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  1. Malthrax added a post in a topic Black Desert a job?   

    GIANT -----ING WALL OF TEXT notwithstanding...   BDO is only a job if you make it a job.
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  2. Malthrax added a post in a topic Innapropriate Chat   

    ffs... "dead baby" jokes were all the rage 20-some years ago, and some of them were damned inventive.. grow a -----ing skin, ferchrissakes.
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  3. Malthrax added a post in a topic YES! THEY MADE IT!   

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  4. Malthrax added a post in a topic Poor Water Physics   

    I dare you to try it in real life.
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  5. Malthrax added a post in a topic Ultimate Upgrading Hatred!   

    hire some workers, open some nodes, afk gather while you afk your horses.  if it doesn't work, you're only out the cost of beer.
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  6. Malthrax added a post in a topic Ultimate Upgrading Hatred!   

    oh cry me a -----ing river... seriously... cry until your salty tears flood from your mom's basement to mine. "unfair"... no, its perfectly 100% fair - everyone has exactly the same chance to succeed - nobody has a leg up on you, no one has an advantage.
    If this game causes you real and physical injury, please seek psychiatric help - you'll need it once you enter the "real world" where things definitely are NOT 100% fair and equitable.
    its fair because everyone has exactly the same opportunity that you do.  nothing is guaranteed except you having the chance to try it.
    stop your entitled millenial belly-aching.
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  7. Malthrax added a post in a topic I know people who got 10+ tree spirit belts   

    You know NOTHING "for fact".  You can assume, you can suppose, you can theorize... but until you review the source code, you don't have any "facts" to base this on.
    You may very well, and probably are, right... but I'm still gonna call bullshit when I read it.
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  8. Malthrax added a post in a topic Grass Beetles   

    Tiny Bee
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  9. Malthrax added a post in a topic Stop the information embargo   

    Will you two quit comparing ----- length?
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  10. Malthrax added a post in a topic +5 AP Weapon Crystal Impossible To Buy   

    For 10 silvers per turn you can troll an entire server for weeks on end listing and cancelling the same expensive thingy.
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  11. Malthrax added a post in a topic Ultimate Yuria   

    Queue up 16 attempts and go to work.  Come home, see if it upgraded.
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  12. Malthrax added a post in a topic Ancient Guardian Seal is in Game!   

    new dungeon?  Would that, by chance, be named.....  Helms Deep ?
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  13. Malthrax added a post in a topic 5/4 Patch causing freezes   

    Onyxia breathes more on patch day, too.
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  14. Malthrax added a post in a topic Friends can't even buy the game.   

    The list of CC#s you downloaded from PasteBin aren't any good.  Try a different site.
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