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  1. Kazy added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I'm in EU and have two T8s that I got in 4 attempts of breeding level 30 T7s together. Feeling pretty lucky if those are the actual figures, but I can't really believe that!
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  2. Kazy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    @CM_Aethon The snowflake costume was removed despite it saying it would remain until March 1st (aka the winter period). Think this wasn't intentional?
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  3. Kazy added a post in a topic Black Friday Sale - Kibelius Set A   

    I just purchased the Venecil Dress 'Set' but I only received the dress in the mail. I suppose this is a bug?
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  4. Kazy added a post in a topic Lantern Toggle Hotkey   

    Would be nice!
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  5. Kazy added a post in a topic RP Tag?   

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  6. Kazy added a post in a topic RP Chat - Energy!   

    Yes! +1.
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  7. Kazy added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

    This needs to happen.
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  8. Kazy added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    Crouching is a toggle. Crawling is a toggle. Simple game actions like opening your inventory and hiding it, showing the map and hiding it, are toggles. This mystifies me. Dislike. The game seriously needs a walking toggle and I definitely think whatever apparent intense effort it is to implement one, is totally worth it.
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  9. Kazy added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  10. Kazy added a post in a topic Suggestions to Taming/Breeding Flaws/Fixes: Horses, Taming, Stables, Sales, Co-op   

    I find it odd that Glish doesn't allow those features. Even Trent does in the Calpheon region. Thanks for writing this.
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  11. Kazy added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dyeable Life Clothes
    I'd like to put forward the suggestion to allow for life clothes to have dye panels so that they can become more customisable to the individual, or at least have a fully upgraded version that can be dyed.
    These include outfits like:
    Alchemist's Clothes,Gatherer's Uniform,Calpheon Noble Dress,Cook's Clothes,Craftsman's Clothes,Farmer's Clothes,Fisher's Clothes,Trader's Clothes,Trainer's Clothes.Many thanks.
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  12. Kazy added a post in a topic Custom chat emotes   

    @CM_Tytyes Thank-you for replying about the chat limit size and saying that you'll offer it as a suggestion to the team. In addition to that, every roleplayer in the community absolutely dreams that this custom emote feature will be added to the chat as well, so it would be amazing if this was implemented into the chat.
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  13. Kazy added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    With the names probably going to change, I'll just go for the 2nd option in the alphabet. Either way....

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  14. Kazy added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

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  15. Kazy added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

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