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  1. ChubbyFatBoy added a topic in Suggestions   

    How you gyp the tamer for halloween?!
    Alright so been a while since I have been around and coming back right quick to see the costumes. They are nice, lovely, etc. Looking at all the female costumes and I take notice of something. The 2nd costume for tamer is bad. I mean it literally looks like a 1st time home made costume complete with a garbage bag for the body and umbrella fabric for the wings. Who in sweet jesuz green lit that?! Every other female class got the same decent looking stuff. I mean aside from witch that looks like a bed sheet got into a fight with a power saw but at least it both looks better AND has that blue aura going on. 
    To top it off, of all the classes to have an outfit with ears on it, the tamer is excluded?! the class with the pet? how?! I understand the tamer is suppose to be the cute one and what screams cute better then a fairy but you guys missed COMPLETELY! with that costume. I would give her extra candy just because I felt bad that her parents would send her out looking like that if she came to my door. 
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  2. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic No Dye for In-Game Currency/Crafting - Not even basic dye   

    Isn't that kinda a "eh" statement to make considering the character creator was the pop off point for those that had no idea about this game? Was a standalone download after all. It wasn't the huge world and "being different" that put it in all the news and many folks thoughts at 1st.
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  3. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic After playing the game for a while, I think my biggest disappointment with the game is the lack of colour.   

    Because everyone rushes in this game, because those that did obviously make up the majority of said player base, because there's obviously not a single person in said other earlier areas even at this time so late in the game, because a fat chunk of the map isn't covered in forests, rocks, caves, etc......oh right. I know you wish to try and make it somehow but you can stop now >,>
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  4. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic After playing the game for a while, I think my biggest disappointment with the game is the lack of colour.   

    I play the one where you start off and the majority of the time you are you know...surrounded by idk...forest, couple beaches here and there oh and cliffs with some caves! You know? the thing most people would've seen majority while playing this game <,<. When it comes to Mediah I would personally put a "?" on the desert part but eh. Also I never said it was "high fantasy" but it sure ain't "reality"
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  5. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic After playing the game for a while, I think my biggest disappointment with the game is the lack of colour.   

    Kinda reaching no >,>? Name means diddly since you see NO desert for hours upon hours and it's all forests, beaches, cliffs and caves. I mean we didn't even have access to a desert at the time iirc.
    Honestly I don't know why but those screenshots while lovely just do something for me. If you ever need a personal fat kid to tag along uncomfortably close to you do let me know.
    As for the OP.....oh come now. Colors are far from the biggest no? although now that I think about it. Never really paid attention but colors do seem a bit "eh"
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  6. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic I Quit BDO   

    This post was unnecessary, the one above you was unnecessary, the misspelling of unneccessey was unnecessary since spell checker is like built into the essence of computers. Hell even bothering to say something is unnecessary cause folks be folks... 
    The guy says his byes and didn't even leave flailing and kicking like so many other while trying to drag the game through the mud yet folks still give the "oh ----- off" mentality. At this point, I wonder will you peoples even give the same responses if someone quit because one of their arms were amputated while crying a river because they don't want to go! can see it now...
    "Still got one arm? ha ha git gud play with one or fck off cause nobody cares!!!!" I'm like positive no fudges would be given even in the extreme in this forum.
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  7. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic Community Mass Chargeback Initiative   

    "It is time for the community to issue an ultimatum to Daum: hold up your end of the bargain,  or the community will revolt.  
    It is the community's demand that you:
    Fail to do this,  and this community will issue credit card and PayPal charge backs en masse, taking back our money as restitution for your either inability or unwillingness to enforce your own terms of service."
    Why this feel like one of them moments one of your peoples just volunteer you for a fight you never signed up for~
    OP your heart is in the right place.....but come come now. You can't honestly expecting anyone to go for this? A "en masse" player strike would make more sense and be closer to reality. But even that wouldn't happen if I am being completely honest. Also this is the wrong gaming forum for what your trying to do....
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  8. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic Does it matter what we say???   

    I want to say yes but that is just because I am an optimistic person. I believe a voice can make change if presented in the proper way instead of mass rage and blind fury. Granted chaos makes changes as well. However money speaks louder then any voice. Think of how many games have folks asking for change YET that game still makes a killing regardless of any issue. Distance doesn't fully matter tbh. It's all about if it is worth it in the end. It isn't always about the voice you see, but the monetary influence you don't. 
    But just my 3 & quarter cents~
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  9. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic So people claim BDO is the most P2W game yet.   

    Now I am not on the forums much anymore but I have never once seen someone claim this game is "the most P2W game yet". 
    What I do fail to see is how someone who does worse magically erases what is wrong with another. The lesser of two evils is still an evil. Just because one does it worse does not and should not excuse another. The shop is on the pricey side regardless if you are ok with it. Which is why I have always seen folks say "I would rather pay this to avoid that" in response to high prices. Folks know full well it's pricey but you have chosen to accept it. That is fine and all but to claim otherwise is a load. If YOU are ok with the prices why would or should that just apply to everyone's point of view? People like to call others entitled when their views aren't their own. People love to bash another when once again, their views aren't their own. If you find value in something yet someone else doesn't, what makes your point of view any more important or more valid then theirs? 
    The meaning of P2W is indeed used way too often. It is now labeled on any and everything under the sun that has a price tag attached to it. I will admit that wholeheartedly.....however. There are things that can borderline it. Does BD borderline it? I can't fully say because I haven't thought about it personally but I can see both sides from when others choose to speak on it. But you know what else is used quite a lot around here? "entitled". The whole price thing barely needs to be spoken on because it is indeed pricey regardless if one can afford and accept it. I can afford to spurge on this game and when some better costumes come out I probably will. However.....unlike a lot of people I have seen, I haven't deluded myself into thinking that just because I can buy it that it isn't steep. 
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  10. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic Why am I actually still playing this game? And why are you playing? Serious question   

    Reason why I am still playing is quite simple. I had absolutely no reason to rush a single thing. This is so far the only mmo that I have come across where I didn't feel like I had to rush for lvls, equips and the like. I took it slow and watched as others fell off from fatigue. 
    Add to this that unlike the folks I have seen speak on it, this isn't my "last leg" mmo. I have other interests and I bounce between them if I have time. I don't stay and keep playing if I am feeling tired with it and instead actually play or do other things. 
    This is why I still play. Because no fudges are given to do things that would spoil it. But if it does get spoiled I simply change scenery until it becomes unspoiled.
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  11. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic Sing along if you know the words!   

    Instantly thought of this with that title. 

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  12. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    No it's more so folks assumed something and ran with it. The exact same thing they do/did in many other posts. The op hinted a few things tbh. They can be trying to take a shot at the game (which folks obviously thought and ran with) OR they possibly have no idea what this game has to do in it. Which in all honesty is what I believe was the case at the time and since folks like to label BD as lacking content, I would say this isn't a isolated thing. So whatever "you" think it tells you is a personal thing and everything you wrote would be the actual assumption. 
    Folks who ask these questions aren't "literally" anything. They can be an ass trying to throw shots or a person who is confused about the game and what to do in it. People have no idea which so they just fill in the rest. Also 3 of what quests? it's not really until the Velia area that things start to be really explained and built upon. Before that it's pretty much grade a gen mmo experience with a lil bit of BD spice. Even randomly taking quests from any town would only serve to confuse. 
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  13. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic This guy makes me wanna have babies with him...   

    I am not link, I am the distant cousin chubbs. I don't play the ocarina (because that's a sissy instrument), I play the saxophone (because sexy sax man) and I certainly don't dance because if you can't tell by the shades.
     I'm too cool for all that. 
    But sure we can dance.....and -ahem- stuff -wink, wink, nudge, nudge, inappropriate advances- But at any rate I personally don't like a high post count without the rep being close (which I am failing...) so i'll stop here on that creepy note right about---------^ all that. Do hope everything gets fixed for you though~
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  14. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic This guy makes me wanna have babies with him...   

    Yet you replied...
    ...while further stating fallacy. Is it really that difficult for people to admit they were wrong instead of going into hissy fits? Even more so without the bad attempt to leave while trying to save face? At any rate I do hope you have a lovely evening (or morning) and get to play the game without issue~
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  15. ChubbyFatBoy added a post in a topic This guy makes me wanna have babies with him...   

    What "two cents"? I didn't state an opinion for there to be TWO CENTS!
    Also what poor logic? I made a joke! everything in said post pointed at a joke! it flew over YOUR head and then YOU chose to run with it. The only "poor logic" here would be your choice in words and the obvious misunderstanding of said words. But duly noted, if ever in response to you I will be a lot more overly obvious and add every emote to show exactly what is meant~
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