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  1. Clawgore added a post in a topic I just realized that I don't play in group in BDO because ...   

    What about joining a guild?  If you are in a guild and your guild doesn't do "party" activities then you need a better guild.  Maybe you could come up with some guild party/group events?  If you aren't in a guild, find one.  Have a different kind of fun besides solo fun. 
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  2. Clawgore added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    Yea but the max price is terrible.  From what I remember I think the price was something like 300/400.    That won't even pay for the sweat my cartoon character builds up while chopping trees.  
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  3. Clawgore added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    This is one of my pet peeves, albeit a small one.  I have a lot of logs in storage.  When the sailboat came out I was very looking forward to making a nice profit but the log price was terrible.  So much so that I didn't sell any except as a mercy case for someone who needed just a couple hundred more to finish his boat.  
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  4. Clawgore added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    What about the "statistic" that says you don't lose as much AP in the rain.   Huh?  What?  Lose AP in the rain?  What weapon SAYS you lose Ap in the rain???
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  5. Clawgore added a post in a topic I can't wait for tier 9 horses , screenshots inside.   

    I was thinking the avatar looks a lot like the person on the unicorn bike.  
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  6. Clawgore added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    Sorry Joe but I can't agree with you that those items are hard to get.  It just takes the right tool, and time.   For weeds the right tool is your hand.  Pluck every bush and you'll have hundreds pretty quick.  For stone, you can get a bunch from any non-ore bearing outcropping.  So if you see copper, iron, etc..  skip those.   Logs, you pick a forest and chop every tree.  Oh, and from personal experience I do believe that the higher your harvesting rank, the more product you get.  
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  7. Clawgore added a post in a topic Just a Couple of Pics of Who all got Screwed at Mutant Ogres   

    I need more words describing what happened and what you think is wrong.  Those screenshots show me a bunch of words all over the place.  
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  8. Clawgore added a post in a topic Returning player Questions   

  9. Clawgore added a post in a topic What type of stuff gets you to check out another player?   

    I always stop near fashionable people to look at their outfit and color choices.  There is a lot of talent out there. 
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  10. Clawgore added a post in a topic New Player - Overloaded - Need Advice   

    Yes, Red Nose is considered Boss gear, on the lower scale.  But as pointed out if you raise it's level the protection and "extra" it gives you will work out well.  
    I'm more interested in your question about what, why, how do you know, etc..   I am not a min/maxer so Reddit will be your go-to place for that type of detail as they really like to get into the tweaking side of the game.  From my perspective you need to think of what you like to do and get gear and crystals that help you do that.  
    For instance, I have a wizard with full DUO Grunil with crystals that improve CRIT damage (evil laugh), Spell casting speed, and some odds and ends.  BUT, on my Tamer I have a mix of armor that increases her carry weight and movement speed.  Why?  Because it weighs less than Grunil which gives her the ability to carry more.  It increases her carry weight... so she can carry more.  (hahah), and the boots help her zip around when she is harvesting stuff.  
    If you are going after end game PVP the majority of posters and in-game commentators say AC is the way to go, and that DP doesn't really matter because if you have enough AC you'll be able to kill people fast.   You get AC from gear and crystals.  Easy peasy to understand and you can always open up the auction house and pick and item and scroll down to see the advanced versions and what they do:  +14, +15, PRI, DUO, TRI, ... so forth and so on.  
    Then of course you might want to forget all of that and just find pieces that you think look good.  Killing people is fine, but looking good is finer.  
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  11. Clawgore added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    But I want to point out that no one has complained about my recommendations!!!   MUUHAHahahahaHAAHHAH
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  12. Clawgore added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    Hold on before you dismiss this thread as I have something to add.   Not only consider the OP's recommendations and the fine comments of the other posters, I encourage you to also pick a class that has impressive VISUAL AFFECTS!!!   
    1.  Witch and Wizard - OMG, so beautiful.  Like a fricking Jedi Consular!!!   Beautiful lightning bolts, or lightning clouds, or my favorite ... Chain Lightning!!  Oh, and don't forget they also a MASSIVE Earthquake, Fire Ball, and (drumroll).. a meteor storm.  JUst spectacular spell effects and even if this class was terrible, I would play it just for the BOOMS!
    2.  Tamer - In my opinion the SECOND best spell effect in the game!  They have a freaking HURRICANE/TORNADO!!   Beautiful spell, awe inspiring even.  Swirling clouds of grey death.  Bad guys get cut to pieces by the shrapnel your spell picks up and spins around.  
    3.  Kuno - Don't laugh!  It's a beautiful thing when they throw their WALL OF FRICKING KNIVES at someone.  Sure, it's over quick, but it's not premature!  
    4.  Dark Knight - I'm only level 51 so I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet, but what I have come to love are the ominous and slow swings of that giant blade.  When she charges someone and pokes them... I laugh out loud.  She even throws fricking exploding bombs into the distance!!!   Oh, and when she "marks" a group of people and then strikes a pose, snaps her fingers, and the group's heads explode!!  It's like a scene from the movie Kingsman.  Oh, and that attack where she stabs her sword into the ground and creates an explosion that propels bad guys into the air!!!  (goose bumps, I'm telling you!)
    Everyone else has spinning blades of death, or other flashy effects, but the TOP FOUR are listed above.  
    Ok, you can go back to talking bad about this thread. 
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  13. Clawgore added a post in a topic Toons not yet deleted???   

    Whatever it said when you deleted it.  
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  14. Clawgore added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom screenshots!   

    Argggh.  These screenshots make me want to leave work and play BDO !!!   What torture!   
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  15. Clawgore added a post in a topic Huntable creatures   

    I think a quest wanted me to shoot bee nests out of trees.  It wasn't very appealing so I never got into shooting things. 
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