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  1. Kashtann added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA]<Guild> 420GS+, 58+ Discord required, officer positions available
    Yes, the name of the guild is just Guild. No swapping L's with I's, just Guild. 
    We've been around since the start and have had a stable core of active players ever since. If you want a guild that may not be T O P T E I R but isn't going anywhere any time soon, you've found your new home. We've recently trimmed the fat off our roster and are looking for more active players to do node wars with. 
    Exceptions can be made for exceptional players.
    Message SmokeBarrage, Cutwife, SkyTortoise or Floyd ingame with any questions or to join. 
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  2. Kashtann added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    Yeah I noticed that after posting the video but can you really blame me for thinking I got it off after that animation?
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  3. Kashtann added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    That's my issue though. I stomp every ranger I come across except this one. 
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  4. Kashtann added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    He has knight rations and mediah special with no pots running. So assuming his guild has maxed AP out in theory he COULD have up to roughly 147 154 which is about equal to the PAPER value of the rangers I was talking about. Also saying that it's a ranger doesn't invalidate my comparison to other rangers...
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  5. Kashtann added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    With 122 AP? I've fought rangers with over 150 and full boss gear and they don't hold a candle to this no name... 
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  6. Kashtann added a topic in General   

    Legit or....?
    Am I just salty and need to get gud. Ranger in question claims to have 122 AP. 
    In this video I have 165 DP. 
    Skip to around :40 to skip idle chatting. 
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  7. Kashtann added a post in a topic Show your main Character   

  8. Kashtann added a post in a topic Purchase Restricted User   

    I mean that's not even really that bad if it didn't take 20+ days for someone to change a 1 to a 0 in an automatically generated text file. 
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  9. Kashtann added a post in a topic Purchase Restricted User   

    And wait 20ish days for an answer? Yeah, no thanks I would like some origin of the error to atleast see if I can fix it myself or someone can actually do something.
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  10. Kashtann added a post in a topic Purchase Restricted User   

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