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  1. akaii added a post in a topic SomethingLovely Interactive Map update: Margoria Region   

    Whoa... this is seriously awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!
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  2. akaii added a post in a topic How Horse Skill Gain Likely Works   

    Good insights. Thanks! I'm currently training some T7s, aiming for some T8s! Hoping they learn some good skills. One of them has Drift, Sprint, and Two-Seater; the other has Drift, Sprint, and Instant Accel. I heard someone say once that if you breed smart horses together, they pass on a bit of their smarts to their foals. That seemed to only be true once I got to T6-T7s. So we'll see! I feel like it is highly dependent on the RNG?
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  3. akaii added a post in a topic Picture the Seasons Event Winners!   

    Yay! All the screenshots are great, congrats to everyone! Was a fun event, thank you to everyone who voted mine in March!  Can't wait to see the finished calendar!
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  4. akaii added a post in a topic This forum is Pointless   

    Are you kidding? That is absolutely ridiculous!! Dx gg :c
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  5. akaii added a post in a topic Farming: Why do seeds not STACK?!   

    yeahh no kidding. x.x Good strategy~ For me lately though, harvesting all works out when i've got the right quality of seed, but I've been breeding the seeds to get better quality plants and it's crazy how full of seeds I get haha
    yeah, no joke grr
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  6. akaii added a post in a topic Maintenance and Lag   

    Yeah, even after various fixes, it's still happening to me. Some days there is no issue at all, and other days it just keeps dc'ing. The days it keeps dc'ing are the days I actually have a good amount of time to really play, and I just end up shutting it down and playing something else. And I've checked my internet--my internet is perfectly fine. Fast and reliable. My gpu and other specs are more than enough too. I have very little to no issues with other games, and neither does my boyfriend. I'm really hoping this stops happening because I would like to play! I enjoy the gameplay and have put a decent amount of money into getting the game and a couple cash shop items.. I'd like to actually be able to play smoothly. It's good though at least that after buying the game, no more money is necessary, and I can play whenever.
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  7. akaii added a post in a topic Maintenance and Lag   

    Those were the suggestions I got--what ended up helping for me was deleting the UserCache, cache, and service.ini file.
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  8. akaii added a topic in General   

    Farming: Why do seeds not STACK?!
    WHY do seeds not stack?! Doing a lot of farming, and my inventory is overwhelmed by seeds (not to mention my warehouse). Is there a reason why the seeds don't stack???
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  9. akaii added a post in a topic Maintenance and Lag   

    I keep getting dc'd. Earlier this past weekend, I kept getting dc'd and just stopped playing 'cause it was so annoying--I'd be fighting mobs somewhere and get lag where the monsters froze and had delayed reactions to attacks/etc and then I'd get dc'd. When I'd go to log back in, it'd load me into the game but when I try to click buttons there would be no reaction--like I'd click the claim button for the daily reward and nothing would happen, I'd move my character a bit and try again (same result), then it would dc me a few seconds later. Then, Monday and Tuesday there is no issue. Then Today getting the dc issue. Started last week around Wednesday or Thursday, but then was fine on Saturday. It's super aggravating when I'm trying to play and enjoy the game and I just keep getting dc'd.  This happened a couple months ago too, and I opened a support ticket--the suggested fixes I got ended up helping! But now it's happening again and deleting the cache is not helping at all.  
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  10. akaii added a post in a topic Disconnecting   

    *bump* This still happens to me too, and after getting help through submitting a ticket, the "fix" that alleviated the issue seems to only have been temporary as this is now happening again and it's really aggravating. I just want to play, ya know? But after getting kicked off constantly and not being able to play, I guess I just get to play something else?
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  11. akaii added a post in a topic Graphics issue: trees and shadows "popping" into place as I move   

    Yeah, the pop-in happens for me too. I wish that it could be fixed, and something could be done about the rendering. As Rapthorne said, it's mostly because there are no loading screens and pairing that with a sandbox mmo makes matters worse. But the thing is, it's most likely due to the engine the game is using because even with a good set up, the pop-in is still there. They just need to have better distance rendering and smoother in-game rendering, though that is easier said than done. But maybe someday it'll be fixed! (lol) I'm so used to it now, that I tolerate it because I love the gameplay. I gave a guest pass to one of my coworkers and they loved the combat, but they said they probably wouldn't keep playing it because of the graphics popping in and out as you run around.  Oh well!
    I'm interested in hearing about any updates on this, if they fix or lessen it.
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  12. akaii added a post in a topic What happens when boat/wagon lifespan reaches 0?   

    just to clarify, you mean the lifespan, right?
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  13. akaii added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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