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  1. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    Please visit www.thethirstymaiden.enjin.com if you have interest in becoming a member of the staff.
    There you can pm Mistress Aviana so she can set up an ooc an ic interview for the position you would like to apply for.
    *This parchment would be seen posted about the city of Heidel*
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  2. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    The Thirsty Maiden  Opening
    OPEN TONIGHT, 9.4 Heidel upper level OWEN CALPHEON 02
    9pm est
    Your weapons will be taken by door security ((please rp with the guard at the door)) before entry as this is a neutral establishment, but they will be returned to you once you are outside the doors. We look forward to seeing you!
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  3. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    No worries. You don`t have to.
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  4. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    Please see our Event Calender on the site for hours of operation.
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  5. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    Grand Opening Friday April 22 730pm est.
    Come  see what we have to offer!!
    Visit our website at www.thethirstymaiden.enjin.com for more information.

    Your weapons will be taken upon entry as this is a neutral establishment, but they will be returned to you once you are outside the doors. We look forward to seeing you!
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  6. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    I am as well Lexy Loo!
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  7. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    The Thirsty Maiden - Tavern & Lounge, is a vibrant atmosphere featuring the finest vintages, ales, and spirits. A buffet of assorted meats and dishes is prepared fresh and laid out daily for our esteemed guests. With a stage for performances, we schedule the up and coming talents from around the realm to entertain our diverse clientele. And when the stage is empty? You will have the pleasure of listening to our very own gifted house band, who you will find retains a vast repertoire to please even the most discerning of listeners.

    Being one of the more spacious buildings that grace the streets of Heidel City, The Thirsty Maiden offers three floors which host comfortable seating and personal space: the first floor opens to a long bar to allow for the mobility of patrons to access the bartender comfortably. The seating area you'll find more casual and cozy for those who wish to gather in group or sit alone and take in the atmosphere. The second floor lounge allows for the more formal atmosphere that some patrons may require. It offers wide, comfortable seating and spacious flooring to allow for social mingling and personal privacy. The third floor is a space of recreation for the would-be connoisseur of games of chance. This and more awaits you at The Thirsty Maiden!
    PLEASE SEE www.thethirstymaiden.enjin.com FOR MORE INFORMATION

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  8. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic Roleplaying-Related Suggestions!   

    4. Please make player residence private or invite only regardless of how much you`ve decorated .
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  9. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic Private Housing   

    Thank you both for your information.:)
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  10. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic Private Housing   

    OK, so its just sort of a glitch while the instance is loading, but they do not really have access to your residence?
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  11. Roxxx2015 added a topic in General   

    Private Housing
    I`m sorry in I`m in the wrong place for this post, but I need to know an answer to this question.
    If I own a residence  and I decorate this said residence to look like a fully furnished house with portraits and lighting,  sitting areas etc, and I add only certain people to my friends list so only they will have access, Will it still allow any body who wants to walk in off the street? 
    Does it depend on the amount of decor you have placed if you  can it private?
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  12. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    Yes, I am about to write support about it now.
    It seems there is no way to contact support for an issue not listed????
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  13. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    ok so i need to contact support over this issue...I will do so and post reply here.
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  14. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic A Beginners Guide to Roleplay   

    I myself have been this person, who became insulted by being called a "Mary Sue". I realize now, that the wonderful person who tried to help me was only doing that. I have since than moved on from that guild and sorely regret it. I have learned and understand now that he was not attacking me, it was I who taking the his advice to personally.
    I am in the midst now of creating a tavern for inside BDO. I have not yet gone back to my character profile as in all honesty I am a little frightened to. I have no rping experience, but inside my head my thoughts are swimming with ideas. I am trying to create a space  and think thus far,  I am doing well.  A space where people of all walks of life (game toons ) can come together in and interact.
    I am always looking for help, and will never again make the mistake of confusing kind behaviour for insult.
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  15. Roxxx2015 added a post in a topic THE THIRSTY MAIDEN -NA- RP- TAVERN (OOC)   

    Yes I`ve seen that house  and it was on my list of maybes for just that reason. But considering the space i am going to need
    I have excepted you :), please see your enjin messages and WELCOME! 

    ADDRESS: 9.4 Hiedel
    Playing an opposite sex character, though fun, has a very disconcerting feeling when your vocals do not match what the person conversing with you is seeing. If indeed you happen to be one of those people who is of the opposite sex of you character, than you will only be able to chat in the corresponding text channel to the voice channel you are listening to. 
             EX. "Under The Roof- IC"  {voice channel} - "#under the roof-ic" {text chat}
    The lore in BDO is of yet pretty vague. There is a history available , you will find it under "LORE" in the forum. This history is just that, a history...you are required to stay within the bounds of said history while having IC conversations in text or voice.  That being said, You have full creative power of your character.  Adding things like  YOUR FAMILY  saved your home community from the Black plague because of an ancient herbal recipe is likely not going to fly. But saying YOUR FAMILY survived mostly intact due to measures taken to isolate them would be more than fine.READ the game lore, pay attention to what the npc`s are saying and watch how the npc`s speak. All of these things will help you fit your character into the game with little seams!
    "Offensive language, it`s a goddamn Tavern"! Concurred!
     However there are certain words that we will not allow to be texted or spoken as we find they are universally unacceptable and highly offensive. These are as follows:

    This list will be updated when necessary. Any use of these words by themselves or inside a phrase will be dealt with harshly. Obviously, in "private rooms", ERP voice/text - (Boudoir)..what you say and do in these spaces for the allotted time you paid for is completely up to you and completely private. "Please don`t burn down my tavern"
    Swearing/cursing/foul language are all normal aspects of being inside an adult oriented atmosphere, I will make a post of Medieval curse words for those of you like me, wish to have the assumed atmosphere of BDO. 
    EX.  "Ya sardin' fob"! -translated- "you f----ing liar"! Rule of thumb....If ya think the general public going to be offended by a word or phrase your about to use, DONT USE IT. 
    VOCAL  RPing
    As I myself am not an avid role player and quite honestly very new to it, I wanted to set the expectations as to what I,  as the house Mistress/Proprietor, expect from my members. 
    As stated above, I think speaking in your normal voice and with generally normal language is perfectly fine. There are a lot of hardcore role players who go as far as to learn an Elven tongue, speak in Old English or something of the like and also speak in accent. If you have this ability, I , and I`m sure the other members of the tavern, would enjoy this profusely! However, please do not expect that everyone will reciprocate this talent. Role playing is a nervous sort of thing and to anyone new at it, it becomes a brand new world that they must learn. So it is  my goal to make this new world something they can merge into with relative ease. If you refrain from using popular slang and replace this with normal speech It will be excepted. Below some examples of hello and goodbye.
    EX. "Wuz Up" > "Greetings, Good-day, Hail, Good Morrow", etc - "See ya later" > "Farewell, Fare thee well, Elion be with you, Maker keep you (for non dominion faith), Be well, etc. I will have more examples for you to use if you so choose under Role Playing in the forum.
    When you have registered and become a member of The Thirsty Maiden you will not have to do so again with any of your alternate characters. On the website you will NOT need to upload a profile of your in-game character. You may use whatever image and name you prefer. However once on the Discord server you will be REQUIRED to use the image of your character and their in-game name. If and when you want to bring an alternate character into the tavern, the same rules apply. You will need to change the image and name for that character. This is also how you will be addressed. More on this can be found in the forum under Discord-Where all the fun happens.
    This is a work in progress, please come back often to check for updates.
    Mistress Aviana
    This suddenly just hit me....so if my tavern is highly decorated my member list (friends) won`t matter? People will still be able to get in off the street?
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