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  1. Tallios added a post in a topic worker node investment. worth it or not?   

    and we as players can't expect more from the gaming industry?  there will never be changes until the customers demand it.
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  2. Tallios added a post in a topic Will There Ever Be BDO For Steam?   

    I don't think they would do steam for two simple reasons.
    1.) steam would want a piece of what daum is doing, and it would be double management.
    2.) BDO would get owned with the rating system that Steam has.  No one would continue to purchase it.
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  3. Tallios added a post in a topic Need a "favorites" search function for market   

    I think a "Favorites" list would be awesome.
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  4. Tallios added a topic in Suggestions   

    Player Workshops
    I would like to suggest that with the limits of energy, could we get "machines" that could be placed inside the house just like the stove, anvil, and alchemy stations.  That would perform various tasks?
    Mixing stand.  Would remove the cost of energy for mixing, or maybe 1 per "batch" of mixing where the real cost is lost of item durability.  This would increase the market but also put stress on it for various items.
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  5. Tallios added a post in a topic Make Autopath have a minimum distance.   

    require autopathing to be from 1 location to another, a city to another city or farm or something.   
    ALSO just to be a jerk, make it so animals and people don't get stamina, strength or training xp in a "safe zone"
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  6. Tallios added a post in a topic Sharing housing   

    you're not the only person who is completely disappointed by the lack of anything other thank lingerie and combat content.  I sympathize with you.
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  7. Tallios added a post in a topic Sharing housing   

    wait folks didn't you know this is a masturbatory combat oriented game, and you want social encounters?  next you'll be asking to cuddle...  come on this game is about killing and making your toon look like a slut.
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  8. Tallios added a topic in Suggestions   

    Auction House Shortfalls
    Well; I've heard so many ideas and concepts that nothing seems to be happening and the largest complaint about the AH is that it's virtually impossible to find what people need on the AH.  So I have simple solution that will fix the problem.
    Infinite items.  Yes you heard me, every item listed on the auction house should have "infinite" amounts.
    No personally, I would love for whom ever is in charge to pull their head out of their ASS and actually put a basic economics 101 course into this game.  
    Always allow at least 1 of each item unlocked to be present on the auction house.If that last one sells, increase minimum price of next one listed.Remove the market price capsRemove the market price capsBtw did i mention that they should remove the market price caps?There is a simple way to write equations to govern the market and prevent abuse, but sadly in the several years this game has been in development the Dev's have failed in one of the Core Mechanics.  
    P.S.  THIS IS WHY EVERYONE WANTS P2P trading.  Fix the market and people will be much happier.
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  9. Tallios added a post in a topic dropped loots disappear too fast   

    The other issue is they WANT you to buy the pets for auto loot collection.
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  10. Tallios added a post in a topic <Trade Manager> Suggestion for Bargaining   

    They have the short limit on spaces to encourage people to buy the slot expansion bags.  same thing with the weight limits.  That's why they have the workable strength increase in game a paltry 40lt at the highest level.
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  11. Tallios added a post in a topic Stamina or Breath from Rowing   

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  12. Tallios added a post in a topic This Fishing Thing...   

    I'm thinking "Red Neck Yacht Club".... please tell me i'm not the only one who hears that song in their head right now?
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  13. Tallios added a post in a topic Small but Really Annoying   

    No, I'm being silly.  I completely agree that the splash screen that shows and nothing is even happening is dumb.
    And if I was high I would probably said in response to your post title "Small but really annoying." would have been... "This is no place to complain about the size of your penis."
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  14. Tallios added a post in a topic Drying fish into simply "Dried Fish" not dried x species   

    In short, there should be a "dried fish" and be done with it!    Think of all the slots this would remove on the marketplace as well.   It's not just player ease but server efficiency.
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  15. Tallios added a post in a topic Small but Really Annoying   

    I think someone needs a loading bar.... quick someone stuff another goblin in an egg suit.  Or maybe he's there you just can't see him escaping at night.
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