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  1. razien added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch PvP Gameplay   

    this as well you will miss quite alot depend on the abilties if you are support its ok with your parry dagger and some needed spells  for support  have higher present accu bonus
    also you missing the earthresponce faster movement trick plus  do not use freeze from big range exept if you think it will land coz its a counter action with preaim
    but normaly its close range skill with flanking in stead of running away or whne they have almost catch you
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  2. razien added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    bye bye bdo
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  3. razien added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    what you gonna acomplice  (pro english lol) if you make them float since you are hardcore player do you know what float status means and how we can  or not combine it with otherskills? and what is the conditional  damage modifier for that?
    stupit ? who have no idea  i jus one month away fro mthe game  they change it  my bad for not  knowing but you know nothing about me
    with that change they ruin  wizard wizard a bit to more guided play that you need to follow up your knockdown and not use it after the first one for a second knockdown (after diminishing returns)  but still i know much more than you
     even if they changed wizard and some skills and ican prove it... if you want
    play an expert i was twice class leader in  2 hardcore guild  and some of them consider me very  good or much more  i dont know if that is true or not  but not to consider myself an expert just ocz im way 1 month coz of freezing every 5 sec  unplayable game i think you are badly mistakle nand ican prove it if you want
    tell us how you beat rangers  and other classes  what  are the conditional amage modifiersand what they do how oy ucan combine them
    how you use your fireball explosion  and your  and your ultimate after the mouse movments camera change and  what its a smal secret about the camera
    and ulti fast movemement and idont means getting ppl thaty run  around you....  what is  the earthresponce does how yo ucan use it 
    how yo ucan use dagger stab effectlbly   awnser me those prove me wrong or nub 
    i can awnser yours ofc
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  4. razien added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    talk about rude  if you think you are so expirienced and good then im sure you would have understand it  yourself
     fireball stiffness rofl maybe coz you lack accurancy
    and ppl got resistances and build resistance  above base resistances with boot crystal  the stiffness effect is the fail -trigger-  knockdown effect
    by asking about protected area and earthquake it seems you  lacked some knowlege i dint mention your sklls being bad or good or what ever
    you think even if you are hardcore mmo pvper you know eveything  about wizard so you can be very good if yes then go ahead
     and do it  and dont ask such nubish questions  i saw some other posts of yours about being fragile or weak vs geared dps players  and i  tough to share some info or maybe  to try to convice yo u not to play full dps if you dont enjoy getting bursted and the benefits of that  , 
    and sorry if  i tried to share some info that a lot of ppl found very usefull and help them improve  but that dosent means they will copy my style , or my trick maybe iwill pick few and improve them even more in thier playstyle
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  5. razien added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    and the damage is good but its  the weakest of the cd spells still very  usefull for support wizards  or hybrid  wizards witches
    look your pm
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  6. razien added a post in a topic Iframe on TP missing?   

    it depends on the server your lag iguess too it is a iframe but its not instant it  had a small cast time if yo uget interuopted within the cast time either is   that other got better ping   lag or server lag or what ever they cansel your skill
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  7. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    opos eipa  kai prin yparxoune duo pareistika guild alla gia pio hardcore (semihardcore +) h e polla atoma den yparxoune auth  thn sthgmh
    yarxoune polla atoma apodo apokei     tora
    oi eternal flames einai pareistiko guild   alla  kathara casual an sou aresei auto tote bhkes guild  an oxi tote  xreiazomaste arketa atoma gia bash enos kainourgiou guild exo prosferomai na bohthiso san member h offiser se mia tetoia prospatheia alla oxi gia GM  kai efoson yparxoun atoma pou theloun na bohthisoun
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  8. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    giati file ti se peiraxe se auta pou eipa? ti briskeis lathos?
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  9. razien added a post in a topic Killer Training Max Level 82   

    if it happen then orcs  and snow elfs and the snow area will be out and few more lol
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  10. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    ego pou dokimasa na mpo apohteutika alla den einai oloi  oi anthropoi idioi   ta paidia ta akyronoune olla kai exoune apopofh gia ta panda (oxi ta symbathestata arkoudiakia lol)
    kai xwris kan to exoune emphria stous syngkekrimena thamata  ego leo kalitra na ftasxeis diko sou atoma yparxoune apla skorpia ewdo kai ekei
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  11. razien added a post in a topic HELP ME CHOOSE A CLASS   

    sorc is about the same   witch its stronger than before at least...warr is meh ranger is still good
    new classes are fun but not op 
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  12. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

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  13. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    oxi den eimai  se guild
    koita sou esteila pm  
    (to xanakano install to game elpizontas oti  to ftiaxane meta apo 20 meres)  ego eimai 270 dp+ ap alla se merikes meres pao gia 300 aneta )
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  14. razien added a post in a topic Greek Community   

     to skutopmouna auto to guild na sou  po thn alhtheia    o problhma einai to game mou kanei nera.. freezing me 970 gtx meta to teleutaio patch kai den brisko  kai torrent  ase mou me arxize ista corrupted files
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