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  1. Nimalla added a post in a topic Right click on remote app?   

    I have noticed that sometimes the mouse alignment in teamviewer is off. Sometimes I have to have the mouse a bit lower or higher than the item itself. Could this be the issue of why your right click isn't working?
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  2. Nimalla added a post in a topic New Upgrade Button   

    But you save 1 durability per enchant!! That must be good right?!? RIGHT?!?!
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  3. Nimalla added a post in a topic New Upgrade Button   

    This new system just highlights how bad my failstacking RNG really is(when trying to get failstacks) Got a green vediant to +15 with 30 stones using durability option. Never got above +11 failstacks . Luckily I made all my money back. Perhaps I will keep trying.
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  4. Nimalla added a post in a topic Demostration of how you can hit behind you target's block with Spirit Hunt.   

    Now that they buffed Nocturne, that is also an option.
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  5. Nimalla added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    Well mostly true... mana regen doesn't really work that well if your killing grey mobs for say a guild quest or something. Bringing some pots for QoL isn't a bad idea if your doing things like that, but yes mana pots are not necessary for a majority of things.
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  6. Nimalla added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    There is a quest line that starts at the south entrance to ahto farm that you have to complete as well.
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  7. Nimalla added a post in a topic 67 Cron Stones for Tungrad Earing to PRI?   

    Cron stones will be more useful if they ever implement that cron energy system, where the item gets stat bonuses from failing while using crons.
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  8. Nimalla added a post in a topic New Crafted Costumes and Outfits   

    this puts it in the costume slot, but it doesn't say anything about the ability to dye it.
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  9. Nimalla added a post in a topic New Crafted Costumes and Outfits   

    WTB option to Dye it!
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  10. Nimalla added a post in a topic So, with tomorrows patch, are they putting in Valencian crafted clothing?   

    These are nice and all, but they are NOT dye-able, so I won't be getting them.
    EDIT: apparently they become dye-able after you spend money to change it to an outfit?
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  11. Nimalla added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    Gatekeeper doesn't stop me I just hug the wall. If he does happen to aggro I just keep killing and make sure he doesn't hit me. I guess DK's mobility has an advantage in that respect. Dunno what to tell you man, that's what I get. One of these days ill have to try and record a grind session to post.
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  12. Nimalla added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    I am sorry you don't believe me. As I said RNG is RNG. Sure I may not always get 12 scrolls an hour, but I consistently get about 40 weapons per hour This does not change. It is quite annoying, because I have to either delete them or stop to melt them.
    Cadry has a very wide margin of profit. I'd say for me the lowest I have gotten in an hour was about 8-9 mil and 16 mil being the highest so far. Perhaps it is your farm speed that is keeping your profits down?
    This is the rotation I am able to do in the 2 min respawn time. I could probably expand a bit more, but my pet looting can't quite keep up. the mobs pretty much respawn right as I get to them.

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  13. Nimalla added a post in a topic Flondor Goose Event Items Deletion   

    I mean, I really wasn't using them, but the hoarder in me still wants them back!
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  14. Nimalla added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    It stacks for me. The only thing I could not get it to stack with was the loyalty xp scroll, which I expected, because it says it doesn't in the tooltip. I tested by activating one item, then killing a mob, activated another and killed the same mob.Rinse repeat with every possible source of xp gain. I did this, both with and without the weekend bonus active.
    If the 100% weekend overwrites the 50% book, my xp would not have gone up when I activated it.
    Granted this was from the first book we got, so it was a while ago. If it no longer stacks, it is because they changed it. I still have another one, but im saving it for my vacation time next month. I guess I will have to update this if I remember.
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  15. Nimalla added a post in a topic Flondor Goose Event Items Deletion   

    And they just recently deleted last years eggs...
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