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  1. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Where to invest contribution points?   

    Sandbox. I don't think it matters. Just do what you think is best. You can always change it around on the fly.
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  2. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Marketplace system is awful   

    I'm not a fan of the closed system either. It seems semi effective but then again I feel the cost is high to players in general. ~My Opinion
    30%, that does not bother me. 
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  3. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Cannot delete character...   

    Ya, bakimono is correct. Had the same issue.
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  4. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Hair bug ever getting fixed?   

    Well, obviously it dont. Had a question thought you might know the answer being a hair expert and all.
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  5. Wessmyre added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska, @Daum Maehwa heels   

    Honestly, I can't even see this in-game. Not to mention... does it matter?
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  6. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Your payment system is messed up...   

    Typically it's your bank/cardholder not them. You tried Paypal? I had to call my card holder to release the transaction, might need to do the same.
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  7. Wessmyre added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska PLEASE ANSWER MY TICKET   

    Ya, priority or not, that is quite a long wait time.
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  8. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Hair bug ever getting fixed?   

    Don't they sell hats on the store, or am incorrect?
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  9. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Next time you're giving away free pets, let us choose the type of pet   

    LOL, too funny. Thanks, made my day.
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  10. Wessmyre added a post in a topic 20% Horse exp on the new costume.   

    Honestly, so would I. Unfortunately we are  minority. This is the cost of BTP/FTP.
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  11. Wessmyre added a post in a topic 20% Horse exp on the new costume.   

    Why do you assume I am talking directly to you?
    "you guys see p2w behind everything" <--- this
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  12. Wessmyre added a post in a topic 20% Horse exp on the new costume.   

         If it's open to all buyers it's fair. I only see this as an issue if the product is only available for a select few. Honestly, If someone gets a faster horse two weeks before I level mine, who cares?
       These people have to make money. Get used to it. Would you rather pay a sub? Working as intended.
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  13. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Mods<3   

    Honestly, that was very painful to read, no disrespect. I think the bottom line is if they closed it leave it be. Probably not a wise idea to keep poking it with a stick.
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  14. Wessmyre added a post in a topic o7   

    It will be around awhile. Because of the no monthly sub alone it will have a decent survival rate. Now will it turn into a cesspool of trolls and welfare recipients? That remains to be seen. The game is fun. I do believe the single player feel of the game will hurt it in the long run. As far as hackers and exploiters that will always be an issue in any game. That being said I always hate to see these posts, for someone to bother to take the time to write it on "paper" they are very adamant about their decision. For every one we see, twenty left quietly.
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  15. Wessmyre added a post in a topic Kzarka 12hr window. Does it suck for you too?   

    I have the same issue. I agree with the OP.
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