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  1. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic How heavy on mana are sorc's   

    Just use S+C after MS to go into a block->violation. i like to use instant DoD->right click(animation cancels the DoD)->shift+a/d->fast grimreaper
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  2. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Sorceress awakened for a left handed   

    im also left handed and got a tip on a great keyboard for you to use. The Steelseries G6v2 is perfect for me and makes it so i can reach the keys better. the C key is super easy to reach with my pinky on this keyboard
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  3. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Why cant i take certain quests?   

    thanks that worked
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  4. FREAKARNN added a topic in PVE   

    Why cant i take certain quests?
    i just came back to the game and got my awakening and all that good stuff. But when i went to calpheon to do my daily CP route None of the quest givers had any quests for me. Also i set up a grunil workshop in altinova but i needed to do a quest to make the hide and that quest dosent seem to be available for me either, and the only thing i found that was required for the quest was apprentice4 and im above that already.
    did they change something about how quests work? And how do i go about getting these quests?
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  5. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic BiS gear on a budget   

    yea obviously but like i said with my limited amount of playtime getting money to even upgrade boss armor would take me weeks if not months so im looking for a cheaper alternative that isnt completly horrible and will let me atleast have a little chance in pvp
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  6. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic BiS gear on a budget   

    looks like a good place to start thanks, i see alot of ppl are going for heavy DP builds. is helrick a viable off hand or will i lose to much AP?
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  7. FREAKARNN added a topic in Sorceress   

    BiS gear on a budget
    So i just stared again after a really long break. i used to be able to play pretty hardcore and grind several hours a day. How ever now after starting again i have limited time, Getting boss gear and BiS accessories is a very distant dream as of now, I am aiming for grunil with liverto and MAYBE a dandelion AW. But what accessories would be good and fairly easily obtainable to aim for?
    This is my gear right now, what do you recomend i replace and what do i keep? 

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  8. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Reroll now   

    The salt is strong in this one!
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  9. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic What skills is must have for PvP?   

    All the skills mentioned above but most important are your DP and AP buff and shard explosion imo
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  10. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Midnight stinger   

    I cast stinger to often instead. I dont let LMB go fast enough when i do shadow erruption so i end upp using stinger instead. Like doldol said you gotta practice pressing the skill buttons and nothing else
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  11. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic At 55+, are you using Claws of Darkness IV or Black Wave?   

    I only use DF when farming. But i focus my build around pvp. And dark wave and CoD IV are both trash in pvp. 
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  12. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic What Scares You Most?   

    Slows. Getting hit by a blizzard and slowed usually means certain death. 
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  13. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Air Attack vs Down Attack   

    I use air attack. But thats only for duels or world pvp where i can use the air attack combo. But when it comes to GvG backattack would probably the best bet.
    But like mentioned before that wont matter when you make it ultimate
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  14. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Is sorceress good farming class?   

    sorc is a pretty mediocre class to farm with, you can farm pretty good when you get good gear. but you will not be able to compete with say a ranger or wiz/witch or even tamer for that matter.
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  15. FREAKARNN added a post in a topic Dark Flame not hitting downed players   

    Try turning your camera over your head (GTA 2 style) this will make your DF close to you and not taking a leap. And if you are close to the target your DFs AoE might hit even if he is not dissplayed correctly on your screen if that makes any sence.
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