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  1. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Carver : Typhoon   

    id pay money to remove rank 1 of it...
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  2. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    i already reported this guy shes still playing and i didn't receive and GM blessings, you stopped banning??
    @CM_Aethon , @PM_Jouska
    Server: Jordine
    Family name :Hidler
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  3. Freakfrog added a topic in Maehwa   

    Fast question
    How slow is Plum grinding when awakening comes compared to other classes?
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  4. Freakfrog added a post in a topic How to connect Valencia desert nodes   

    seems impossible to get !! i run around for an hour...
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  5. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Xigncode Error 0xE019101A   

    can you l ink the fix please
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  6. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Observations regarding new patch   

    2 secret nerf!
    1- you dont block when casting 100%rage spirit 
    2- nemesis heal is so LOW now
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  7. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Which guild will get a territory. Jordine EU   

    some alliances already set ,, it will get bloody
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  8. Freakfrog added a post in a topic world bosses are more than fine.   

    Dastard bheg kills me like 100 times each kill ,, 1 shot  even when blocking!  others when im behind him its frustrating but i need to do it , i get good loot at the end but its Far from fun .
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  9. Freakfrog added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    When IRONMAN costume comes you will get plenty Zerkers!
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  10. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    T7 already ingame ,, and many players has it.
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  11. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Hey CM_Jouska BB, Can you give us any info on the DP issue with blader?   

    i was really going to elaborate on the details on the pve side becuase the PVP part is obv but why do you think i would waste my time making a video to someone asking for it in a rude manner like hes my boss!! when i dont even care what he believes or not! this msg was for the developers! they wont take my word for it , they will investigate ! i said my part and they will investigate !! and make the decision based on it! using your words " you make no sense"
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  12. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Hey CM_Jouska BB, Can you give us any info on the DP issue with blader?   

    you want a fraps of me dieng? lol
    you have 135 dp and you 1 shot stuff ? nice ill get my DP fixed to do dmg.
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  13. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Hey CM_Jouska BB, Can you give us any info on the DP issue with blader?   

    177 dp and i get 2 shotted at Manes,   130 ap and lol the low dmg....
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  14. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Asking for Alchemy Stone Help   

    Life stones are best fed with special Crop eg: special strawberry.
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  15. Freakfrog added a post in a topic Alchemy Stone system is broken - Alchemy in general is broken   

    Elixirs are good if they were like 20-30 min buff?!so players would actually think of buying. and  a price tag that reflects how hard to craft it.. i hate those rare fruits.
    why buy +8 accuracy elixir when i can get single food buff with far better buff(critical,ap,accuracy) for 1.5 hours.
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