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  1. Hiigara added a post in a topic two guys that came back to BDO cuz Peon vid   

    Do you still play? I know the developers and publishers aren't very reliable but I can't not love the game. There's definite issues that I can only hope will get addressed but right now, I can't see any other I want to be involved with.  
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  2. Hiigara added a post in a topic Accumulated play time - 10000 hours   

    A Marketplace maid would be nice o 3 o
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  3. Hiigara added a post in a topic Please remove all pearl - > marketplace restrictions   

    Bump hope they do this.
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  4. Hiigara added a post in a topic How much preorders for logs   

    What a baby, with that attitude you might as well not bother to grind at all or even play the game. Everything in this game relates to time and money stop crying and play the game in stead of -----ing on the forums
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  5. Hiigara added a post in a topic Harpoon Fishing on a Raft?   

    I don't think the boat makes a difference. The best way to know if there's a bite nearby is to keep an eye on your durability, every time you prime your harpoon if there is a fish nearby the durability will go down by 1. Could you post a follow up post, I would love to know if you get better catch's in morgoria with the harpoon.
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  6. Hiigara added a post in a topic How do you guys mass trade in?   

    Channel hop, only thing you really can do aside from going to a different trader.
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  7. Hiigara added a post in a topic Play your Way event   

    Where are you guys grinding for Blackstones? I've been at soldiers grave and got more then usual but it was anything amazing, gonna try pirates tonight. Was considering trying sausans maybe cadrys or fogans. Any suggestions?
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  8. Hiigara added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    I noticed the effects in the first week of playing the game, I hate it with a burning hatred and im probably going to have a brain aneurism from it.
    please please resolve it quickly. I get the effect constantly on my witch when im damaged and when i deal damage. I used to have sever issues from it, mistly headaches and eye pain's, I've mostly stopped grinding to avoid the effect.
    They did, read page 1 or 2, we pretty much have to wait for pearl abyss to resolve this. Keep posting about it and maybe they'll get the hint after like another year ._.
    Doesn't work. You still get a black flash.
    aye somebody gets it. Apparently asking for something so little is too much...
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  9. Hiigara added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    kek, I won't be missing gravity cucks from edan .
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  10. Hiigara added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    lads, way to go. Good to se you guys taking a strong stance on this type o behaviour.
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  11. Hiigara added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    Can we still purchase shovels or water containers? And is it OK to use or should we stay clear untill it's fixed? What sort of timeframe till the issue is fixed?
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  12. Hiigara added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Description of the issue: 
    DeLucci farm node is called Balenos forest. When I was using the market price option in a trade window, the node name was Delucci farm however the node was called Baleon forest on the map.

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  13. Hiigara added a post in a topic Reinventing the wheel   

    yeah that sounds like a really quick and simple solution to the pvp system. Would be great if kakao actually listened though T_T
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  14. Hiigara added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    That was a pretty spot on comment, did it actually get censored? that wold just show how much they actually care a out their players if their censoring peoples comments. I think next week is going to be a sad week for us all

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  15. Hiigara added a post in a topic Profitability of spots   

    You never mentioned rogues, the turn ins are great there plus the violent can drop shultz belts, I think o make like 4 mill an hoir with a party of 2 (including me) and i only have one pet, so if you have more pets and more ap/do you can make bank easily 
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