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  1. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Go to the town Material Vendor, the one in Heidel is by the statue in the square. 
    You can find him by clicking on the NPC button that is to the left of the Mini-map.  Rent the Strong Fence one for 10 contribution points, by clicking the long rectangular button when it appears after talking to the Material Vendor.  You can return the Strong Fence and get your contribution points back whenever you want, but you won't have the fence when you do so.  The Strong Fence will stay down for 7 days real-time (placement clock) once placed.  The placement clock resets each time you plant more seeds.  Should the placement clock run out of time before you can plant more seeds, then it is placed in your town storage, so try to keep at least one town storage slot open (in the closest town you're growing your blossom tree in).  You have to place the Strong Fence outside of a Safe Zone, in a combat zone so look for a grassy area close to town right outside where it is safe.  Right click on the Strong Fence item in your inventory to access the fence placing screen--on this screen you can place the fence where it lights up blue; also on this screen you will plant your seeds by left-clicking them and placing them in a square (for this event the Cherry blossom seeds per fence up to 5 times at once--more on that below).
    You can plant up to 5 seeds simultaneously as the Strong Fence has 10 slots--each Cherry Blossom seed takes up 2 slots a piece.  In case anyone else that's new to farming and the event is wondering: the seeds can be purchased from the Loyalty Store for one Loyalty point each, ONCE each day per family account.
    It takes 8 plus hours to grow a seed, and you have to be online for it to actually grow.  Use Fertilizer and River or Distilled water (fill the bars up) and that will help it to go ahead and grow and take only about 6 plus hours.  Use the Fertilizer and water by standing by the plant in the plot outside of the seed placement interface--just walk up to it in the game world and right click on the Fertilizer and Water (4-5 second cooldown between clicks).  Fill up the Fertilizer and Water level bars on the Tree Status screen (accessed by facing the plant and pressing 'R').  Periodically while the cherry blossom tree is growing, you have to go attend to the plants to remove twigs/branches/bugs/pests whatever.  A quick way to check without running there is to look on the game map--if it's red then you need to go check and fix the tree for it to keep growing.  If it's blue on the map then it is cool.  Check every so often.  Also, you can run to your tree/farm plot by right clicking on the plant UI icon on the left side of your screen by default.  If you have an Alt (alternate character) log it off right there and switch to it if you will be on a main or different character that will be far away from your farm plot/Strong Fence.  You can then just quickly log-in and handle fixing your tree blossom growth and switch back, for convenience.  Harvest your crop when it gets to 100%.  You can wait slightly longer but usually in farming if you want the tree decoration, 100% is ideal enough; you're done.
    I hope this helps.
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  2. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    Rua, I really really like these ideas and suggestions (hidden in the spoiler tag) and would like to continue the discussion along these lines, thanks!
    Optimization will for sure be needed, but first this must be considered as a necessary addition:
    There should be a forced stabling/docking of horses, elephants, camels, wagons, boats etc. after 5-10 minutes of not being interacted with. These should go to the nearest stable/wharf if not interacted with.  Upon each client start, fresh login of a character 3 back to back strikes or grace/saves of the mount(s) by interacting with them within each time interval of 5-10 minutes, before they are automatically returned to the nearest stable/dock.  Otherwise the problem will not change as players would insist that they leave their mounts out and keep up the server lag issue contribution persistence that leaving their mounts out unused causes--given the chance.  They would run to their mount and interact with it indefinitely (I know some would and be the biggest complainers of lag issues--there are issues that's why I'm posting these additional suggestions--I'm just saying that we as players along with the devs must do our part even if we have to be forced to do so).  Each time the mount is pulled out after the 3 strikes grace/saves of the mount are used up, the time allowed before automatic stabling/docking would be greatly reduced to a minute or two.  Care must be taken and the process refined until we see fewer and the least amount of unattended server straining mounts left about and contributing to the problem--some players will possibly do their best to find workarounds (what is meant by care must be taken).  So the point is if they are out, you MUST use your mounts; no just leaving them out and adding to server woes.  No real punishment or damage to the mounts just to be clear, but there should be an enforcement of some sort, because left up to players as we have been observed behaving overall as a group (some of us put our mounts up, I know I do but that is the exception and not being done nearly enough so this must be enforced)-- there are too many mounts being left out and contributing heavily to the lag and server issues that players of the game are seeing.
    AFK Fishers that are not the player, should be able to be turned off as a graphical setting. AFK loopers that are not the player should also have this option and be able to remain or keep on doing their thing in towns.  I think this suggestion from Rua makes the most sense.  With safe zones and such being the way they are currently this is the most logical option.  More costly would be to develop safe zones in the world away from town that granted training, trading, strength +EXP bonuses; but this is not a likely option due to the limited real estate of the gaming world/map.  I like the option to turn off AFK loopers (also AFK Fishers that are not the player).  Also being able to limit how many players you see or are rendered would also be great as well.
    These AFK optimizations almost need to be a part of/deal of going into the mode when AFKing.  As players likely will not all turn this graphical mode on by default or be bothered to do it.  The point of these additions for Fishing and looping while AFK is to ease server strain, so it needs to be that when you go into these modes this is what happens and it is automatically turned on.  When you stop, then it can go back to a normal view or goes back to seeing more players.  When going back to normal though there still should be an option to permanently not see the currently AFK Fishing and looping players ever as well too, and maybe this too is by default.  I feel that this would greatly improve server performance.
    A friend of mine brought up one argument that may be brought up for leaving a Horse out, not being able to summon it with a Horse whistle.  In an effort to provide a complete solution, I also say that within distance of a horse stable, or within the same proximity as the distance allowed by the Horse whistle presently--that the horse whistle summons your horse from its put up place in the stable.  Also for those that will say, how will I pick which one I want when doing that from my different ones?  It brings up the Horse stable menu to select which one you are summoning or a screen similar to the pet menu opens that is set up for the Horse whistle when close enough.  There, that should cover that little attempt at an argument.  This needs to please be fixed.
    Technology no matter how advanced the client rig or the server is still limited within confines and constraints, at least currently.  There has to be a removal of unnecessary server access from items (mounts) not currently being used.
    This is the amount of horses after a patch server restart.  It can and does look worse but here is an example from Heidel.  Strictly to inform what is happening only:
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  3. Jaydalf added a post in a topic How do you win Bid?   

    This isn't quite true.  I have been bidding on the new DK outfit and losing in an awesome fashion using the transaction maid.  Can verify this as not being a total thing.  Guy was lucky and is spreading misinformation.:)
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  4. Jaydalf added a post in a topic How do you get your character to smile?   

    It's just like MiNiBUNZ said, Look under the section: "Face".  Click the "Standby Expression".
    1. I just wanted to add that you can control the strength of the smile, or anger or surprise expression by using the slider to control how expressive it is, its the slider about  "Strength".
    2. You can do smirks by unchecking the Symmetrical check box when on the "Face Shape" part of the "Face" screen.  Slightly move the side of the mouth/corner of the lips that you want the smirk on and pose it as you wish.  Also with this tip be sure you play around with the pre-standby expression or normal non-expressive face, to best achieve the look you want when the Standby Expression is actually active.
    Please ignore this spoiler tag, the forums like to make it difficult to remove unwanted included images at times, these are from a previous post.
    If you do look at them though, they are the normal face view I mentioned in #2 above.  You can achieve very subtle expressions from full blast smile to a normal simply pleasant or even ticked off look.  Just experiment with it.  Good luck!
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  5. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Sheila E
    Erykah Badu

    Janet Jackson
    Lauryn Hill
    Cate Blanchett (Galadriel)
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  6. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Thunder Trumpet   

    Doh, well sorry fam.  Was just trying to help.:)  So frustrating to find stuff in the game.  I hope someone responds that knows how to get it.  Cheers.
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  7. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Thunder Trumpet   

    THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO HELP, and not the Gospel.  Please let me, and others reading the thread, know if this is accurate:
    found it here: http://bdobase.info/quest/4540:25?lang=en
    Allegedly (remains to be tested, this is just from searching and trying to help/get you an answer) it starts with this quest:
    QuestName    Starting NPC    Finite NPC   Vibrations in the Earth    Blind Goblin Artisan     Blind Goblin Artisan  
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  8. Jaydalf added a post in a topic can we move maids to another home in another city?   

    You can place them wherever you want to as stated above, but I'd like to add that you can ONLY place them in residences in the MAJOR cities as stated on the tooltip/in the pearl shop description when hovering over the item.  So like: Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova and Valencia City.  Highly recommended.  Also each one has its own 20 minute cooldown. 
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  9. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Jaydalf Customizations and Character Templates Thread (consolidated compendium) (collabo workshop)   

    2/2/2017...GAME BLOUSES {Prince} PIC UPDATE
    Have some pancakes and gr@pes Charlie Murphy...
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  10. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Masquerade Costume bugged?   

    I approve this message... (Customization Templates in Beauty Album).:)

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  11. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Jaydalf Customizations and Character Templates Thread (consolidated compendium) (collabo workshop)   

    1. Updated latest version of Bruce Lee template version 4.52 with pics and new File.
    2. Updated file and lots of pics for John Belushi Samurai SNL template 2nd correct version that has been in game for months (since the beauty album came out); but now finally
         has the right outfit.
    3. Updated the pics (lots) with outfit for Shollnuff the Shogun of Harlem (Julius Carry III) from the Last Dragon; finally with the right outfit.  The outfit in these pictures is different from the one that is shown in the Beauty Album, but it is all the same Template no changes to anything but the outfit.
    4. Updated and added some nice in-game renders for Andre The Giant, and Mandy Patinkin mainly as well as John Belushi, Wesley Snipes, and Brandon Lee.
    5. Added preview for Dr. Strange (template is finished and has been in game since December 31, 2016, just need to take more pics when time.)
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  12. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Jaydalf Customizations and Character Templates Thread (consolidated compendium) (collabo workshop)   

    1. Added Bruce Lee Update 4.0 Preview Pics and template. (more pics upcoming)
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  13. Jaydalf added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    Be not disheartened fam.  This IS one of the best if not the best and diverse Character Creators in existence.  Here is some proof or receipts of what I'm talking about.
    These are some of my best Character Customization templates from my thread here:

    Also did you look at this thread?:

    Now back to THIS reply and the templates shown in THIS post only
    Only one is not mine--that One is the Michael Jackson, it is Skif from RU server's template I took it and give him infinite credit, he inspired me to make the rest of what you see.  All are posted on Uno Server.  Be aware that only certain classes had/have access to the Dreadlocks.  Also become familiar with and play around with the length and curl strength on the available hairstyles.  They could/can add more hairstyles but I just wanted you to know some idea what IS possible--never give up and look around deeply before trying that giving up hope stuff lol.:)  Holler at me on PM's and we'll see what we can do about some templates.  Check out my thread anyone else, I try to mix it up greatly as far as who/what I make, mainly celebrities so far but I will attempt most people if the help is wanted/needed--given and allowing time and limited service disclaimer.  Patience is required but I'm interested in helping after seeing this thread.  Thanks.
    Bob Marley:



    Rosario Dawson

    Julius Carry aka SHOLLNUFF the Shogun of Harlem from the Last Dragon

    Taimak as Bruce Leeroy (Green) from the Last Dragon

    Vanity aka Denise Matthews as Laura Charles from The Last Dragon

    Wesley Snipes as Ye Olde Walker of Day

    Mia Khalifa cosplaying as Princess Jazmine

    Michael Jackson by Skif on the RU servers; with outfits and tweaks by me:

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  14. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Jaydalf Customizations and Character Templates Thread (consolidated compendium) (collabo workshop)   

    Thanks Cyr'Ren! I'm glad you like them.
    I like them keep up the great work!  I look forward to seeing each new creation.
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  15. Jaydalf added a post in a topic Jaydalf Customizations and Character Templates Thread (consolidated compendium) (collabo workshop)   

    September 14, 2016
    1. Added Andre The Giant as Fezzik (Princess Bride)
    September 15, 2016
    1. Added Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride)
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