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  1. lolololol01 added a post in a topic The awful state of wizard/witch in pvp.   

    Whoa whoa dude. Chill. I was just answering realistically from my experience. That does not make me "heaven sent", it would if I said it's what you need to do without actually following it up from experience. This is why I don't use forums as people take everything so seriously rather than just discussing. I answered your comments individually and I get shit for it? Apologies if I come across as an asshole.

    As to your post - Of course it can be countered. I'm just saying there are so many ways to minimise being killed that people often don't utilise regardless of their level. That is all. 

    "Guess what? While you're executing your tactics, a smart enemy would have his own tactics to counter yours. You can't seem to fathom an opponent understanding how a Wizard/Witch plays and countering that?"

    Yes and they do use counter tactics. (e.g. using a mass V rush to get behind a group to the back, in 1v1 sorcs analysing where I often place residual in a drawn out fight so they wait till it's off cool down etc before going in to close range, ganking a wizard with more than 1 person e.g. 2 rangers / 2 sorcs, ganking a wizard with a warrior + wizard to ensure Damage block and cc is always there so spells cant be cast from the opposing side etc etc. I will get my ass kicked plenty of times in the future by making mistakes and opponents capitalising on that, I'm not debating this. I just love the wizard and want people to stop playing him incorrectly.
    "He hides that is all it takes"

    Despite being another sarcastic comment it's actually not far off the truth in open world pvp. Outnumbered? Hide in safe zone and bounce in and out with quick nukes. Open ground? Use terrain e.g. trees/mounds to LOS people with Ghillie during initial rush to avoid being insta nuked or hide behind your valk/warrior. Defending Sarma outpost fight? Hide on stairs to South whilst throwing residual or same but on North of entrance. Hiding is what wizards should do in many GvG situations until they see a moment to jump in.
    I would ask if you reply to not just use slander but maybe give me tips to how you might counter me or other wizards in general so I can improve and share that with other wizards. It would be appreciated. This topic is about how OP thought wizards are weak, we should try to steer him off that by giving him real world examples of how to think/fight.
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  2. lolololol01 added a post in a topic The awful state of wizard/witch in pvp.   

    It's not so much my enemy is doing something wrong (the people I fight are nearly always +15 maxed/55 etc, very highly skilled in their class), it's more the fact that I know really good placements for residual lightning for each class (minus warrior) and very good at moving around/maximising buffs which many other new wizards just don't do really. Sounds easy but lots don't do it hence why they think wizard sucks. I also have a really strong group of friends in the guild which when paired together are almost impossible to kill because each class compliments the other so well, therefore minimising deaths massively (Warrior/wizard combo, valk protects wizard, ranger distracts and does massive instant damage, sorc protects ranger/wizard as well as offensively taking out enemy back liners, Wizard group heals and speed buffs etc). This game is very much rock paper scissors. 

    "In GvG guess who is the first target they call in TS to kill?"
    In massive guild vs guild battles like we had the other day it's not really possible to call targets by names (ghillie + so many bodies in close poximity) or even by what I look like because I don't stand anywhere in plain sight. As a wizard you should always be hiding behind a tree/near the back with valks/to the side, basically just anywhere that isn't going to get you focused so you can pop out of nowhere with that sage > meteor like I did in that video 2 weeks ago.  The other day we had a huge GvG war in Sarma Outpost where we were defending against guys who were much more highly geared than most of the others on our side. We knew they were better at open ground so we sucked them in to sarma. We won that fight because myself and the wizards were built for defensive/siege style warfare (maximising your groups terrain strengths = much easier fights) and because it is almost impossible with that many bodies to call out particular single targets. We were positioned to the sides of the entrance or up the stairs, hence why I didn't die even when they mass V'd in as you just use the wizard escapes if ever low, insta heal up, then hit them with nukes. We also had a warrior wall that was stopping them from easily getting in. https://i.imgur.com/ErvO1Ko.jpg That was some pretty fun shit. 
    "And in 1v1 you will be bursted down in 1 combo from a Sorcerer that is equally geared as you"
    Never had that experience. Not to 20%. 35-50% yes but not 20%. Even the best sorcs cant do that against high magic reduction wizards. They will against wizards which don't have good gear or don't use their buffs/pots but wont against better wizards. Ok, but lets assume I go to 30% hp. What then? You said "and then they iframe and chase you down". I'm not running, I'm a wizard Harry. If I went to 30% from a sudden sorc gank > knockdown, my standard response is after I get up (all the while spamming hp pots), i teleport > Q (shield) > sage memory > residual in front of me or on me (as they nearly always iframe on top of you) > meteor when they are knocked down > multiple magic arrows and they are nearly always dead unless they are extremely lucky with iframes. Sometimes I might teleport out then sage memory > shift + E instead to full heal super fast before casting insta residual. People are often too quick to run when they hit low hp but also forget the enemy has just used all his main damage dealing spells/attacks so why run? 

    I totally agree on war/valk hence why I just back away from them/don't engage in open world on my horse as it's a waste of time. It comes down to how long before they run out of pots usually. I also agree on the Rangers part but again if you have a valk worth his salt paired with you then they aren't an issue in GvG. Rangers are much more of a problem to wizards in something like arena. Why? Because wizards aren't able to turn off that stupid 100% rage lightning spell that procs every 5-10 seconds in arena vs rangers. It is a massive issue that I hope the devs fix (yea right). To counter it you kinda need to teleport out then press "Z" to cast it on yourself for a second before the ranger is in range. Annoying as hell, but if done right you get a constant casting speed mega buff which allows you to win. Oh and always use thorns. That pot is so damn good.
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  3. lolololol01 added a post in a topic The awful state of wizard/witch in pvp.   

    TL;DR - WALL OF TEXT RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.  Wizard is in my opinion the best overall pvp class in the game currently IF you are competent vs other equally or higher skilled/geared opponents on different classes (and have a ghillie ofc)
    Hey guys, I haven't read through most of the comments (I'm assuming it's all flame towards one another as usual) but wanted to leave this here (Just watch that opening attack I do, don't bother with the rest as I show another point of view from a friendly ranger, but the fight there was 6 of us vs 15+ high geared players and we won): 

    That video was from around 2 weeks ago when I was less leveled and slightly less geared (Levels mean almost nothing in pvp its gear that matters by far). 1 competent wizard in group = force multiplier.

    To OP - First I disagree that wizard sucks at 1v1. I have not lost a single 1v1 in open world pvp, and almost never die in massive guild battles.
    Why? Because wizard has:
    1) Heal sustain on top of normal heal pots 
    2) Amazing ability to constantly dash/teleport and get out of harms way. Add a ghillie and you are hard to track. The wizard can actually be made tanky despite what many love to spout about, but most importantly his main tank is in his ability to not get hit through teleport/dash and/or not be seen until the last second.
    3) Damage combos (assuming crit lvl 5) when used correctly are devastating (residual knockdown > multiple magic arrows > fireball explosion will kill most classes at +15 (except warrior/valk if they shield in time). If not use sage memory > meteor (lvl3) > residual > fireball explosion.
    4) Accuracy scaling

    My Wizard is geared different to most. Most people go massive AP, I do not. I stack accuracy to the high heavens. It's more of a test by me BUT it works really, really well. My build is centered around MASSIVE accuracy because it scales with the wizard accuracy boost during spells (Including accuracy pot, food (which I have on 24/7). My AP/DP is only 90/175 (but add on wizard 20 ap passive + 10 ap from food + sometimes 30 ap from sorc = 145ap ish during group pvp but around 115ap during solo pvp). A lot of people forget the wizard actually has higher ap than stated in the menu. My magic damage reduction from blue armour is +4 long range reduction/+6 magic reduction, then add on food reduction, magic shield reduction, guild reduction = hard to kill. My defensive pot of choice is thorns because it is cheap and OP as -----.  I have between 75-90 accuracy depending on the spell used, and near 100 when the valk gives me accuracy buff. As I said, "I stack accuracy to the high heavens". My crit is lvl 5, my casting speed is lvl 3 but plus speed spell and you have almost insta cast on residual and others, movement +2 because wizard doesn't need much movement speed he needs teleport and damage. Currently with my build of stacking accuracy with crit chance I MELT anyone regardless of the DP they have (the obvious exception to that being valk/warrior because they straight up block knockdowns but do tiny damage so whatever). So what is essentially happening is when I cast residual lightning (with +10% ignore knockdown resist on dagger) is they get knocked down whilst getting hit by every single one of the 5 hits due to high accuracy. Add on top a 5 crit rate = 95% chance of critical on each of the 5 hits = HUGE damage. Or instead add in sage's memory meteor (6 hits x1.5 from down attack + 50 burn damage every 3 secs + MP damage) > +5 AP from awakening meteor > residual lightning (5 hits usually all critically hitting + MP damage) and you are looking at a squad wipe against people with +15 gear (minus warrior/valk with shield up). 

    What I'm getting at is wizard is all about TIMING + PRECISION/PREDICTION, don't try to act like a ranger or warrior and facetank or fight next to people. Other classes are all speed/insta damage so don't play into their hands by allowing them that advantage. You said there isn't enough time to cast, but there is loads if you look for it even in 1v1s. You need to be timing your teleports behind them or away from them (essentially kiting them) and then use your spells as they draw near. You need to PREDICT where they will go e.g. sorcs usually iframe on top of you, so when casting residual lightning vs a sorc cast it looking STRAIGHT DOWN so when they get out of iframe they insta knockdown and you kill them. If it is a long fight (over 1 minute) vs a tough opponent, you need to be making a mental note of their movement patterns because people WILL do the same movements again and again and again because it's what people do when they are tunnel visioned in pvp (elevated heart rate, adrenaline rush from your enemy = enemy sticking to repetitive patterns and using less than their total available skills and not using pots when off cooldown). Once you know the pattern it suddenly becomes very easy to kill them. In long 1v1 fights also keep spamming your E heal + hp pot OR teleport away > shift + E and boom you are reset and ready to kill. Keep spamming your speed spell and shield all the time when off cooldown as those buffs make you orders of magnitude better. WIZARD SUSTAIN - USE IT. BUFFS - USE THEM IMMEDIATELY. TELEPORT OFF COOLDOWN? - USE IT TO GET BEHIND OUT OF THEIR VISION AND CAST. In group fights and 1v1 keep looking for that sage's memory > meteor/residual OR sage memory > Blizzard Ultimate (this skill is -----ing insane if used on knocked down enemies or to block the entrance to the castle by sausan in Mediah as enemies rush). DO NOT STAND AT THE FRONT UNLESS CASTING A SPELL. I have seen too many noob wizards stand at the front and get wasted because of this. Try to always have 1 warrior, 1 valk, 1 sorc, 1 ranger in your squad to maximise your chances of winning. Always stay just behind your warrior for that warrior grab > wizard residual combo, or alongside your valk (who should be protecting you and communicating with you at all times if he/she is any good).

    So yeah wizard is awesome in 1v1 or group, just sounds like you don't really maximise his strengths currently. There is no middle ground with wizard, you either suck, or you are an epic killing machine. Keep working on your positioning (stay away from front) and your timing of abilities (teleport behind > cast residual), work on maximising your buffs through food/pots/squad buffs/guild buffs (in particular use your speed spell more as you mentioned you were having trouble with cast time, constantly spam health/mana pots so they are used immediately rather than 5 seconds later to improve survivability), try to combo as much as possible with 1 other person, pref a warrior. Work on maximising your gear to +15 all blue for that extra damage reduction. Wish you the best of luck, if you have more questions or whatever I will help you out when I can. Hope any of this cesspit of writing helps.

    Oh, and for the love of god don't use fireball as a damage spell, insta cast it (right click spam) and use it to try to CC them before fireball explosion. Too many people try to charge the thing up and use it for damage. Leave it at lvl 2.  
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  4. lolololol01 added a post in a topic Baum Shop Internal Server Error   

    Bump. Same here. Trying to give them money but they just wont take it T_T
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  5. lolololol01 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Uno unplayable. All channels.
    As people have mentioned for other servers, unplayable lag/warping/freezes/disconnects on Uno. Just lost a load of elion's tears despite nothing happening on my screen (character was dying on delay by like 1-2 minutes every time I click revive).
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