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  1. Jam1967 added a post in a topic If you like the upcoming changes, speak up.   

    I don't care either way.
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  2. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    Well said and such a beautiful screen shot you added to my thread as well.
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  3. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    Been a while since i had a look at the thread i started and there have been some amazing screen shots added, thank you for everyone's continued contributions. 
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  4. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    This game just gets better and better, cant wait for June.
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  5. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    Thanks for everyone's great contributions to this thread so far.
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  6. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    Some great screen shots by everyone who posted here, thank you

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  7. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

  8. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    Some great screen shots there, thanks to all who have followed up on my thread.
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  9. Jam1967 added a topic in Art & Media   

    Dramatic Screen Shots
    Here is a screen shot I have taken of Black desert Which I wanted to share with the community, it is currently being used as my desktop picture. The picture is of my Maewha character heading home.

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  10. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Their point being about UO was about T2A and Felucca not Trammel or Malas, which were PvE orientated. However Trammel didn't appear until 2000 with the advent of the Renaissance expansion so unless you was playing on an unofficial server you must have seen or been involved with PvP in UO at some point.
    I bought BDO knowing full well what it was all about having played EvE online, UO in Felucca and T2A, ArcheAge, and I played PvE games too for many years like WoW and EQ2, but I learnt to embrace PvP as I am not the best in the world at it, but i do enjoy it, but I did my research before coming to this game and will not cry because I get killed by someone who lets face it is playing in the exact style the game was designed for. There are many aspects of PvE in this game, but lvl 45 plus then you either learn to PvP and join a guild or just suck it in and get on with it or jog on and find a 100% PvE game unfortunately.
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  11. Jam1967 added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    can a guest pass be redeemed on either EU server or NA server or are they specific to the region of the original account?
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  12. Jam1967 added a post in a topic My complaints to this game   

    I am not the best Pvper in the world but hey that's life, Do I care if I die in a PvP game that is advertised as an OWPVP game, definitely not. PvP is fun, ill die with my boots on before running away. I wouldn't play this game thinking that I could get to Max lvl then play only PvE and expect to be left alone because I am not flagged, the reason being I knew what I was getting into once I paid my money. I do feel empathy for people who prefer to play PvE, but unfortunately this is not the game for you if you ever want to go to max lvl. Embarce the challenge of playing in a PvP game, you might eventually get to like it, if you cant do that then I am sorry for you, but there are more MMO,s for PvE players than there are for PvP players for OWPvP, so maybe its time to cut your loss and move on to a different game if getting killed in BD is so hard for you to deal with.
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  13. Jam1967 added a post in a topic Warehouse Problems   

    thx for your reply. the warehouse I placed my tools was the first one I came across, and the one I ran back to check. Have not used the transport option yet. will submit a ticket. Same thing has happened to my brother as well, we started on the same day. and dropped our tools of at the same warehouse. Safe travels.
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  14. Jam1967 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Warehouse Problems
    Placed some of my tools for gathering in a warehouse yesterday, but since the patch they have gone missing. I have gone back to the warehouse I placed them in, but they are no longer there. What am I doing wrong?
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