removed to remake those characters? If the Name-Swap page is accessible to everyone that would be great news also.
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  11. Daijoubu added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    Thank you!
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  12. Daijoubu added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    I think plenty of people from what I have seen are in this situation, a lift (even if only temporary) of the 24Hr deletion timer should definitely be considered as a lot of us at this point are kinda just stuck in "limbo".
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  13. Daijoubu added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    Is it not possible to temporarily remove the 24Hr timer on character deletion so the people that want to can just recreate and get back to playing. The timer is atm is really not helping the current situation.
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