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  1. bloodytaste added a post in a topic No Maintenance on the 27th of July   

    so golden dagger event will be going on?
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  2. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    remove tax but increase exp to 20% it does not lose that much value.
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  3. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Golden Coelacanth   

    fishing like for hours in altinova = nothing really hard rng or maybe they are spots that have higher chances
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  4. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    will special fishing rodes increase the chance to catch that rare fish? like "big fish or rare fish" rodes.
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  5. bloodytaste added a post in a topic [Jordine] Dohaeris | Casual PvX Guild | Open Recruitment   

    Like this post because I was forced by our Leader. 
    Make myself great again!
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  6. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Nice to read forum :D   

    And I got this soda
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  7. bloodytaste added a post in a topic forced enchant   

    is forcing even worth it? 

    I think no one should force to +16

    maybe 17 or 18. Just have no motivation to do it atm.
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  8. bloodytaste added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    this exactly...

    I mean I just upped my gear to yellow mostly by thinking now that repairing dura does not cost more silver it is ok to upgrade... but no that was just a bait so I can't force enchant anymore... I just don't want to invest much time into the game anymore tbh. Its just about who has more silver, so grind grind grind grind grind... Its ok to grind but this update was one of the bigged let downs... well only hope is they gonna change it so you can at least force higher lv weps
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  9. bloodytaste added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 29th   

    it's a bit annoying not to get the ninja cuz now if you wan't to main that class you better start a ranger & tamer get your top gear and then just afk fish n wait.

    that is really ALL you can do so you won't slack off
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  10. bloodytaste added a post in a topic [Jordine] Dohaeris | Casual PvX Guild | Open Recruitment   

    S is B

    hi all
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  11. bloodytaste added a post in a topic 800Mb Patch notes?   

    maybe they just implemented the newest spyware on your pc for more cash in *kaching*
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  12. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Buying a TRI Witch Earring on EDAN Server   

    damn and I was already filing a report when I read your first paragraph... well nvm then
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  13. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Dinged 50 what to do   

    ding 55 & git gud

    no but srsly just farm cash & Blackstones(at catfish for example) Up your gear to +10 and go grind in mediah for more cash until you reach 55 and +15 everything then wait for 20+ lv to 60 and repeat.

    oh and don't bother doing any pvp at all until your reach lv 55 with 120-130 ap and 160 dp. 

    pray to rngesus for Liverto drops, get a good guild maybe that can help you out with grinding & be a no lifer.

    If you are a casual, well just do what I told you but don't expect anything pleasurable from this game.  Imo this game got more work then fun latly .... sad life
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  14. bloodytaste added a post in a topic Please Rebalance the Classes for PvE   

    now that mobs in every area got nerfed with hp and dmg no one really should complain about pvp. I with my 108AP/160 dp warrior am farming in mediah with ease maybe not the fastest but I dont even need to use pots anymore even at Sausan. 

    Also Awakening will make us all a bit better in grinding
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