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  1. Kurano added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Yeah Wizard currently OP in most situations...  They can be dealt with but what generally annoys me more is that RBF has no basic requirements to join unlimited and if you get say... 5+ wizard on 1 side and 1 or 2 on the other then it becomes pretty apparent. 
    I personally dont think they should have everything thats currently in their kit but is what it is.
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  2. Kurano added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    You didnt say it directly but was pretty obvious you felt lesser compared to the shit Wizards are doing right now. Warrior ult is ok... but hits bout as hard as a good geared ranger that lands his CC. 
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  3. Kurano added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Why doesnt OP just reroll wizard if he wants to be a wizard?
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  4. Kurano added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    Its because this stuff happens frequently... The levels of disconnect between the various players to the various branches is pretty laughable. 
    I honestly have to ask... Are you new here? If you've been paying attention at least a little bit you wouldn't be asking this question. 
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  5. Kurano added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    AFK fish
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  6. Kurano added a post in a topic Boss Armor Pre-Order   

    10,000 pearls
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  7. Kurano added a post in a topic Ranger Question   

    Reroll wizard
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  8. Kurano added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    The fun thing about being full TET for me is I just AFK fish and do node wars/seige/ and run RBF. 
    Gambling night vendor for extra cash and/or do field/world bosses if Im around when they pop. Its awesome not grinding lol Just build money slow and then smash more jewelry together in hopes of a couple AP gain. 
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  9. Kurano added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    Can confirm Berserker CC bot. 
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  10. Kurano added a post in a topic No Mother's Day Event RAGE!   

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  11. Kurano added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    IMO best thing AC had over BDO was truly open world PvP... 
    Always red, all the time.
    Its whatever... BDO is fun for what it is... a Korean cash cow MMO being licensed out by Europeans to make some money off westerners lol 
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  12. Kurano added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    I miss AC... 

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  13. Kurano added a post in a topic Please invest in better servers   

    Are you suggesting we can find better server hardware inside the dust in our cases? 
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  14. Kurano added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    And yet still... Thats what the patch notes say. Get the point yet? 
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  15. Kurano added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    Weird I saw no mention of "Ancient Troll Quint and Ogre King Muraka" anywhere in the patch notes.
    I did however see Mutant Ogre and Mutant Troll mentioned. 
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