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  1. Mahtava added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    karma system really needs a change, i dare any gm to go do one weekend on pirates and still like the game after that. its just horrible. 
    every goddamn 2 hours someone comes along to grief and when you nicely ask them if they could move to a solo spot instead of ruining your 5 man partys grinding they just tell you to f*ck off and if you pk them theyll just tear up/run back till everyone is out of karma and laugh in your face
    if you want people to keep playing in the long run you cant allow crap like this to go on. Sure the ones currently on low gear who do this are all for it but once they come to the point where they cant do anything without some random c*nt coming to grief/karmabomb them just for the sake of being a ----- theyll change their minds too.. 
    and to those thinking pvp for spots is unfair and it should be just first come first serve do you see it as fair when 150 ap wizard can teleport from pack to pack and oneshot them so you dont get anything while youve been there for two hours on your main with twice the gear but you end up swapping channel because the retarded karma system wont allow you to pk him anymore and you cant match his clearspeed because of his class, not gear?
    Honestly im on the verge of quitting and ive played since launch, love the game to death but if you keep pissing on all your older loyal players theyll end up leaving while the new people you catered to disappear too since most people just play for few months and move on anyway
    P.S im not saying it should be made into something that allows bullying people either, but there should be some sort of mechanic to prevent the way its used currently to bully anyone out of a spot just by running back, either add back the exp loss but make it like 0,2% so its not as punishing or then reduce the amount of karma lost to like 10k so a 5 man group could grind the karma back about as fast as one person can run back to the spot and bomb them. anyone saying the current system is ok is just trolling or hasnt done any grinding in the game (or if they have they're probably the griefers who karmabomb everyone) no1 in their right mind would defend it otherwise
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  2. Mahtava added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Guild War Declaration Rule Changes.
    Guilds who do not possess a node or a region CAN declare a guild war on any guild.
    so you have to choose between playing endgame or not having to tolerate griefers, cmon get your shit together and also fix the karma system while at it
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  3. Mahtava added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    you can report them but youll just get a reply saying pvp is an aspect of the game and then they direct you to this forum... -___- 
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  4. Mahtava added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    yeah it really sounds like to me you should stick to single player games or theme park mmo's if you cant handle competition   "first come first serve" i cant come up with a single game where it works like that and results in enjoyable gameplay, we saw what happened when item bidding was first come first serve and it was just retarded, shouldnt apply to other aspects either. 
    You are completedly ignoring my point of there being multiple spots per grind location + multiple channels, i havent heard of stronger people seeking out people from the lower spots on sausans for example just to pk them EVER. and dont try to claim that its main spot or no point farming because the differences are rather minuscule. so instead of giving up when you cant be the special snowflake and grab the mainspot maybe you should consider moving to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th spot on the same goddamn zone. Obviously you're too thick to get this after three posts so im gonna give up now and let you have your tantrum 
    TL;DR game with no competition = game where everyone would leave, not the other way around
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  5. Mahtava added a post in a topic PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL   

    that would also solve the issue of people who want the pk system to stay as it is so they can get their spots by griefing, no need to grief anyone when everyone has the whole server to themselves ! 
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  6. Mahtava added a post in a topic Sell Skill Effects on the Cash Shop!   

    sure they could but .. you know, they wouldnt  
    on topic, cool idea
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  7. Mahtava added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    so by your logic effort to gear up and level should count for nothing in this game, participation medals for everybody! 
    im sure undergeared and new players would agree with you, but the rest of the playerbase won't :-) you cant be that dense to not realize your replies are total troll answers. 
    go play world of warcraft or other less pvp focused games instead of trying to ruin the ones that are. (or should be if the developers are to be trusted)
    as i said earlier the game has a ton of spots and channels to grind on, but these idiots think you should just get anything you want by showing up and if not they want to be able to throw their temper tantrums by griefing and -----ing up grinding for others even if it means they wont get shit done themselves. Because hey, thats fun gameplay right?  
    EDIT: you're also making me out to be the fully decked out 300 ap guy trying to whine about not being able to kill lowbies but im a returning player (read = undergeared) myself and i still think this current system is absolutely retarded. Getting everything for free and with no pressure at all isnt something i look for in games and i think the game needs to have some penalty from dying or otherwise theres no point at all. At launch it was so exciting being a new 50 and always on lookout for red names because even if it wasnt a lot back then you didnt want to lose that 1% exp, hence why i think it should be put back in the game but with scaling so it doesnt mean a day of grinding at higher levels  
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  8. Mahtava added a post in a topic Christmas Where Is It?   

    why are the people who dont want religion to be brought into it always the ones bringing religion into it  
    i mean cmon lets just get a f***ing xmas event going and be happy with it  
    EDIT: xmas event underway, wohoo!
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  9. Mahtava added a post in a topic PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL   

    people dont struggle to read, your argument is just idiotic. 
    "i couldnt be bothered to play and keep up so i want a server where everyone starts over just for me" and what about people who come back a month from now? do we make another server for them to get a fresh start? keep doing it till we got 50 servers with 50 players on each of em?  
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  10. Mahtava added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    i hear where you're coming from, but i really think the system should be strongest takes the spot even if it would mean i would get pushed off often. As i said the spots,channels and locations are plenty and nobody could really grief and kill you repeteadly if you just switched location or channel after dying to the same guy a few times but the current system just encourages you to stay till the other guy has to leave because of stupid game mechanics
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  11. Mahtava added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    over the weekend grinding with the xp buff at pirate island (not sausans, PIRATE ISLAND)  i had more instances of a undeccable guild coming to grief us out of our spot (we could do nothing since even if we killed them theyd just sprint right back, seek us out and go on stealing mobs till we're out of karma.) Than i had actual guilds come over who we could declare and either win or lose the spot to them. Even if theres no penalty from dying in guildwar either they cant just follow you for ages while you farm karma back like guildless people / people in 'unprepared' guilds.
    You need to bring back the pk dying penalty, maybe make it less severe than it was like 0,2% exp as it should still encourage people not to grief someone by coming to karmabomb them for two straight hours while not meaning that getting ganked costs you an hour or more of grinding, or it could scale with level so itd always be roughly equal amount of grind per death so its not the end of the world but discourages repeated dying
    im sure many more casual players disagree with me on this, im no pro in full tet gear and 280 ap either so i get my ass handed to me regularly but i still think that strongest party should take the spot as usually there are multiple ones per farming location which there are a lot to choose from too + all the channels, how is it right that the people who purposefully want to grief and ignore the whole pvp aspect of the game (in a pvp game as this was advertised, mind you) should have priority ? 
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  12. Mahtava added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    Ever since i first saw the pics from valk awakening i loved it and i love it now, stop your whining and go play another class if you dont like it its -----ing awesome. Not to mention you make it sound like it has no combos and no skill just spamming few buttons go check stella's or any other actual good valk players videos and try saying that again  
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  13. Mahtava added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    so would you say any store does not make income because people always make one time purchases instead of paying monthly fees or what, get your head out from your ass i know shit ton of people who spent way more in this game monthly than they used to do in say world of warcraft. claiming they dont make income is just stupid bullshit
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  14. Mahtava added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    yeah but the point being that 1000 is just a sample size and the actual numbers are way higher
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  15. Mahtava added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    "updated" all you did was change it to we MIGHT ----- you up the ass in other words you will D: cmon convince pearl abyss to ----- off even if its a norm in korea if you bring this crap to west youll kill the game and any other games you may hope to publish in the future, we dont like p2w over here. 
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