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  1. Yirosu added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    POVOMCQ-KE655K5-29L1KLO-CMUN8         Unused
    FJHVJ0O-9M86S40-LQQ3P7B-SDV1G           Unused
    DL0H03E-4D7FBJO-VEE07QV-U7QI1             Unused
    707DR1A-LT7OCF1-I3MLPQ6-GF9N              Unused
    K67KOT5-TF06S12-73RJUEA-9LV3B             Claimed
    76O2V3E-5TI6H4U-K6AGUBV-GQEBV           Unused
    DV2D551-377CJ6T-MJMPEQL-7V4SB            Unused
    U1GDGH7-DKMSOBD-2J63AIR-4N0PG          Unused
    KPRD3EM-G6GBUPA-0JG2R8K-LNTAA          Unused
    FTQST6U-NV8DU82-RDF83NG-BV6MU         Unused
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  2. Yirosu added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Anyone else think her neck looks weird? Her torso and face are slightly different colour as well.
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  3. Yirosu added a post in a topic Cannot hide some quests!   

    You can't hide them because they're in that recently updated thing at the top. This was added a couple patches back.
    Hiding it is quite simple:

    As you can see, I can hide those quests when the recently updated quests thing at the top is not in use.
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  4. Yirosu added a post in a topic Post your Gotha Rensa/White dragon screenshots!   

    I like the default colours so I kept it that way, just made the feathers and gloves a little lighter.

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  5. Yirosu added a post in a topic How does loot from Santa work?   

    Nah, it's an independent item.
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  6. Yirosu added a post in a topic How does loot from Santa work?   

    You can easily jump up there from the house next to the inn. 5 movement speed + fish outfit gets me there 90% of the time. I'm a Ranger so no double jumps.

    Loot after a few hours of chasing Santa around Heidel. Just need that pirate flag & eyepatch and I'm good.

    Ate some candies and deleted wolf noses and horse whistles.
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  7. Yirosu added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

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  8. Yirosu added a post in a topic Ruins Stoneback Crab   

    Try the NPC pages instead, those usually have the locations flagged on the map.
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  9. Yirosu added a post in a topic KR patch note for 3rd November by Chopper85   

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  10. Yirosu added a post in a topic So what is the best grind rotation now?   

    Wouldn't call it a rotation, since I just use whatever seems fit, but WotW spam to Q spam is what I mainly use and it works really well. 5 or more mobs in a pack gets me my mana back quite fast, and with the 10+ mob spawns in Mediah, it's not a problem. EES every now and then to create some distance so I won't get stuck between the mobs, which also regenerates a little mana and stamina. RW+PW also comes into play after creating said distance and I can afford to stay in place for a while. I don't use any mana pots at all.
    Got instant 4 MP on EES and Q because I can't be arsed to try for something decent. Extraction gem in weapon as well.
    This might not be the best way to use a Ranger, but it sure doesn't feel that weak either. Using shotgun would probably make it even better.
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  11. Yirosu added a post in a topic Impregnable Tactics and Strategies - Anyone know where this knowledge is?   

    Was looking for this as well just now. Google translated inven comments told me it's on a round table next to the librarian, and there it was:

    There's another book on the table as well and it overlaps a little, so it's a little tricky to find when you're just rushing through the library the first time.
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  12. Yirosu added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

     She's back. *-*
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  13. Yirosu added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  14. Yirosu added a post in a topic Your Ranger is Lvl 50? Pls read!   

    Level 51, level 15 health skill, 959 HP. 619 Mana.
    1559 HP with gear on.
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