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  1. Vyky added a post in a topic Zodiac Sign and RNG (and more)   

    Holy sh*t!!! This thread is a sh*t tons of sh*t.
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  2. Vyky added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

    Dear PA and staff!
    Shall we get the full BGM of the game?
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  3. Vyky added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

    OMG! Requiescat in pace.
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  4. Vyky added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    I can see only about the 40% of the screen because a huge black stripe on the top of the page takes the most of  the screen. Very nice job!
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  5. Vyky added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

    PRI Ogre Ring with 24FS just an hour ago. The most annoying part in this, you get only 1...FS after the fail. How is that? I just crushed 190 million less than a second, and this piece of sh*t gave me only 1 f*cking FS?! Same as I would used Bares necklaces. Come on... This is absurd.
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  6. Vyky added a post in a topic My advice   

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  7. Vyky added a post in a topic My advice   

    Then what will you do? Every newer class will be stronger than the previous ones. This is how marketing works. I just can see only two ways, a class will be dead or alive.
    Look at Tera. I played Gunner on the NA server when it released. It was stupidly strong. Then they nerfed, decreased the damage output. Everytime when a new class released it is strong, otherwise nobody would try it. Look at DK here same thing, or the upcoming Striker. It is a freak. Jumping like Michael Jordan.
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  8. Vyky added a post in a topic My advice   

    Yes I know.  Same with Maehwa.
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  9. Vyky added a post in a topic My advice   

    They said they do not want to nerf the top three classes rather they want to revamp the others.
    Lot of changes are expected in this year.
    From game developers perspective it is a bad decision to favor certain classes against the others. It involves that unpopular classes might disappear. We have seen examples for this in other games.
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  10. Vyky added a post in a topic My advice   

    Until Musa and other shamed classes get a balanced patch  and until these popular classes drop down from the top of the list.
    Then you will feel oh how stupid decision was this and a waste of time to level up another one.
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  11. Vyky added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    Is there an option to vote on this? Community.
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  12. Vyky added a post in a topic Maehwa in Sieges   

    So you got the rebound then you finished with a slam dunk. Mae nothing else to do than finish what others started. The damn spy.
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  13. Vyky added a post in a topic BDO Kr Font Mod   

    The default font looks terrible on full hd resolution, probably on any resolution. And if you modify the size of the UI it makes even worse.
    So please! Make another or modify the default font a little bit cleaner thicker to read more clearly the labels and texts. Another thing, a lot of texts are longer than the button behind them. I guess beacuse the korean text is simplier and shorter.
    You can change the text to this: Segoe UI Semibold italic
    Or this: Comic Sans MS bold italic
    Somehow the italic versions with bold, semibold are more readable.
    These are installed default on your Windows 10 Fonts folder. Maybe on previous versions of Windows too.
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  14. Vyky added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Yepp! This one looks better, definitely.
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  15. Vyky added a post in a topic Kerispears Difference   

    I have hopes.
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