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  1. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic You think the servers are bad now?   

    Well we are gonna have a bad time until the hype is over. Then the player base will segregate again like it did after major events (like dk release).
    Also kids tend to scare other kids. Most likely that this game will receive negative comments from casual wow players that will scare away ppl with the same mindset.
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  2. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    Why do you still play this game? I mean how stupid can you be to play a game that you dont enjoy. And its not only this thread. You cry about everything, yet you still play the game and wonder how its still alive. How idiotic of you.
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  3. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    W8 what? This is the last weekend? Where did you get that info?
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  4. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Any GM online????   

    I remember the time i did smth stupid rolling the NV. Just after the patch the NV was implemented (back in june or july) i rolled a tree spirit armor for only 190m. I had about 400m in my bank but i passed on it thinking it was too expensive. I waited for almost 2 months to roll it again at the nv. And this time it was 385m. I bought it instantly.
    But i was the only one to blame. I didnt cry my ass over on the forum nor to gm's.
    Learn to live with your mistakes and also to suffer the consequences. 
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  5. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Witch of DK?   

    Well, you just listed what witches and wizards do best.
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  6. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    So did they fck up the fail stacking system? (I mean it was already broken since we dont have valks cry but  increasing success rate on all those items will fck up the game).
    Oh well, we will live and see.
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  7. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Where did that 400,000 silver come from?   

    true dat.
    But its not very helpful  when you try to de-lvl 4 pieces green or better armors at the same time. You can only respawn on spot only in balenos. It asked me for cashshop item (tears) when i died with my lvl 9 negative karma char at Cron Castle.
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  8. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic RAnt:Quests I hate!   

    Id suggest to avoid the helm cave untill you get your awakening at 56 and better gear. The exp is not the best in there and also mobs are pretty tanky and hit hard. 
    You'd be better off just grinding the lower lvl helms above. With your gear you should be able to pull off about 2-3 mils per hour.
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  9. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Where did that 400,000 silver come from?   

    Also, i think the easiest way to increase the daily allowance is to lvl all your chars (the more, the better if you care to inest some cash and buy more char slots). 
    It would be a good way to learn what other classes do and maybe help you decide what your main will be. 
    But keep in mind that you might want a life skilling alt so i suggest keeping a char under lvl 49. (Chars lvl 50 + can be pk-ed by other players).
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  10. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Its just funny to see ppl like op that are undergeared and think so good about themselves. According to his logic the shittier your gear is the better you are in pvp.
    I mean is it obvious that a lvl 60-61 player, with full tet weaps and armors and tri accessories is shit in pvp and only wins because he is gear carried. In op's mind he is just a brain dead no lifer, but he fails to see that most high lvl geared players are in semihardcore and hardcore guilds that have mandatory pvp training. Oh and most of these guilds require an arena test before joining them.
    Ofc geared players dont need skill to one shot you, because, obviously, they need 1 skill to kill you. Its like calling Tyson unskilled cuz he just slapped you once and put you in a coma and his only advantage is that he is bigger than you.
    Git gud pleb.
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  11. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic I want to get into BDO but first I want to know something about its future and how things are doing.   

    Tru dat. Whenever i pass past Olvia no1 farms the weasels and foxes anymore. Ded gaem omfgfmletc.
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  12. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic I want to get into BDO but first I want to know something about its future and how things are doing.   

    Read this thread and make what yo want of it.
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  13. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic <Revolution> looking for a war   

    Either a troll or a douchebag. Or maybe both.
    Cant decide yet.
    Maybe you are killing in the wrong zone. Its very hard to get a guild war by pk-ing or ks-ing ppl at manshas or chimeras.
     Id suggest to up your game and try contesting ppl spots at sausans or pirate island.
    Who knows, maybe if you are lucky you will annoy a big pvp guild that will perma war you, forcing you to disband the guild. (fingers crossed).
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  14. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic Do luck tools give luck bonus when not gathering?   

    Dont really think so. There would be no reason for them to add this while they have +1 luck under ware in cash shop and also pets can give you +1 luck (which you need both in order to max your luck without using luck crystals on your gear - ofc assuming you reached 300 titles that grants you a perma +3 luck stat).
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