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  1. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    I've been playing this game since launch, and I find it very frustrating how little we actually know about a lot of the stats we progress in terms of how they actually affect the game-play. 
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  2. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic All Awakenings Released Event   

    (Insert overused Nouver meme here)
    I'm guessing this stuff becomes available December 22nd, 0:00 (UTC)?
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  3. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic I'm a tree.   

    The more you look at this picture the more you find wrong with it...
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  4. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Force Enhancement Done Right   

    It's not all RNG lol. Build failstacks.
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  5. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Chrismas Bundle - Information   

    5 friends either have to purchase the game, or all hit level 40 in the 7 day trial using your guest pass, before the event is over. You can find your "Refer-A-Friend" code under your account page.
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  6. 1nhum4ntv added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    No Daily/Weeklies From BS
    Idk why it's not giving me them all the sudden. I finally went to go do them and I had none.... I'm level 56, should have them.
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  7. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Please add stat bonuses from armors/accessories to your AP/DP instead of keeping them as "hidden" bonuses.
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  8. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Discord Community W/ Guides For All Players   

    I don't want trolls so yes I will disable the everyone tag. Everyone is a "guest" rank that allows access to chat in only certain channels, but you can talk in any voice channel and view all channels texts.
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  9. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic Horse Appearance Coupon   

    Would love some info on this
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  10. 1nhum4ntv added a topic in Guides   

    Discord Community W/ Guides For All Players
    Hi everyone! I am working on putting together a Discord with different guides on text chats that people will have available to them at any time. I will also be doing Twitch streaming and video guides and posting them there for everyone. I just started this project on the 30th of March and will be expanding on it as much as possible. If anyone would like to help write guides/collect info for the server then please let me know, as I am open to taking help from anyone with this mini project. Anyone is welcome in the server at any time, but only ranked members of the server have access to chat in most the text channels. Voice channels will be open to anyone at any time though. The link to the server is: https://discord.gg/0v5fg732WRiIMvcv   This link will never expire. Please do not bother coming into the channel to troll or make it a negative environment, as you will be dealt with quickly and accordingly.
    The Discord server will have these features:
    1. A guild recruitment section
    2. Guides for all professions
    3. A group finder
    4. Will also double as the Discord for my guild (A war channel and Guildie only text channel)
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  11. 1nhum4ntv added a post in a topic NA-[ORWEN] <Riftwalkers> | PVX | Discord | Twitch | Fun | Mature   

    Anyone is welcome into our Discord as a guest. We are working on putting up guides for all skills in it that everyone will have access to. You will have limited permission as a guest though. The Discord link is : https://discord.gg/0v5fg732WRiIMvcv
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  12. 1nhum4ntv added a topic in US Guild   

    NA-[ORWEN] <Riftwalkers> | PVX | Discord | Twitch | Fun | Mature
    <Riftwalkers> is a new guild accepting anyone and everyone into our ranks. We are a PVX guild that is mature, but likes to have fun.
    Features of our guild:
    1. Twitch Stream publicity
    2. Friendly and active community
    3. *Eventually* A website
    4. A premium Discord
    What we have to offer:
    1. Help to any and all players
    2. A loving and helpful group of people
    3. PVX Action
    4. Fun times
    5. Organization
    Requirements for joining:
    1. Must be 16+ years or older
    2. Must be willing to be friendly and helpful
    3. Must not bully/abuse other guildies in a negative manner (Teasing is allowed of course)
    Please consider joining our guild, we would love to have you!
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