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  1. joshyyo added a post in a topic Help me. FPS problems.   

    THanks for the replies everyone. It helps.

    I have lowered the resolution to the absolute lowest possible in order to try and get more fps. Windowed fullscreen or just fullscreen makes no difference. It has the same fps.
    I am really just completely confused on what I need to do to make it better. I guess upgrading the CPU would help. The power supply as well. Crazy I have to do that though.
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  2. joshyyo added a post in a topic Help me. FPS problems.   

    I've heard nothing but negative about 10. Not worth the stress.
    The power supply has always been my suspicion. I think I have an 800 or 850. Which is low.
    Upgrading is not a problem. I should probably do that.
    edit: As for the windowed vs full screen. My fps doesn't change when I do either. For that matter, my fps never changes. I get 5fps with all the lowest settings and I get 5fps with all the highest settings. The only thing that makes a real difference is when I turn off all the other player spell effects.
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  3. joshyyo added a post in a topic Help me. FPS problems.   

    I only get 50fps in completely empty areas.
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  4. joshyyo added a post in a topic Help me. FPS problems.   

    5820k 3.30ghz.
    I guess I could overclock it but I'd rather not.
    edit: And I've got windows 8.1
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  5. joshyyo added a topic in General   

    Help me. FPS problems.
    I've got an i-7 process. 32gigs of ram. A titanx card. BDO is on a SSD. Very nice cooling system. My PC is very comfortable.
    I've attempted to rename the corona file. I've set BDO as priority in task manager. I've closed all the Coherent UI processes in task manager. I've unlocked all available cores and reduced the amount of "extras" the pc uses in order to help it run faster. I close all additional programs (Just BDO and TS running). I've done the closing marketplace thing.
    During sieges I crop my screen as small as it will go. I lower all settings as low as they will go. I remove all effects and everything as small as it will go.
    During sieges I have 5fps.

    What more do I need to do?
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  6. joshyyo added a post in a topic Node wars duration and participants   

    The problem is that guilds going for T1's don't have the man power, gear, or correct tactics to bring them down quickly. My guild was competing for a T2 (we're a T3 rank guild) and we were able to bring down 2 towers in 15 minutes.
    Edit: 10 towers does seem like a lot.
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  7. joshyyo added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    Can confirm that I do more damage with my kzarka. I've been using the same TRI Liverto since Blader release and only yesterday upgraded a Zarka to replace it. I was shocked to see how much more damage I was dealing. When you play every day with a weapon for several months and suddenly swap, you notice whether or not damage is different. I'm definitely doing more with my Zarka.
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  8. joshyyo added a post in a topic Some clarifications from the veterans/more experienced. pls   

    Indeed. Really looking forward to them both! With the awakening finally out of their way, I hope that stuff comes to us faster than normal.
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  9. joshyyo added a post in a topic Some clarifications from the veterans/more experienced. pls   

     You're right. It hasn't been confirmed but the game is 2 years old and there hasn't been a significant change to gear options yet. They've just added a few different options for alternative build pathes. 
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  10. joshyyo added a post in a topic Some clarifications from the veterans/more experienced. pls   

     Exactly this. The gear you get in this game, once enchanted, is REALLY the last set you'll ever need. You can use it on all your characters at any level. Even if they add new boss armor YOUR gear will always be viable. Instead of working for a few months to get a set that will be useless in a few months, you're working on gear that will be the last piece of gear you will ever need. Once you enchant it, you're done. Forever. Congrats. 
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  11. joshyyo added a post in a topic Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus vs Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion   

    Well, look at it this way:
    If an awakened attack does 1500% damage and the attacker has 230 awakened ap, what is more likely to save you; 200hp or evading the attack?
    I'm currently being 1 or 2 shot by awakened classes. That 200hp isn't doing much. It just makes it so I'm over killed by 600 points of damage as opposed to 800. If you evade, you survive.
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  12. joshyyo added a post in a topic Lock for 100%   

    @GM_Dew How about it buddy ole' pal? Surely you've accidentally used your 100% that ultimately lead to your death.
    Edit: Not sure why but it copied my text 3 times.
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  13. joshyyo added a post in a topic Lock for 100%   

    That would be good too. Instead of the normal key combo there would be an additional element. Example: S + LMB normally, but to use the 100% version it would be S + LMB + D or whatever.
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  14. joshyyo added a topic in General   

    Lock for 100%
    I don't know if this has been brought to light before but it would be really nice if we could lock our 100% black spirit spender. As a Blader it gets me killed more than I get kills with it. I know it's the same for a few other classes. Anyone else feel the same way?

    edit: I mean for JUST the 100%, not for the skill itself. Example: Blader's Dragon Bite is the 100% spender. I'd still like to use Dragon Bite but without spending the 100%.
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  15. joshyyo added a post in a topic [POLL]Need help finding a main   

    Zerker comes with a ton of hp. They're tanky and come with lots of cc. Great for pvp in groups or solo. They have lots of aoe so grinding is a breeze.
    Warrior is also quite tanky due to having so much guard. Their awakening easily makes them one of the best grinding classes and they're very strong in group or solo pvp. They have a dash like the Blader but it's not as fast.
    Plum is fast and is good for singling out people in pvp. They're more solo/small scale pvp oriented. Their grind speed is slow and it doesn't get a whole lot better with awakening. They have a high skill cap but are rewarding once mastered.
    Tamer are quite mobile and have plenty of cc/aoe attacks. I'd say they're close to being a cross between Plum and Zerker. Added bonus, their pet can cc enemies. Their grind speed is one of the fastest because their pet can pull additional mobs.
    Edit: personally, I'd take the warrior. They're crazy strong right now.
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