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  1. Serimorph added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    Something along these lines. 
    Main weapon
    Male rangers (Marksman maybe?) have a Crossbow. This wouldn't be a run-and-gun weapon but rather a weapon you need/should choose your positioning carefully.Attacks are really strong and pierce multiple targets, but lose power the more people the bolt travels through. Skills also pierce through Super Armour so any effect can't be blocked by it. It's an insanely powerful bolt after all and not a sword you can parry or something.Different bolt skills that have an additional use of being helpful in pvp such as explosive bolts that leaves an AoE field on the ground for each target it passes through. Or a poison arrow that puts a DoT/debuff on targets. Would be on the slow end with low to average mobility for the main weapon.Awakening weapon
    Awakening would be a Diablo 3 style demon hunter that has dual hand crossbows. This is the run-and-gun weaponSkills would be on the low/medium damage scale but each have low cooldowns so it becomes sustain damage rather than high burst the Crossbow provides. Lots of mobility, regen (HP and Mana) and evasion built into the attacks but the trade off is again, lowish damage so while you can dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge like a mother-----er, you won't be blowing them up Wizard/Witch style. Battles would be a fight of attrition.Lots, if not all the skills would have some type of status effect on them. Whether it be movement speed reductions, attack/cast speed reductions or flinching, I would consider this weapon less about being the 1 weapon you only ever have to use like some classes but more about crippling the enemy, whittling them down and debuffing them. Expose weaknesses so you can exploit it with very powerful Crossbow shots.
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  2. Serimorph added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    My idea for making Valencia areas profitable is simple. Add Hard and Sharp stones to the drop tables. Give them 1/2 the drop rate than they are now so it's somewhat rareish when 1 drops. This gives people who hate life-skilling or a very low energy pool a chance/way to collect them without fighting the market and needing to put up bullshit pre-orders. People will sell what they don't need and there you go, nice chunk of money each time 1 sells.
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  3. Serimorph added a post in a topic australian player.   

    Best you can hope for is to play on 1 of the #3 channels. I think all except Balenos work, but for some reason channel #3 for all the others gives aussies low pings. I average around 190ms or so on any other channel but once I switch it goes down to 35 - 40ms and it makes an extremely noticeable difference. I can only suspect this is due to us connecting to some high speed go-between server that has an extremely low ping to their official servers. Either way it's brilliant.
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  4. Serimorph added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    I am in favour of giving female/male counterparts to all classes that currently don't have them. I'd love to see new classes that are essentially male rangers, male sorcs, female berserkers, male tamers and male dark knights but follow along the lines of being slightly different like musa/maehwa are for example. All the other classes either have a direct counterpart or one that could be considered one at least. 
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  5. Serimorph added a post in a topic Pearl item trading is getting ridiculous now   

    The idea behind gifting is a good one. Buy your friends/family/significant other gifts. It's being somewhat abused now though with people demanding pearls to even put certain items up for sale to begin with. Worse yet is some even want you to pay more pearls after you win. Simple way to fix this is to require the person you are gifting to have been MANUALLY ADDED to your friends list for over a week or 2. This would keep gifting in while stopping all this bullshit of demanding pearls/gifted items in exchange for selling items.
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  6. Serimorph added a post in a topic Does gender matter to you when choosig which class to play?   

    I would like to see male/female versions of all classes that don't have a female counterpart such as ninja/kuno. But really it's less about gender in this game for me and more about the class itself. That said it would be fun to play a female giant.
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  7. Serimorph added a post in a topic New lightning changes to hair completely broken?   

    This lighting bug is the reason about 90% of the dyes and colour shades aren't usable. At least for me. Using most colours will turn that item/hair/whatever a bright arse, neon, blinding shade of that colour the glows in the dark. It's been this way for months and has never been fixed.
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  8. Serimorph added a post in a topic Information Gathering Thread of DK   

    Soonest I can see DK coming is at the very end of this month, but more than likely the end of next. These are my 2 predictions
    Will be released as a stand alone expansion. They have never released a new zone as well as new classes together before so don't expect that here. They will release without their awakening weapon for at least 1 week (probably 2). This gives people more than enough time to get to 56 and above so everyone is on a level playing field for the title race. 
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  9. Serimorph added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    I just watched about 30 minutes of a guy streaming 59 DK with awakening in the jail and if I had to say what I thought she seemed like, a sorc/awakened ranger mix would be pretty accurate. Fair amount of dashing and AoE explosions with hands down THE prettiest spell effects in the game (that huge sword that impales the ground is amazing). Anyone expecting this to be a powerhouse class like Wizard is though you won't find that here. The guy had 246/240/247 stats and was clearling at a mediumish pace. Compared to the 198 awakened AP wizard which could do 2/3rds HP of the mobs with a single washing machine, the DK needed to do 4 or 5 skills to the wizard's 2 - 4. All in all it's super pretty to watch, not OP but fairly strong i'd say and does have a bit of mobility to it. 
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  10. Serimorph added a post in a topic Please Buff Tamer's Pet, Heilang's AI is completely useless compared to Witch/Wizards' Pet's AI.   

    I would like to see a revamped pet in general which uses the same system as the wizard/witch. Pet can't die, lasts 30 minutes and have more combos with more attacks (rework flow skills for these). Some of the current flow skills for awakening could be given directly to the skill (as they should of been really) and use those extra slots for Heilang flows where he joins in on the fun. That way damage doesn't need to be adjusted and our pet is actually useful.
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  11. Serimorph added a post in a topic This game/company is done for, they even start remove threads & ban people who express their feelings in civil manner.   

    When you have 194 pages (and counting) in a single thread filled with people saying "for the love of god please don't do this" and saying this will be the death of the game or that they will flat out quit as a result, then this is a serious matter you should reconsider doing. More than any other decision Kakao has made this one has been flat out rejected as bad in every aspect and yet chances are it will go ahead because after all "RU, JP and KR fans love it!" and they will ignore their actual players. Banning well thought out posts and removing them is a clever way of making it seem like the only people reacting are rage filled, angry children full of insults and complaints. 
    Kakao games atm
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  12. Serimorph added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I quit playing awhile ago, and now I glad I made that choice. I defended Kakao with their borderline pay to win costumes and pets as "they aren't game breaking so it's ok". I was angry at first at the decision to add dyes to the market board but defended them yet again when it turned out actually getting the dyes to sell were rare enough to be a huge waste of money. Now I see they are adding these things on top of it all "because every other version likes it". I can't defend them anymore. The total failure of understanding the NA/EU market, the high pearl shop prices, the disgustingly bad method of "we don't know what's coming in patches until we are implementing them", the seemingly incompetent CMs (not you Aethron, you're actually great at giving information), the feeling of being ignored by the devs, The lack of communication, flat out refusal, or lying about information between publisher and developers (remember Kakao claimed rng level up gains were "here to stay because KR likes them" only to have KR change to static level ups 14 hours later?) and now official pay to win mechanics in a game we had to buy to play... I hope it doesn't since I know there are players that still enjoy your game, but if BDO crashes and burns and you are all forced to close down you have no one to blame by yourselves.
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  13. Serimorph added a post in a topic Ninja current skills not scaling, give us the current KR version   

    So we had to wait 2 months for the release of Ninja due to balance issues, and then we get given the pre-buff Ninja? Wow that's pretty god damn scummy, even for Kakao. I am fine with the wait if they were going to give us the rebalanced version, but lying to us for 2 months and then giving us a version of the class they could of delivered in may without the "balance" fixes they claimed they were waiting on? Major scumbag move there. At least CM_Aethon was quick to chime in and at least let us know they are going to investigate. Which is more action than 95% of the other CMs seem to do/have done in the past. Big thanks to him or her for actually acting like a CM.
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  14. Serimorph added a post in a topic Server Connectivity Issues - July 12th   

    Wow, an actual CM that within 24 hours after being introduced announces Ninja date and connection issues problem. About god damn time we had a competent CM.
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  15. Serimorph added a post in a topic Ninja not coming tomorrow, confirmed. Release date confirmed the 20th!   

    20th or 27th. Expect one of those dates. If it's sooner then that's fantastic but don't get your hopes up.
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