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  1. Majora added a topic in PVP   

    PvP Advice/Input
    Ok so I'm looking into some stuff regarding PvP. I've made 3 chars total that are PvP capable (kinda) and I keep running into the same problem so I'm looking for some input. 
    I've had a 55 tamer. 53 valk and 54 Maewha. All with 100-110 visable AP. 130-150 DP. Me and my wiz friend duel occassionally to practice PvP and it usually comes down to who CC's first wins, usually in only 2-3 skills from full HP. He has a similar gear score to mine.  Now the problem is this...
    In open world PvP I constantly, on all those classes, get 2 shot by (what feels like) any ranger I come across. If a ranger decides to kill me there is nothing I can do about it. I've tried blocking/knockdown  they live through my burst, get up, and 2 shot me. I've tried I-framing with my dashes as a tamer and yet I get slowed so much I can't even flip and just die in 2 hits. Or I knockdown, they live, get up and kill me. Same with maewha. I rarely PvP other classes because it seems like every PvPer is a ranger. The few others I have I have won against or at least done considerable damage to. 
    So my big question is, what is wrong? Is my gear score just really low and I just so happen to run up against much better geared rangers all the time? Are these just bad classes to fight them? Should I just make a ranger and call it a day? It is the most annoying part of the game for me because it is the one thing I feel like I can do nothing about. It's just flip shotgun (slowed to all hell) and then shortly after dead. I'm not the greatest pvper, I have spent most of my time trying to get gear/levels and am working on getting better at my class but it just seems like its a huge division against rangers. Other classes at least offer a fight or an opportunity to fight back. 
    Input anyone? 
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  2. Majora added a post in a topic Some quick Tamer input   

    Thanks for the input guys. That really helps and answers everything I was looking for. 
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  3. Majora added a topic in Tamer   

    Some quick Tamer input
    Ok, I'll get to the point and make it pretty simple for anyone willing to help. From the guides I've read on here i've not been able to find what I'm looking for so....
    I have Roaring maxed at level 54, it feels much weaker than Whiplash and others and is very slow to do damage. Would dropping it and replacing it with Max rank Surging Tide offer better DPS? 
    Is Maxing out Void Lightning worth the effort for DPS, or will it always be subpar DPS?
    Which abilities are my actual I-frames? (I THINK evasion is, or it seems like it for me at least)
    Are their any Flows needed for a pvp/pve build? (mostly pvp) I have none so far, none seem worth the investment.  Thanks for the info people. 
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  4. Majora added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    I have no clue what people are even talking about. I have a 53 Maewha  with 108 AP and 143 DP. I grind sausans in party and solo. I get hit for 100-300 damage at  Sausans, depending on front/back hits and which mob hits me. I have 0 issues surviving or killing the mobs. I farm ogres and the trash mobs around the ogres (manshas) dont even damage me with their little swings. I can take any hit the ogre throws out and live no problem. My friend has a wiz with 150 DP. with only 108 AP it takes me 3 skills to kill him from full hp (prior to patch). So I don't understand how my Maewha can work fine, but no one elses does? My lvl 52 valk took SLIGHTLY less damage than my maewha does, with slightly less DP. So I'm not saying classes probably don't have hidden modifiers for DP/AP or that maybe some balance would be nice, but people screaming about quitting over an issue that probably isn't even an issue, and if it somehow magically is, then it will get fixed. Chill out and play the game. Make an alt and wait. 
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  5. Majora added a topic in General   

    Forum Posting
    So I check the forums occasionally for patch notes and certain information or even to report an issue. I have noticed in looking through a lot of posts that there is a very big problem that needs to be addressed - attitude. 
    I don't know why so many people feel so entitle or outraged or angry or whatever it is that makes them rant and rave like lunatics over patch notes? Throw a hissy fit because something isn't implemented exactly how they think it should be, or how the koreans did it. Or just insult everyone who disagrees with them or has a different perspective or opinion on a topic. Oh and lets not forget the outlandish remarks made towards the development team and the CMs, but let me explain something to these people and the community in general. 
    Stop. Being. So. Childish. 
    Can we not act like adults? Or at least like mature people? This isn't every other game, so don't expect things to be done how WoW did them, or how Tera does them, or  how GW2 does them or w/e. Don't get mad because you think something is broken or doesn't work properly. Address the issues, like an adult, let them handle these issues the best way they know how. You don't know how all this stuff works nor the details involved, the development team does and since you are playing their game you should trust that they know more about what they are doing than you do. If you feel like it isn't working out then simply address is and leave it be, the best I can tell the admins have been doing a good job of actually listening to feedback and responding to complaints or issues so let them do their job and calm down. Porting a game through another company to bring it to a western market isn't as easy as everyone thinks it is and it doesn't allow as much freedom of information either. Play the game and have fun, or don't. Either way please stop acting so disrespectful about every little issue you have. 
    That being said, I've had 2 tickets about one issue on my account. Took 1 month to resolve, never got outraged about it or flamed them about it, sometimes things take time and it was addressed and I still played the game and had fun the whole time. 
    I have a Maewha that I main, does it have issues? Yes, but I still really enjoy playing the class regardless. It is fun to play and make me enjoy actually grinding. 
    Do I have any boss armor? Nope. Do I care? Nope. My grunil set is working just fine and isn't so drastically worse that it even really matters anytime soon. 
    Do I like to PvP and their is no real PvP content to battle over? Yup. It will get here though, in the mean time I take time to learn to PvP better and get better gear, or work on alts. 
    I've played many games and I wish I could relay the understanding of waiting 6 months in between patches that would be filled with changes that were not needed or based on no feedback from the player base, but I can't. So let me just say that things are much better than people act like and this is a good game and if you feel the need to complain so much about it then maybe the problem isn't the game. On that note, it is a GAME. So calm down. 
    And don't bother making replys arguing about any of this, or pointing fingers, or flaming people or any of that because it serves no purpose and doesn't matter. I'm only posting this so that maybe a small fraction of people will see it and think "You know what? Maybe I am overreacting to some really trivial things and acting childish and I should stop" And if that's you, Congratulations and best of luck. 
    Negativity and outrage breed more of it and ruin communities and games alike. If being an ass or a childish doesn't work (which it doesn't) then maybe it is time to try a different approach. 
    Seacrest out. 
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  6. Majora added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Can't buy my pearls
    I have bought daum cash a few times and this last time I bought daum and now when I try to buy pearls with it, it says "purchase restricted user" and won't let me buy pearls. Wth, I've waited days, and submitted a ticket and nothing. I'd like to spend money on this game but there is no point if I can't use it.
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  7. Majora added a post in a topic In a funk on classes   

    Ok so let me help you out here with a few things.
    #1: Valk does tremendous damage and grinds mobs super easy. Max your taunt (at rank 3 can taunt 10 mobs at once for big pulls) and max Shield throw + the shield throw flow where you hold down RMB and it spins in place. This one ability (Shield throw +hold spin) will easily 1 shot any groups of mobs except for fat catfish at 45+(unless well geared) She also has great single target burst and all around tanky. Valk is probably the easiest all around. True, for grinding you will only really need to use the 1 shield toss ability, but that goes for most classes who get 1 really good AoE. Also Valk's guard stance isn't really for comboing. Guard works well for PvP and can sometimes save you some damage in PvE, but it is more so used for regenerating SP in PvE since you will be 1 shotting groups with shield throw you don't need to block.
    #2: Sorc...while more gear dependent to be tanky, sorc is capable of doing most everything if geared/played well. Also Sorc does get a block mechanic. You'll want to max Claws of Darkness and then the sub-skill for it Dark Flame, Dark Flame applies a forward block everytime you use it during the animation, and it can be chained for a near continuous forward block while still doing good damage.
    #3:Warrior fights for everything until 37, at 37 you get Scars of Dust(Dusk?)I forget the exact name, but anyways it grants 100% crit rate, doesn't miss, costs no resource, and does enough damage to 1 shot entire groups through end game with only a 10second cool down.
    #4:Tamer, Tamer is fairly far from your ordinary pet class. to be fair, most of your levels as a tamer your pet is not very strong and can die fairly quick if you aren't careful. However, this doesn't matter. For grinding, the pet allows you to pull bigger groups, so it basically works like this,  Summon pet, pull big group, use Howling (level 20 skill, huge AoE channel, spammable) rinse repeat. Tamer is probably one of the fastest levelers because of this, you can grind groups bigger solo.
    #5: Finally, Your valk is 35 and the rest are behind that. I've maxed out 4 chars so far and I can tell you that most of them change drastically at 40/45+. Several abilities get huge enhancements at higher levels or gain additional attributes or bonuses. (Warrior for instance, and Sorc) While this may not be ideal for some people, you ultimately can not get a good feel for a class in this game until late or end game levels. Due to needing more skill points and unlocking your higher abilities + ultimates etc.
    Hope this clears somethings up.
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