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  1. Socka added a topic in Suggestions   

    Remove "Must be mounted to sign to horse race"
    Hello there!  Today, 2017-04-06, a new patch or update was added, this made several racers/breeders frustrated. The horsemarket, now several minutes before horse can be sold, and more contest for the buyers, that update is understandable. But the update when you MUST be mounted on your horse to be able to sign up for races, makes no sense to anyone I spoken with. Why did you even add this?
    My suggestion is to remove this again, because when farming while waiting for race, or processing while waiting was working really good as it was, but now we need to stop whatever we are doing, find our mount, mount up, queue, and then continue the farming, and btw, cannot continue processing trough storage, or cooking, because beeing in queue blocks this, and we must be mounted to even join queue. Also the serious racers have to unequip gear 100 times each day, stressing to be able to join the next race in the last minute, and now you add this mount up requirement to join, It really mess things up in my opinion.
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  2. Socka added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    My first lvl 30 t8, got it to 30 yestarday. happeh face

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  3. Socka added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    Does not work for me
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  4. Socka added a post in a topic Horse skills   

    My t6 have twoseat
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  5. Socka added a post in a topic Horse Skill Training Question   

    Anyone know the answer of my post above?  Desperatly to know, got a purebred and want as many skills as possible
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  6. Socka added a post in a topic Horse Skill Training Question   

    Btw, why did you do that?  Is it higher chance to learn a skill at all if forechop is not learned yet?
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  7. Socka added a post in a topic attendance rewards   

    This automatically recieving attendance reward is just so stupid... I keep recieving  items on my crappy alts.... realy...... wow.... Can you please add a button or something if you want automatic collection instead??
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  8. Socka added a post in a topic [GUIDE] A list of all Town based quests that grant a full Skill Point   

    Someone mentioned the storyquest "For God's Sake!", Does anyone know how to get this quest? in a more specific explaination. I followed bddatabase and I did not get this last quest from the npc I am suppose to get it from.
    Quest requirementsFinished quest:  - Golden Desert Coin 
    I finished Golden Desert Coin quest, and I got all knowledge exept the one I should get from the quest "For God's Sake!"
    Apperently black spirit had the followup quest, not the npc tha bddatabase directed me to...  how lame. I ran all the way to calph just to see the npc there for amity. Why cant the info at that site be more accurate, really annoying
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  9. Socka added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    I did not read the entire thread, but I reacted most on the one JuicyJanna showed, with moving picture, and DkFox mentioning "dig outside the marked quest area"
    So I combined those kinda, and also noticed, or, maby figured out, several screenshots might, note might, be wrong. Here is why, cus it happend to me:
    When I dug up my first coin, the actual quest circle on the minimap grew do almost 1/3 more of the scale of the circle, so that my possition seemd like I was inside the circle top right. BUT!!! I was digging OUTSIDE the circle top right. 
    I got my 5 coins near that spot after around 10 shovels (failed few times).
    I hope this helps, here is screenshots wich might also help explaining and making sense
    Screenshot 1 & 2: Show where I started to dig, using camel as reference, and I actually moved foward after a few digs on that spot.
    Screenshot 3 & 4: You see the difference of the minimap quest circle grew after I recieved a coin, so I zoomed in and out to reset the circle kinda.
    Screenshot 5 & 6: I zoomed out and in max to see the camel possition after I completed the quest, and you see the stones spawning after you complete. following JuicyJannas method made me see the stones, but, i ran far back and used chase (Musa), so that the graphics could not update fast enough. so I saw them for a split second.

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  10. Socka added a post in a topic Best nodes to invest in Valencia?   

    May I ask where this Murky Water node is?
    I've searched on the internet for several hours and cannot find anything about "Murky water" exept in this forum post.
    Thanks in advance
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