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  1. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Le nouveau forum est là!   

    Pour t'aider à comprendre ce qu'il me faut (transfert de ce guide + mise à jour  importante)  Tu verras que j'utilise beaucoup les micros images 
    Je suis un casse pied parce-que je le vaut bien.
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  2. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Le nouveau forum est là!   

    Deux problème: limite à 100000 caractères (mon guide à 7500 mots) et pas plus de 20 images (j'utilise les petits icônes du jeu pour expliquer les combos donc il en faut beaucoup)
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  3. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Le nouveau forum est là!   

    Question @CM_Kabz, peut on faire de long poste pour les guides?
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  4. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Iframe   

    Protection area :  Super armor during casting and then increase DP
    Tamer can cancel twice better than sorc. Tamer uses mostly stiffness ( a powerfull CC which can be chained contrary to sorc (Knockdown and knockback = recent nerf))
    Stop whining and troll plz...
    Some spells ( all spells except one or two) stuck this "stat restoring itself in lightspeed". 
    Every spells use up 1 stamina, crow : 300, SC : 150, soul harvest 100, violation 300
    I'am going to clarify something: Sorc manages 3 resources : mana, stamina and shards 
    Witch/ wiz : one and their filthy ass
    Mwarf :
    Magical shield (15%) + valencia food (4%) + crevice protection (20%) (witch) + items (manos topaz necklass +30% (KD because sorc uses only that))  + Psyche of aad sphera
    and spells rotation..... ( SA + block)
    Are you taking us for stupid ?
    Troll away plz 
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  5. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    We have the same issue with sorcerer/sorceress in Tarif....
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  6. Ashenvall added a post in a topic KR patch note for April 27   

    LUCY ANN BLANC when ? 
    Also Milren Fedora, key sleeve ....
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  7. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    Plz closed this thread, so much salt....
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  8. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Why are Kakao ignoring us?   

    They are just milking us.... Don't be so foolish....
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  9. Ashenvall added a post in a topic La classe la plus recherché?   

    on voit que tu arrive a mettre les gens au "parfum" 
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  10. Ashenvall added a post in a topic La classe la plus recherché?   

    valky c est plus tank que support
    les autres c est dps
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  11. Ashenvall added a post in a topic La classe la plus recherché?   

    ceux qu on voit le moins : maehwa, kunoi, ninja, et valky.
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  12. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    At the beginning, wiz was the counterpart for sorceress.
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  13. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Sorc Vs Wizard   

    Contrary to what everyone think about sorc's iframe, this "iframe" consummed 300 stamina +150 with storming crow. More, they are just "invicibility" stance during iframe and NOT SA - Invincibility - SA like ninja/ DK/ kunoi / ranger. This "iframe" have approximatively 0.5 sec break period.
    Compared to DK/ soon Striker. I could be agree with you but in this forum "sorc complaints is a meme" so people will make fun of you especially overgeared player.
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  14. Ashenvall added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    Or maybe a druid class like warcraft lore 
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