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  1. MsAmy added a post in a topic BDO - P2W Explanation   

    P2W is when something bought with real money will give you such an advantage ingame that you can not get on the same level without spending real money too.
    BDO is not even CLOSE to this.
    First of all, most cash shop items are COSMETICS, sure they give small buffs, but nothing that makes paying players stronger, its convenience.
    And before we start on the possibility to sell pearl items on the marketplace...you pay about €1 per 1 million silver when you look at it...it's not even worth it.
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  2. MsAmy added a post in a topic Wizard?   

    Y-chromosomes give a hidden AP boost.
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  3. MsAmy added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Staff after awakening?
    Is having a good staff still important once you're awakened?
    I mean once awakened I find myself hardly even using my non-awaken skills at all...maybe an occasional Mana drain or one of my 2 heal abilities.
    The staff doesn't have any effect on awaken-abilities, does it?
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  4. MsAmy added a post in a topic playing with trembling hands?   

    Even if you use the input commands instead of quickslots, it wont be too hard on your fingers.
    I 'button-bash' more when typing in chat.
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  5. MsAmy added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-creation event   

    Well they did announce the Dark Knight will come out in March, so I'd say all we can do is hope.
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  6. MsAmy added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    [EU] <FORTRESS> Casual, Helpful, Friendly, No Obligations!
    Name: FORTRESS
    Leader: Lunachick
    Homechannel: EU_Mediah6
    Discord: Yes!
    FORTRESS is a casual guild where we aim to establish a family, rather than a bunch of random people.
    We understand people can't play every single day for 10+ hours, and we don't mind if you play less than others!
    If you're still reading this, you are probably interested in our guild or at least curious

    Players get kicked after a MONTH of inactivity without notice
    We know that you might not play BDO every day, or have periods when you don't feel like playing, or maybe going on a nice vacation.
    We guarantee that we will not kick members for long inactivity periods, unless it's more than 1 month and the player has not notified us of this.
    We'd love to guarantee everyone a spot and keep them with us, ofcourse, but if players go away for over a month without notifying the guild, we rather make place for someone who does play more actively.
    Quest too hard for you? We've got you covered!
    If guilds are good for something, it's helping eachother!
    We, at FORTRESS, do this very thing as much as we can. Are you stuck on a quest? Maybe your awakening quest is too tough?
    Feel free to ask around for help and we'll probably have members available to help you out!!
    HELP! How do i ...... ?
    Blackdesert Online is a big game with many features, you can't be expected to know everything about this game overnight!
    That's where our guild comes in. Within the guild we share our knowledge with members.
    Think about: Fishing hotspots, Horse Taming locations, World Boss Strategies, Lumbering locations and much more!
    Social pls!!
    One of the most important things in a guild is how social it's members are, there's no doubt about it.
    We at FORTRESS provide enough means to socialize with guildies! We try to keep the guildchat active, have a Discord server running (with a lot of useful information, I might add!!) and go on fun guild trips!!
    How do I join FORTRESS?
    It's very simple.
    You can directly contact me ingame (Send me a friend request anytime you like!!) or just leave your IGN here and I'll contact you instead!
    We're looking forward to hang out with you!
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  7. MsAmy added a post in a topic WItch Build and Equip Help (Kinda New Player Lv 48)   

    I'm talking pre-awakening since the OP stated he's level 48 and can't awaken  yet.
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  8. MsAmy added a post in a topic Xp rates   

    I guess I'd be right to say it's not the best idea to speedgrind to 56 on your first character.
    You'd miss out on so much the game has to offer.
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  9. MsAmy added a post in a topic Xp rates   

    It completely depends on HOW you are leveling. If you are purely grinding mobs, it will be fast. Especially on weekends where you have a permanent 100% xp buff.
    Make max use of your daily XP bonuses and you'll be level 50 in no time, after that it's just grind, grind, grind. Maybe do the questline from the Porio NPC's at Sarma's Outpost once you hit level 55 (I did it yesterday and it gave me an XP reward that boosted me from 39,4% to 74,9% at once.
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  10. MsAmy added a post in a topic Wizard or Witch for PvP/PvE   

    I choose a Witch simply because finger-snapping is awesome.
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  11. MsAmy added a post in a topic WItch Build and Equip Help (Kinda New Player Lv 48)   

    There are very, very minor differences, even before Awakening.
    Wizards tend to deal a bit more damage than Witches, however Witches will provide slightly better heals etc.
    However, it's barely noticable..
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  12. MsAmy added a topic in European Guild   

    [Croxus] ElionsExplorers - True Casual Guild
    ElionsExplorers is a fresh guild, a true casual guild.
    We welcome people no matter what level, class or experience they have.
    All we ask is for players to be respectful and friendly towards guildmembers and other players.
    - Be an active player
    - Help out during Guild Quests when possible. (If you're busy questing or grinding, you don't have to stop it for the guild quest ofcourse!)
    - No senseless PK'ing for silly reasons
    We're also looking for a few players to assist in running the guild and managing it.
    Feel free to contact me directly for information about this!
    We're a casual guild, we want to build a fun and friendly environment for players of all playstyles to enjoy.
    I guess you could say we want to build a...family.
    Guild Information
    Name: ElionsExplorers
    Server: Croxus
    Homechannel: Velia-C2
    Leader: MsAmy McLeetz
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  13. MsAmy added a post in a topic 14 day's later...What many might not share in here.   

    Yesterday I got PK'd as a fresh lv50 because I didn't wanna join someones guild
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  14. MsAmy added a post in a topic Experienced MMO player new to BDO   

    Consider leveling your character up to level 50 your 'tutorial' to your class.
    It's where you'll slowly increase your skillpool and learn to sync your skills for the best effect.
    BDO comes with so many ways to play it, which unfortunately, gets thrown in your face all at once once you reach Velia.
    The game is like: Hey, you can craft items, but you can also fish, train horses, mine, gather, purchase houses, hire workers, make or join a clan/guild, use trade routes, invest your contribution into nodes....meanwhile, you're still figuring out where you are and what you're supposed to do
    Just explore the game at your own pace, try out the various possibilities.
    For example: I level to about level 17 at first, then worked on crafting a raft and got into Fishing, which leveled me to 27. From there I just followed the storyquests til 50.
    How to make money fast? You are surrendered to the generosity or RNGsus. The real big bucks come from endgame farming spots.
    Keep in mind that the game will already reward you with quite some money simply by leveling up all the way to 50, which can be done pretty fast! ( When I came back to my lv27 character, it took me 2-3 days of really CASUAL playing to hit 50)
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  15. MsAmy added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Returned to Grind Desert Online ^_^
    So I pretty much played the game on launch for a few weeks (hit level 27 or so on my Witch) and then pretty much left the game.
    Since last weekend I'm playing again and about to hit level 50 pretty soon
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